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Goat S8000, also called the Lawnmower S8000 by Bago Go, was given to Probe as he got it as a present for Adu Du by selling the MKHIPI in Season 2, Episode 10. Goat S8000 does not do the job of a lawnmower, as there is no grass around the base. So, he is only good at eating the wires in the base and has no other abilities that are useful to Adu Du.


Even though he was sold by Bago Go, he is a kind-hearted creature, as shown when he tried to comfort Adu Du, who was grieving after losing Probe, by offering to take Probe's place.


Although it is similar to a normal goat, it can understand what Adu Du and Bago Go says probably because it had previously lived on Planet Ata Ta Tiga for a long time.