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Gopal is BoBoiBoy's best friend and is always supportive of his friends. Gopal loves food especially Tok Aba's special hot chocolate.
When Gopal first received his super gadget, he didn't know what his superpower was. After a while he can change any objects into food which makes him very happy.

— Description from BoBoiBoy Galaxy website

Gopal A.R. Kumar is one of the main characters in BoBoiBoy and BoBoiBoy Galaxy. He is part of BoBoiBoy's Gang and BoBoiBoy's best friend.


Not much is known about Gopal's early life. It's assumed that he lived a rather happy life with his father and mother. He also frequents Tok Aba's cocoa shop, being one of the shop's favorite regulars, often asking for free drinks.

Apparently, when he was registered in school, his father, Mr. Kumar, gave the school Gopal's wrong birthdate and as a result, he is put in BoBoiBoy's grade level.



Season 1

Gopal is a close friend of BoBoiBoy who he met at Tok Aba's Kokotiam. Since that day, they began to get close and often spent their free time playing together, either indoors or outdoors. Since Gopal is best friend with BoBoiBoy, he often asks Tok Aba to give him free drinks and because of that, Gopal owes a lot to Tok Aba.

Ochobot gave Gopal his power watch. Gopal’s power enables him to transform an object into another object by changing the structure of the molecules. But because his mind is always around food, he instantly changes any of the objects into the food he is thinking about. Even so, Gopal often abused his power by turning objects into unhealthy foods and after Gopal got advice from Yaya, Gopal began practicing to turn objects into healthier foods.

Season 2

At Rintis Island Primary School, Gopal is the Assistant Class Leader in Class 5 Honest. However, Gopal is actually a year older than his classmates. Gopal once recounted, when he was enrolled in school before, his father, Mr. Kumar had given Gopal the wrong date of birth and as a result, he was put in the same class as BoBoiBoy.

BoBoiBoy: The Movie

When Ochobot was kidnapped by the Bora Ra with the intention of using it to find Klamkabot; an ancient and powerful Power Sphere that hides itself on Earth. Gopal goes with his friends on The Floating Island to save Ochobot and at the same time reveal the secret behind the mystery of the Power Spheres.

BoBoiBoy Galaxy

Three years have passed since the events that took place in The Movie, Gopal and BoBoiBoy feel bored when they can not use their power because the evil aliens no longer come to Earth and make a mess. One day, Ochobot was suddenly contacted by Koko Ci and asked for help from them. After agreeing to help him find and protect the Power Sphera scattered throughout the galaxy as an insider, Gopal and the others travel across the galaxy.

BoBoiBoy Movie 2

Gopal was on a mission with BoBoiBoy to rescue EggaBot but due to his mistake the Giant Penguin gets angry and chases them both but he was later saved by Yaya. Due to their success in their mission, they were given permission to return to Earth. Once on Earth, they receive an emergency message from ||Koko Ci]] warning that Retak'ka has returned, and directs them to go to Planet Quabaq.


Out of all the people in BoBoiBoy's Gang, Gopal is one who likes to favor his own desires and needs over others' the most. He is cowardly, which can often be a hindrance in battle sometimes, but this can be quite helpful in some situations since his power grows when he's afraid. Despite having some selfish tendencies, he still has a good heart. He still cares for his friends and he is shown to be worried if they're in trouble.

He enjoys food the most, especially Tok Aba's chocolate goodies at the Cocoa Shop or any other junk food. He always asks Tok Aba for free stuff and has amassed a hefty tab as a result. Gopal is also an opportunist, especially when it comes to benefiting himself or making money, shown when he sells pictures of Fang to said boy's fans and gains "good" money from it. The first time it was shown that he takes advantage of things to help gain him something is when he automatically glues himself to BoBoiBoy after it's revealed that he was Tok Aba's grandson, so he could get free drinks at the Cocoa Shop.


Gopal has a large body, dark skin and crew cut hair. He covered his head with a red band. He was wearing a long-sleeved dark green shirt, a red-edged yellow jacket with a gray and red letter 'G' on his left chest and dark green trousers. His shoes are white.

In BoBoiBoy Galaxy, Gopal wore a yellow and green shirt with short sleeves, dark green long pants and gray boots. He also wears red arm warmers on his elbows. Gopal skin color is also bright compared to the series.

Skills and Abilities


- It appears that Gopal has the ability to rearrange the molecular structure of a—
- [groans] Get to the point!
- Uh, Gopal can change objects into food.

Computer briefly explaining Gopal’s power to Adu Du in Season 1, Episode 4

Gopal’s power enables him to transform an object into another object by changing the structure of the molecules. But because his mind is always around food, he instantly changes any of the objects into the food he is thinking about.

Ejo Jo’s Computer properly explaining Gopal’s powers in Season 2, Episode 10

Gopal's powers were given by Ochobot, but after BoBoiBoy kicked him into a tree away from Adu Du, Ochobot forgot what powers he gave to Gopal. He tried several times to figure out his power, but it was only after he and his friends were kidnapped by Adu Du that Gopal was revealed to have the power to turn anything he touched into food, which increased in power whenever he's scared.

Later, it's revealed that Gopal actually had the power of Molecule Manipulation mentioned by Ejo Jo's computer, which meant he could rearrange the molecular structure of an object and transform it into an entirely different object, as long as it was not another living being (e.g. people, animals, aliens, etc.).

The reason he could "only" turn things into food was because that's what was constantly on his mind. He's also able to return transformed objects to their original form.

In BoBoiBoy: The Movie, he received a power upgrade that enabled him to turn himself into different materials; turning himself into gold, diamond, and rubber. But in the events of BoBoiBoy Galaxy, he is known to lose this upgrade.

Known Abilities



  • Mirror Transformation (Tukaran Kaca) - |
  • Paper Transformation (Tukaran Kertas) | -Transforms anything into a mirror, a paper, or iron.
  • Iron Transformation (Tukaran Besi) |
  • Roti Canai Transformation (Tembakan Roti Canai) - Transforms anything into Roti Canai.
  • Random Green Vegetables Transformation (Tukaran Sayur-Sayur Ulam) - Randomly transforms anything to Green Vegetables.
  • Flour Fried Squid Transformation (Tukaran Sotong Goreng Tepung) - Transforms anything to Flour-Fried Squid.
  • Biscuit Transformation (Tukaran Biskut) - Transforms anything to A Biscuit.
  • Mak Timah’s Coconut Cakes Transformation (Sentuhan Kuih Koci Mak Timah) - Transforms Anything into Mak Timah's Coconut Cakes.

BoBoiBoy: The Movie

  • Rubber Body Transformation (Tukaran Badan Getah) - Makes his whole body Rubber, enabling him to take less damage and bounce off the ground.
  • Golden Body Transformation (Tukaran Badan Emas) - Transforms Gopal's Whole Body into a golden body, making his body more tough and makes him look "rich".
  • Diamond Headbutt Attack (Tandukan Kepala Berlian) - First, He transforms his head into a Diamond, and headbutts the enemy with hard force.

BoBoiBoy Galaxy

  • Candy Cane Transformation (Tukaran Gula-Gula Pusing) - Transforms Anything into a Candy Cane.
  • Food Transformation Blasts (Tembakan Makanan) - Shoots green energy blasts that appear to transform anything into food when hit.
  • Spaghetti Transformation Barrage (Tembakan Spageti Makcik Kantin) - A barrage of green energy blasts that transforms anything to sphagetti when hit.
  • Cotton Candy Transformation Sniper (Tembakan Sniper Gula Kapas) | Transforms anything to Cotton Candy.
  • Bubble Gum Transformation Sniper (Tembakan Gula-Gula Getah) - Precise shots that transforms anything to bubble gum.
  • Coconut Rice Sniper Shot (Penembak Hendap Beras Kelapa Ditembak) - Gopal transforms anything to Coconut Rice, with a precise hit.
  • Cat Food Transformation (Transformasi Makanan Kucing) - Gopal turns Tok Aba's food on the table into cat food to feed Cattus.
  • Bubblegum Transformation (Transformasi Bubblegum) - Gopal turns all the cactus plants into Bubblegum.
  • Healthy Salad Food Shots (Tembakan Makanan Salad Sihat) - Gopal tries to shoot A.B.A.M. to turn it into a healthy salad, but is avoided and objects in Cattus village are turned into vegetables.

BoBoiBoy Movie 2

  • Pizza Transformation - Gopal converts ice pieces that broke from BoBoiBoy Ice's Ice Slide into pizza.
  • Stick Biscuit Shot - Gopal changes the crystal grip on the Hang Kasa's stick to release his crystal from his stick.


Main article: Gopal Kumar/Relationships


  • Gopal's race is Indian.
  • Gopal is one of the two characters of BoBoiBoy whose full name is known, the other is Yaya. His last name is Kumar. His full name was revealed in Season 2, Episode 3, it was written as Gopal A.R. Kumar.
  • He is supposed to be Grade 6 (Season 2) but his father mistakenly enrolled him in one grade lower a few years ago (starting from Grade 1 instead of Grade 2). That's why he and BoBoiBoy are classmates.
  • Gopal is the first character in the show to have an autograph (Season 2, Episode 8). The second was Captain Kaizo.
  • In B.R.R.O.'s Revenge, it is shown that Gopal has the ability to dance at random as he learns aerobic exercise from his mother.
  • Like Fang, he also likes to eat carrot donuts.
  • Despite being the oldest of his friends at age, he's arguably the least mature of his friends.
  • According to fan mail, Gopal's favorite genre is Detective Fiction. It's also shown in canon to be true, as Gopal was revealed to be a fan of Kid Detective Konon (Season 3, Episode 15).


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