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Speaker Dialogue
Koko Ci [V.O.] Power Spheras are high-tech robots carrying unimaginable superpowers. Coveted by many, these Power Spheras fled and hid themselves in various parts of the galaxy. However, one by one, Power Spheras have been hunted down and captured by those with ill intent. And now, their powers are used to wreak havoc and destruction throughout the universe. This is the story of Earth’s superhero named BoBoiBoy, and his quest to save the Power Spheras, and defend our galaxy.
(Koko Ci is standing behind a podium, speaking into a microphone on a small stage that has been set up in front of Koko Ci's ship. BoBoiBoy’s gang and MotoBot are lined up onstage while Cattus naps next to the podium. Tok Aba, Papa Zola and Ochobot serve as the audience.)
Koko Ci Good morning, everyone. On this beautiful and historic day, I, Commander Koko Ci am pleased to announce my spaceship has been repaired, completely restored and ready to… (Puts on sunglasses.) …travel into space!
(Everyone cheers. Confetti rains down and Cattus is awakened by the commotion. Those in the audience laugh and applaud. The newly repaired ship gleams in the sunlight.)
Koko Ci And now the time has come for all members of TAPOPS here on Earth to head back to TAPOPS Space Station!
BoBoiBoy Er, can’t we just stay here on Earth, commander?
Koko Ci Negative! We need to head back to TAPOPS to deliver the Power Spheras that have been rescued, and we need to send Captain Cyborg and his minions to prison. Before we head off, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to Tok Aba for giving us food and shelter during our time on Earth. TAPOPS will forever be in your debt.
Tok Aba (Chuckles.) Oh, there's no need for that. I'll send you the bill later.
Koko Ci Eh! Very well. Get ready everyone. Time to head off …into space!!
Gang Let's go!
Koko Ci Open the teleportal now, Ochobot!
Ochobot Affirmative! (Yells.)
(Shoots a portal into the sky.)
BoBoiBoy I have to go now, Tok. Take care, okay?
(BoBoiBoy bid Tok Aba farewell and behind them we can hear Papa Zola crying)
Papa Zola Justice fill his heart with sorrow.
Tok Aba Hey, my grandson's leaving and your the one crying.
Papa Zola Justice weep not for your grandson but for the kitty of justice, why do you need to bring cattus along huh?!
(Cattus meowing)
Papa Zola Oh, bye-bye Cattus don't forget to write okay, call me when you can't or, or just text me okay
Gopal C'mon sir a cat can't do all that
(Cattus meowing viciously at Gopal)
Gopal Cut it out
(Gopal screamed and ran inside the space ship with cattus following him)
BoBoiBoy Awesome!
BoBoiBoy Okay sir, Tok Aba we got to go now, let's go Ochobot, bye everyone.
Tok Aba and Papa Zola Bye have a nice trip.
(BoBoiBoy went inside the spaceship before it closed and flew through the portal.)
The gang Woah. (the gang was amazed at the scene imfront of them.)
Ochobot Phew, oh man I'm exhausted.
Gopal How could you be exhausted you didn't even teleport us that far.
Ying Hey this is far enough.
BoBoiBoy That's right if we teleport straight to TAPOPS Station we might drain off all of Ochobot's energy.
Koko Ci Hmm.... You need to rest On chobot and recharge your energy, come follow me.
(Koko Ci led them to a room and he unlocked it, the gang watch in amazement at the room)
Everyone Huh? Woah! What is this place?
Koko Ci Go ahead Ochobot, this is a place where all power spheres recharge themselves.
Motobot Hi guys!
The gang Hi Motobot.
(Ochobot went forward and falls on one charging pod)
Ochobot (sigh) This feels good
Yaya Oh Cattus, BellBot why don't you join them as well.
(Cattus jumped on one of the seats and lay down with bellbot.)
BellBot Hehe don't mind if I do.
Ying What a great place to rest and relax.
Yaya Commander don't we get a room to rest as well.
Koko Ci Of course you do.
Gopal and BoBoiBoy Ehh this is our room?
(A small room with two mattress and two pillows lie on the ground.)
Koko Ci Yes! What do you think? Is this okay?
Gopal This is a storage room not a bedroom.
Koko Ci This is what you will start with as lower class cadets if you want a much nicer room work hard to get promoted to lance corporal

like Yaya and Ying.

(Flashback to where we see Yaya and Ying's pink room wich was beautiful.)
Yaya and Ying Woah this room is gorgeous!
BoBoiBoy Woah they even get a nice view.
Yaya We can look at the stars before we sleep at night.
(Ying hummed in agreement)
Ying Commander! Thanks for giving us such beautiful and spacious room.
Koko Ci My pleasure.
Gopal C'mon commander let's see our room now I bet ours is way better.
(end of flashback)
Gopal Huhuhu! What did I do wrong to get a room like this.
(BoBoiBoy chuckles and got down in one knee)
BoBoiBoy Be grateful Gopal. At the very least we have a place to rest.
Koko Ci That's right. If not you will be sleeping in the-
(Koko Ci got interrupted when the spaceship starts to shake.)
Koko Ci What was that!
(Ying appeared as a hologram in BoBoiBoy's watch.)
Hologram Ying BoBoiBoy! Commander! Come to the bridge quick!
Koko Ci What's going on! Let's go, hurry up cadets.
(They all run to the main bridge.)
Koko Ci (Panting) What was that! Are we under attack?!
Yaya and Ying No commander, look!
(They pointed at Papa Zola humming while piloting the ship)
BoBoiBoy and Gopal Mr. Papa?
Koko Ci What.. what do you think your doing here!
Papa Zola Nothing much. Justice only misses his beloved cattus, where is he now huh?!
BoBoiBoy Didn't you already say bye-bye to him.
Papa Zola Hahaha, justice never says bye-bye except hi-hi.
(Flashback to Papa Zola in Yaya and Ying's window floating around)
Papa Zola Hi, hi!
(Papa waved at the girls before his face starts turning blue and that's the end of flash back)
Papa Zola That's how I stow the spaceship but couldn't get in, alas I end up clinging into the window with a nice room.
Gopal Sheesh! Stop reminding me about their nice room.
Papa Zola Enough talk! Let us continue to our journey with the new captain of this spaceship, CAPTAIN OF JUSTICE PAPA ZOLA!!!
Koko Ci What! I never appointed you to become the captain of this spaceship.
Papa Zola Justice appoints himself.
Koko Ci What are you babbling about I am the Captain of this ship get off!
(Koko Ci pounce at Papa Zola and both fought on who will control the ship)
Papa Zola Your just a commander. Get off me!
Yaya [Calm down! Stop fighting.
Koko Ci This is not your spaceship.
(Suddenly the spaceship starts to shake and even awoke MotoBot)
MotoBot Huh? What's happening? Wake up everyone!
(MotoBot tries to wake up Ochobot and Cattus but failed)
MotoBot Huh? Oh no! They're still recharging!
(MotoBot quickly left the room and the scene change back to BoBoiBoy and the Gang on the ground)
BoBoiBoy Ouch! What did we hit just now?
Ying Looks abandoned spaceship?
Gopal Huh? Who would leave a spaceship out here?
Yaya Look! There are more spaceship debris over there!
MotoBot What happened Commander?
Koko Ci Huh?! This place! Impossible how did we end up here? I have already set up the safest route to TAPOPS Station.
Papa Zola (Laugh) That's where your wrong, no point of being Commander if you don't know the Pythagoras theorem. Huh! See here? It'd be faster if we travel in a straight line like this! Am I right? Never learn math before did you?
Koko Ci What? What have you done!
Koko Ci This place is a forbidden space!
The Gang Forbidden space?!
Papa Zola (Laugh) Forbidden to whom huh? Forbidden to people who are bad at math?
(A buzzing sound could be heard)
Gopal Huh? What's that sound?
Koko Ci They are here!
Yaya and Ying Who's here?
Koko Ci Look! The giant space mosquitoes!
The Gang Huh?!
(Koko Ci pointed at a robotic giant mosquito. The gang gasp at the sight of it)
Papa Zola Yikes! What kind of mosquito is that?! If that thing bites me I'm gonna get dry!
Koko Ci Those giant space mosquito will drain the energy of any spaceship that dares to enter this region.
BoBoiBoy Drain the energy?!
Koko Ci Yes, and they won't stop draining energy until the ships engines and system are completely dead.
Ying (Gasp) We are doom, if this spaceship loose its energy, our energy supply will be depleted!
(Cuts to where Gopal pretending to be suffocating)
Ying Hey, it hasn't happened yet!
Gopal Oh, really? But commander why did you refer to it as mosquitos there's only one of the-
(The gang made a confused noise when the giant mosquito starts making noise)
Koko Ci That's because the space mosquito is never alone.
(Cuts to where many space mosquito get out of their hiding spot)
Gopal Ahh! There's so many of them.
BoBoiBoy D-do something quick!
Papa Zola How do I reverse this thing?!
(Papa Zola playing around the steering wheel)
Koko Ci We are stuck! Give me the controls.
(Koko Ci pushed Papa Zola out of the way) (We can see the mosquito starts draining the ship)
Koko Ci It's too late! They started draining us.
(We can see the ship's energy getting lower)
Yaya Huh? What do we do?
Papa Zola Oh no! Where's Ochobot? Hey, hey fetch him quick he needs to get us out of here!
MotoBot He can't! Ochobot is still recharging his energy.
(We can see Ochobot still recharging)
BoBoiBoy We need to go out there and stop those mosquitos. We can't let them drain the spaceship dry!
Gopal Dude! We can't even breath out there!
Koko Ci Don't worry, MotoBot give them space vehicles to use.
MotoBot Affirmative. Space vehicle materialization!
(MotoBot use his power to materialize vehicles for the gang)
(The gang came out in space and start attacking the mosquitoes)
BoBoiBoy Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Lightning!
(Transforms into Lightning)
BoBoiBoy Lightning Lightning Blade!
Gopal Food transformation blast!
(shoots a blast to the mosquitos turning them into half fruits)
Ying High speed dash!
Yaya Gravity Smash!
(The gang starts fighting off the space mosquitos and made quite the explosion while there at it)
BoBoiBoy Commander! We've taken care of those space mosquitos!
(Papa Zola appeared at the watch)
Papa Zola Your commander is in the engine room. Huh?! What! Watch out my disciples! There are more incoming!
(Yellow space mosquito starts to attack them)
MotoBot What's the status Commander?
Koko Ci We've lost a majority of energy but the reactor engines can be charged using the solar panels.
(Koko Ci starts doing something to the ship before he appeared at the screen infront of Papa Zola)
Koko Ci What is the situation in the bridge?
Papa Zola The situation is worse the AC is busted. Oh! It's hot in here!
Koko Ci You are concerned about the air conditioner! We gained a little bit of energy to launch an SOS signal now.
Papa Zola SOS? sos? Right away you want chili or ketchup?
Koko Ci SOS signal! Save our ship I'm not talking about condiments! Just hit the button quick.
Papa Zola Well, you could have asked nicely. Why so angry?
(Cuts back to the gang fighting the yellow space mosquitos)
Ying Slow mo speed!
(Slowed down the mosquitos)
Yaya Gravity Smash!
BoBoiBoy Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Earth
(Transform into Earth)
BoBoiBoy Earth Astroid Earth Smash! Astroid Earth Strike!
Yaya That was awesome BoBoiBoy!
(More yellow space mosquito came)
Gopal These space mosquitoes just keep coming!
BoBoiBoy There's so many of them what should we do?
(A spaceship appeared)
The gang Huh?!
(The spaceship shoots a blue light at one of the abandoned spaceship)
BoBoiBoy Huh? It's, it's-
(Flashes of a purple vehicle can be seen and a very familiar face)
The gang It's Fang!
(The space mosquito turned and attacked Fang)
Fang How dare you pick a fight with my friends.
Fang Multi Shadow Grasp!
(Shadow Hands appeared at the back of Fang's vehicle and grabbed the mosquitos) (Fang started spinning his vehicle then throwing the mosquitos to the abandoned ship that create an explosion) (Fang landed his vehicle near the gang)
Fang How's it going!? You guys need some help over here?
(But the gang just laughed at him)
Fang W-what's wrong?
Ying (Laughing) What's up with that funny looking helmet!?
(It appears fang was wearing a ridiculous purple mushroom helmet.)
Fang What are you talking about this is the latest fashion trend!
Gopal (Laughing) So the trend now is to look like a mushroom?
Fang Ish! What mushroom!? This is a protective helmet!
(Cuts in Koko Ci, MotoBot and Papa Zola watching them in the monitor.
MotoBot What's are they talking about Commander?
Koko Ci Fang used to be a part of BoBoiBoy's team. He has the power to manipulate shadows. They are just probably reminiscing the time when they were together.
BoBoiBoy (Laughing) If you ever get hungry you could just eat your helmet.
Fang It's not edible.
Yaya (Giggling) Hey fang, do you pilot that spaceship alone?
Fang (Sigh) Actually in in the middle of a solo space flight training and that's why I have to wear this helmet.
Gopal Yeah sure, training.
Fang Ish! It's true I was in the middle of my training when I saw your SOS signal.
Yaya Guys now's not the time for this.
Ying Ah! Here they come again this time orange color ones.
Gopal And these guys are bigger.
Ying Gopal, Yaya we must defend our spaceship! Don't let the drain out energy.
(Gopal and Yaya nodded)
BoBoiBoy C'mon Fang we can take them on together.
BoBoiBoy BoBoiBoy Triple Split!
(The trip split sequence appeared in the air, BoBoiBoy Earth, Lightning and Wind came out)
Fang Shadow Eagle Attack!
(Summons a shadow eagle and rides it)
MotoBot The spaceship can now move with minimal speed.
Papa Zola Excellent let's head towards my disciples now!
Koko Ci Why should we head towards them? We need to conserve energy.
Papa Zola Aii! Just follow my lead. Justice has an idea.
Koko Ci Hmm... Your idea better be a good one!
Gopal Huh? Our spaceship is moving.
(BoBoiBoy Lightning starts to electrocute the space mosquito while BoBoiBoy Wind created a tornado)
Fang Shadow Thrust!
BoBoiBoy Earth This won't do. Let's merge back!
BoBoiBoy Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy leaf!
Fang A-a new element!?
BoBoiBoy Leaf You better watch out-ehh!
(Leaf suddenly tun his attention to Fang who was surprised)
BoBoiBoy Leaf What a Fashion tragedy.
Fang What did you say?!
BoBoiBoy Leaf Pitcher Plant Attack!
BoBoiBoy Leaf Hahaha! Catch every one of them!
Fang Grr! His stealing the spotlight! Venus Fly Trap!
(We can see flashes of Leah and Fang catching the space mosquitos)
Fang and BoBoiBoy Leaf Yeah! We got them all!
(They fist bump suddenly a giant red mosquito appeared)
Fang Ehh! It's huge! Watch out BoBoiBoy!
(We can see BoBoiBoy Leaf trying to catch the giant mosquito with his pitcher plant making Fang sweat drop)
Fang Ughh!
(The giant mosquito slap BoBoiBoy leaf which made him return to his true form while getting smash by the abandoned spaceship)
Fang BoBoiBoy!
BoBoiBoy Huh!?
(The giant mosquito flew towards BoBoiBoy but got squashed)
Papa Zola Haha! Again, again, Haha!
Gopal, Yaya and Ying Fnish him sir!
Papa Zola Very well. Behold the slap of justice! Hiya!!!
(Proceeded to squash the space mosquito)
Yaya, Ying and Gopal Yay! We did it!
(Fang gave a nod of approval)
BoBoiBoy Hehehe. Awesome!
Koko Ci Well done. You have successfully defended our ship.
Papa Zola Good job my disciples. Good job!
BoBoiBoy You were awesome, sir. You slap that space mosquito real good.
Papa Zola It's just like the saying, when in doubt listen to your heart but when you slap a bug, slap it real hard!
Koko Ci For your bravery and ingenuity in solving the crises with a creative solution I herby award you with the rank of captain.
(The gang clapped)
Koko Ci Congrats captain Papa Zola! Next time use the Pythagorean warily okay?
(Papa Zola saluted and thanked the commander)
MotoBot We should also thank Fang for saving us.
Everyone Thank you Fang!
Fang Your welcome.
Koko Ci I also want to thank you for towing our spaceship.
BoBoiBoy We're lucky you showed up. I don't know what would happen if you didn't.
Papa Zola Wouldn't be as funny. Am I right mushroom boy? Right?
Fang Huh? You too Mr. Papa? Hiya! How's this funny!
(Fang purposely made the ship hit the astroids)
The gang Ahhh! Stop it!
Papa Zola Hey! Where is your sense of humor!?
[Camera pans up.]
[End credits roll.]