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Gopal’s power enables him to transform an object into another object by changing the structure of the molecules. But because his mind is always around food, he instantly changes any of the objects into the food he is thinking about.

Ejo Jo’s Computer properly explaining Gopal’s powers in Season 2, Episode 10


Gopal's power is Molecular Manipulation (call as Moriokinesis).

By using his powers, Gopal is capable of transforming things into food, and everyone, including himself, believed it that this was his real powers. However, it was later revealed in Season 2, Episode 10 that his power is actually molecular manipulation, meaning he can manipulate or alter the structures of molecules, hence is able to change basically anything into another form. It was used by Ejo Jo in the 7-minute short clip.

A more advanced technique of this power allows the user to be able to change his own molecule structure. This has made Gopal able to change his body into gold, gum-like substance and diamond as seen in the movie.


Like BoBoiBoy and his friends, Gopal's powers was also given by Ochobot in Episode 2, but the problem is that Ochobot forgot what Gopal's powers because BoBoiBoy kicked Ochobot so hard.

List of Known Transformations and Abilities

Known Abilities


  • Mirror Transformation (Tukaran Kaca) - Transforms anything into mirrors.
  • Paper Transformation (Tukaran Kertas) - Transforms anything into papers.
  • Iron Transformation (Tukaran Besi) - Transforms anything into iron.
  • Roti Canai Transformation (Tembakan Roti Canai) - Transforms anything into Roti Canai.
  • Random Green Vegetables Transformation (Tukaran Sayur-Sayur Ulam) - Randomly transforms anything to Green Vegetables.
  • Flour Fried Squid Transformation (Tukaran Sotong Goreng Tepung) - Transforms anything to Flour-Fried Squid.
  • Biscuit Transformation (Tukaran Biskut) - Transforms anything to A Biscuit.
  • Mak Timah’s Coconut Cakes Transformation (Sentuhan Kuih Koci Mak Timah) - Transforms Anything into Mak Timah's Coconut Cakes.

BoBoiBoy: The Movie

  • Rubber Body Transformation (Tukaran Badan Getah) - Makes his whole body Rubber, enabling him to take less damage and bounce off the ground.
  • Golden Body Transformation (Tukaran Badan Emas) - Transforms Gopal's Whole Body into a golden body, making his body more tough and makes him look "rich".
  • Diamond Headbutt Attack (Tandukan Kepala Berlian) - First, He transforms his head into a Diamond, and headbutts the enemy with hard force.

BoBoiBoy Galaxy

  • Candy Cane Transformation (Tukaran Gula-Gula Pusing) - Transforms Anything into a Candy Cane.
  • Food Transformation Blasts (Tembakan Makanan) - Shoots green energy blasts that appear to transform anything into food when hit.
  • Spaghetti Transformation Barrage (Tembakan Spageti Makcik Kantin) - A barrage of green energy blasts that transforms anything to sphagetti when hit.
  • Cotton Candy Transformation Sniper (Tembakan Sniper Gula Kapas) - Transforms anything to Cotton Candy.
  • Bubble Gum Transformation Sniper (Tembakan Gula-Gula Getah) - Precise shots that transforms anything to bubble gum.
  • Coconut Rice Sniper Shot (Penembak Hendap Beras Kelapa Ditembak) - Gopal transforms anything to Coconut Rice, with a precise hit.
  • Cat Food Transformation (Transformasi Makanan Kucing) - Gopal turns Tok Aba's food on the table into cat food to feed Cattus.
  • Bubblegum Transformation (Transformasi Bubblegum) - Gopal turns all the cactus plants into Bubblegum.
  • Healthy Salad Food Shots (Tembakan Makanan Salad Sihat) - Gopal tries to shoot A.B.A.M. to turn it into a healthy salad, but is avoided and objects in Cattus village are turned into vegetables.

BoBoiBoy Movie 2

  • Pizza Transformation - Gopal converts ice pieces that broke from BoBoiBoy Ice's Ice Slide into pizza.
  • Stick Biscuit Shot - Gopal changes the crystal grip on Hang Kasa's stick to release his crystal from his stick.


  • Although this power allows the user to change anything into anything else, Gopal only seems to transform things into food. It was later explained that the reason to this is because Gopal only seems to have food in his mind.
  • It appears that, to be able to use this power to some extent, the user must verbalize the name of their attack. If the user remains quiet, the effect of the power won't take place. This was proven when Iwan tried to use this power but remained quiet in Season 3, Episode 2.