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Fang and BoBoiBoy's rivalry.

BoBoiBoy's and Fang's relationship had a rocky start. Fang was initially jealous of BoBoiBoy's popularity in school and around town, but after being forced to work together, their relationship improved. Despite that, they still occasionally argue about certain things and Fang continues to show off and to try to prove that he's better than BoBoiBoy. In spite of their differences, Fang is often the first one to jump to BoBoiBoy's aid and they often pair up as battle partners fairly often.

By Galaxy, BoBoiBoy and Fang's rivalry had mostly if not totally diminished. They lost most of their competitive behavior towards each other and now work fairly well as teammates, though Fang does seem to have some moments of jealousy from time to time, as BoBoiBoy still is very popular, even in space. They no longer openly argue much with each other, mostly due to Fang's more mature temperament. BoBoiBoy was even happy to have Fang compliment him in Episode 8, showing that they have a much better relationship than they ever did. They continued to be paired up in Galaxy as battle partners, but not as often due to Fang having other duties as a member of TAPOPS.

Both Fang and BoBoiBoy were hesitant to attack each other in Galaxy Episode 11, contrasting their antagonistic behavior towards each other in the original series. Fang, in particular, wanted BoBoiBoy to surrender so he and his friends wouldn't get hurt. Fang had abstained from trying to attack him, instead of resorting to attacking type moves, he used a restraining type of moves in order not to hurt him (or his friends). Even when BoBoiBoy snapped and started violently attacking him and his team, due to Sai and Shielda's provocations, Fang still tried to tell his team to back down and stop attacking. Later they both apologized to each other for the battle getting out of hand. Additionally, in the same episode, BoBoiBoy (along with Gopal) showed remorse when they thought Fang had fallen into the lava river, lamenting that 'he never became popular'.


During the beginning of Season 2, Gopal was not on good terms with Fang. However, he seemed to be involved with a group of Fang's admirers when they were complimenting him by the door of the class in Season 2, Episode 1, presumably to get them more absorbed in Fang so that the girls would buy photos of Fang that he sells (the photos that he obtained through means of taking pictures of Fang without his knowledge). Gopal happened to be one of those who believed that Fang has done bad upon Ochobot when BoBoiBoy had told him about how Ochobot had minor recollections of Fang 'capturing' him. As the series progress, Gopal's relationship with Fang seemed to have bettered slightly. Gopal and Fang almost never hang out with each other, but when it is the time to prank or tease BoBoiBoy ( in the series by decorating BoBoiBoy's dest in a girly manner and in the Galaxy by pranking him when he was unconscious for five days) they are seen together and having fun.


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Fang and Ying in the Chinese New Year Promo (2017)

In the beginning, Ying was not fond of Fang, due to Fang's aloof attitude causing him to ignore her and Yaya's greetings. She found him arrogant and unsociable, unlike BoBoiBoy, which further caused Fang's resentment and rivalry towards BoBoiBoy. However, when Fang started to mellow down and eventually joined their team, they became good friends and got a little close, but their closure disappeared ever since Fang left Earth. Now is not afraid to show when she's upset at him, like when Fang forgot to reveal that Captain Kaizo was actually his brother. The two would usually work together in a battle whenever Yaya has her own duty (shown in BoBoiBoy Movie 2). They are also the only two characters who knows how to speak Mandarin Chinese, and are shown in the Chinese New Year Promos together.


Yaya first thought of Fang as an impolite and arrogant person, who neglected the warm and friendly approach of hers and Ying's. When it came to his and BoBoiBoy's rivalry, Yaya stood on her good friend's side and also made BoBoiBoy's rival her own. Still, in Season 2, Episode 6, she was willing to come to his and her friends' aid when she was told by him the trio had been shrunk by Probe. At the end of the episode, she happily accepted his thank you, proving their relationship had gotten better and is the only one who did not believe Boboiboy when he claimed Fang captured Ochobot and called him evil, And then Fang said to the gang that he will forgive them if they agree that he is more popular than BoBoiBoy. In the end of the series, along with Gopal and Ying, Yaya found out that Fang (Private Pang) was the younger brother of Captain Kaizo and became totally mad at him since they could have spoken in a non voilent manner than having a great fight in that episode.


Ochobot Fang

Fang meet Ochobot to follow the instructions of the letter.

In Season 2 of BoBoiBoy, Ochobot would inexplicably faint whenever he saw Fang, and had nightmares where Fang appeared to kidnap him. Due to these nightmares, Ochobot feared him. BoBoiBoy blames Fang for all this but, Fang denied ever having met Ochobot.

In Season 2, Episode 8, however, it’s revealed that Fang and Ochobot had previously met, and that Ochobot gave Fang his shadow Power Band when he was trying to protect the Power Sphere from Adu Du and Probe, making Ochobot realise that Fang was good, not evil.

After Fang joining BoBoiBoy’s gang following the events of that episode, he becomes as protective of Ochobot as the other kids are. Ochobot in turn looks out for Fang more often, especially when Fang uses his Shadow Dragon, the most difficult.


Captain Kaizo[]



Even though they never seen in the series, they are both mention by his brother in Season 3, Episode 23 . In one of fanmail mention that they are still alive and live n their homeplanet. According to the BoBoiBoy Comic Magazine Issue 62, both Kaizo and Fang can visit their parents anytime they're off duty. Though It's most likely to be thought that his parent's status is still unknown. It has never been confirmed if they are alive or dead.



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