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The Gerojoh Monster is a monster that appeared in Kebenaran Raya who tried to eat a Power Sphera named EquBot.


Kebenaran Raya[]

Commander Koko Ci assigns a mission to BoBoiBoy and his friends. They have to go to Sector 88-95 Bima Lima, where the Gerojoh Monster has the power sphere EquBot and is threatening to eat it. Ying and Yaya work together and try to snatch EquBot from him but he grabs Gopal and tries to eat him as well. BoBoiBoy had to use his Triple Split to save him.

BoBoiBoy Movie 2[]

The Gerojoh Monster can be seen in the images stored in the TAPOPS mission report log.


The Gerojoh Monster is a green monster with three protruding eyes and six long alien hands. He is also very large.


  • The name Gerojoh Monster may be derived from the word "gelojoh", which is very much in line with his rash and violent attitude.
  • In the BoBoiBoy Galaxy Card , the Gerojoh Monster is known as the "Ketupat Monster", which also fits its physical appearance.