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Fire Shackles (Gegelung Api) is a weapon used by BoBoiBoy Fire.


  • BoBoiBoy Fire creates multiple rings or ropes of fire and throw them at his opponents to constrict them.
  • As seen in the movie, he can project Maximum Heat (Pemanasan Maksima), which the heat from the Fire Shackles burns the opponent that is constricted.

Danger: BoBoiBot[]

BoBoiBoy Fire used this move to constrict BoBoiBot and it was successful until he transformed into BoBoiBot Fire.

Enemies, Old and New[]

BoBoiBoy Fire used this move against Fang but he dodged them all.

BoBoiBoy: The Movie[]

BoBoiBoy Fire used this move and Maximum Heat on Bora Ra but he was safe as he managed to teleport his battle armour to protect himself.