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Season 2 version of Hang on Tight


Take my hand,

we're going on an adventure,

you'll sure enjoy it somehow,

there's no better time in now,

And don't be afraid,

Just leave your dust behind,

it's gonna blow your mind,

Just let it take you away,

It's doesn't matter if the skies are gray, c'mon every body let's go out anyway,

We'll take on anything that comes our way,

Hang on tight, 'let's go for a ride

We're right on time, hang on tight

And I promise at all times

I will stay right by your side

I'll see you here everytime

Don't worry hold on to me tight

I will never walk out on you

And I will never leave

Hang on Tight

let's go for a ride,

we're right on time,

Hang on Tight

Hang on Tight

International Release

  • May 27, 2012 - TV3
  • August 21, 2012 - Disney Channel Asia