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Fang was once one of BoBoiBoy's enemies but has since became friends with him. He still argues constantly with BoBoiBoy but is ready to help him when trouble comes.
He has the power to control shadows, that also allows him to summon animal forms such as the Shadow Eagle, Shadow Tiger, and the Shadow Dragon.

— Description from BoBoiBoy Galaxy website

Fang is one of the main characters in BoBoiBoy and BoBoiBoy Galaxy.


Fang is an alien born and raised on a planet named GogoBugi[1] under two loving parents and his older brother, Kaizo. When he was younger, his planet was attacked by Bora Ra and Fang was injured in the fights that ensued, later passing out. While still unconscious, he and Kaizo were rescued by the legendary hero, Admiral Maskmana, who had received a distress signal from the planet. He started training Kaizo, in combat, particularly his “Way of the Mask” fighting style. Presumably, he later trained Fang, though it appears that he trained more closely with his brother. Fang appears to have forgotten his first encounter with Bora Ra on the day they left their planet.

After he became of age, Fang started training under his brother and joined his brother's team.

Fang began studying Earth life in preparation for his mission to infiltrate and spy on particular Earthlings, eventually coming into contact with BoBoiBoy and his friends.



Season 1

Fang makes his first appearance (though not considered his official debut) in the Extended Finale where he is seen at the Rintis Railway Station, exiting the train just as BoBoiBoy is about to leave Rintis Island.

Season 2

Biodata Fang-small

His official debut comes in Season 2, Episode 1, as a student at Rintis Island Primary School. From his first day, Fang grew jealous of BoBoiBoy and his popularity among the other students, even though the two had never met. He was constantly compared to BoBoiBoy by his classmates and teacher and grew bitter towards BoBoiBoy as a result. In the first episode, he is shown to be anti-social and cold towards others. However, he spies on BoBoiBoy when he uses his Elemental Split to help out at Tok Aba’s shop. Ochobot notices Fang in the bushes and the robot unexpectedly glitches before passing out.

Fang is discovered in The Haunted House (Season 2, Episode 2), where he attacks both BoBoiBoy and Adu Du's respective groups. He expresses his jealousy and resentment towards BoBoiBoy, telling him that it was his fault that he was unable to become popular. After this event the two kindle a fierce rivalry.

Their rivalry continues until he, BoBoiBoy and Gopal are shrunk and forced to work together to defeat Adu Du (Season 2, Episode 6), after which, it lessens somewhat.

When BoBoiBoy’s gang is shot with the Emotion Pistol Y (Season 2, Episode 7), he and Ochobot start to remember how he received his Power Watch: before BoBoiBoy returned to Rintis Island, Adu Du tricked Fang into luring Ochobot to his hideout, promising popularity if he followed his instructions. Ochobot was captured and fueled with Tok Aba’s cocoa, but he managed to escape to Cowboy Pete Monday’s alley when his power overloaded. Fang found him and he hid both of them in a trash can, making Ochobot realize that Fang was not allied with Adu Du. Adu Du and Probe found them and in a panic, Ochobot bestowed Fang with a Power Watch of Shadow Manipulation to defend himself. The situation quickly spiraled out of control when Fang conjured a massive Shadow Dragon that overwhelmed him and left him unable to control it. Ochobot was forced to use the remains of his power overload to quell Fang’s power and stop the dragon from reaching the city. The exertion from the ordeal made them both faint and forget everything that happened that night. These memories resurfaced during the events of Season 2, Episode 8.

Ever since Season 2, Episode 9 Fang has officially become part of BoBoiBoy’s gang.

When Ejo Jo invades Earth in the season finale, he along with BoBoiBoy are the only two who manage to hold on to their Power Watches when the alien takes the others. He plays an integral part in the battle when he summons a giant Shadow Dragon to destroy Ejo Jo’s powerful combat robot, P.E.T.A.I.

Season 3

Directly after the events in Season 2, Fang has his Power Watch taken by Ejo Jo while he is unconscious. It’s returned to him after the alien is defeated.

Fang’s next biggest development comes during the tailend of the “Saving The Planet” special.

During the earth carnival in “Saving Planet Earth (Part 1)”, he joins the others in consoling a downtrodden BoBoiBoy, but soon leaves in a rush upon receiving a message on his Power Watch. Later that night, he is seen in the Haunted House examining a hologram of Ejo Jo's ship, telling someone he has received the message and is now ready.

The next day, Fang is absent as BoBoiBoy’s gang and Adu Du’s team prepare to confront Ejo Jo and his P.E.T.A.I. army. Before they can engage, however, two more aliens arrive on Earth and defeat Ejo Jo effortlessly. Fang finally arrives and approaches the newcomers, and it is revealed that Fang is not a human, but an alien is known as “Pang” and is a Private in these aliens’ team. He had been tasked by Captain Kaizo, The Legendary Space Rebel, to find and retrieve the detected Power Watches on Earth—the ones under the gang's possession—using any force necessary.

Although extremely reluctant, Fang is forced to fight his own friends to obtain their Power Watches—his own included—not only because those are Kaizo’s strict orders, but also to prevent his friends from getting hurt by his highly-skilled, seemingly ruthless captain.

Later, Fang contemplates where he actually stands morally and eventually decides to betray his captain in favor of his friends. He uses his newly revealed Perforation Power to steal the Power Watches, planning to give them back to his friends when they intrude their ship. However, his plan is derailed when Kaizo reveals that he was aware of Fang's betrayal all along.

Subtly perturbed by Fang's betrayal, Kaizo offers another chance to BoBoiBoy, as well as Fang, to maintain possession of the Power Watches. There is only one condition: they must defeat him and Lahap. They accept, and Fang teams up with BoBoiBoy to battle Captain Kaizo.

Despite the difficult odds, BoBoiBoy’s gang manages to defeat Kaizo. The captain reveals that his goal is actually to find righteous owners for the Power Watches and acknowledges that Fang and his friends have earned the right to them by showing they will only use their powers for good.

As they are about to leave, Kaizo gives Fang the option to return to Earth or remain with him. Ultimately, Fang decides to stay on Earth with his friends. He also reveals in passing that Kaizo is actually his older brother, much to his friends’ fury as they believe he could have talked things out with him instead of letting them fight him.

BoBoiBoy Galaxy


Fang in BoBoiBoy Galaxy Episode 6.

Before the start of this series, Fang apparently left Earth and went back into space, presumably to continue his training under his brother, Kaizo. He has also joined the organization TAPOPS during this time, having passed the rigorous TAPOPS Toughness Test, as well as coming to a command of his own team, composed of two other members named Sai and Shielda. He makes his debut in episode 6, where he is en route along a solo training flight. He receives an SOS signal from the TAPOPS spaceship and arrives to help them fend off the space mosquitoes that prey on spaceships’ fuel supply. However, because of the mushroom-like helmet, he is wearing, he is ridiculed by his friends, irritating him. Fang and BoBoiBoy manage to drive off the mosquitoes for good and he begins towing the spaceship towards the TAPOPS headquarters.

BoBoiBoy Movie 2

When Ying succeeded in snatching EggaBot from Adu Du, Fang ordered his five shadow animals to attack Adu Du and Probe; helping BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm to attack them. Fang stops BoBoiBoy from helping Adu Du and Probe when they were being beaten by Giant Penguin, although BoBoiBoy doesn't pays attention. After the mission he blames BoBoiBoy for putting their mission in danger by saving Adu Du and Probe. Because they have successfully completed all their missions, they were given permission to return to Earth. BoBoiBoy invites Fang for a dinner at his home saying their would be carrot soup too making Fang happy. Next day they receive an emergency message from Koko Ci warning that Retak'ka has returned, and directs them to go to Planet Quabaq. When BoBoiBoy urged to go to TAPOPS Station to save them, Fang tries to stop him but failed. When Retak'ka nearly killed BoBoiBoy and Gopal rescues him, Fang alongside Ying and Yaya stays in station and insisted BoBoiBoy to go and leave them.


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Fang and BoBoiBoy's rivalry.

Fang first presented a cold and unfriendly demeanor, much like his much older brother, Kaizo. He used to display a pompous and arrogant attitude, as well as a strong resentment towards BoBoiBoy due to his greater popularity.

Although he seems to be a relatively calm person, under this calm exterior is a fiery temper, which can be set off at the drop of the hat, usually towards BoBoiBoy. Eventually, after spending time with BoBoiBoy, most of the resentment fades away by the end of Season 2.

One of Fang's main goals in life is to be 'popular' even while being a spy on Earth. According to fan mail answers, Fang wanted to be popular so he could fit in on Earth, meaning that his pompous personality was just a ruse. However, his obsession with popularity persists three years on in Galaxy, as seen in Episode 19.

Despite his occasional arrogance, Fang is one to acknowledge and admit his own mistakes and shows remorse when he does things wrong. He begins to hold his friendship as even greater than his alignment towards his brother. He betrays and defies Kaizo in favor of his friends in Season 3. Despite all his bad points, Fang wants to be a good person, as a representation of all alien-kind.

In BoBoiBoy Galaxy, Fang has reasonably matured as a leader, since he has been tasked with leading his own team with the twins, Sai and Shielda. Fang has also grown quite trendy, as he wears a questionably fashionable “mushroom” safety helmet when he believes it’s the latest fashion trend. As the series progresses, Fang develops a little bit of a milder and passive personality. He isn’t as willing to fight his friends in the original series. At first, it appears that he no longer harbors any resentment towards BoBoiBoy, though still is jealous of his popularity from time to time.



Fang is a young humanoid alien with red eyes and short unkept raven black hair *starting from Galaxy season 2 his hair is now plum purple*. He has noticeably similar features to his older brother, Captain Kaizo, both having the same hair color and eye color (the latter more noticeable in Galaxy). He greatly resembles a human being, rather than the Kubulus alien that the Rintis Island residents are used to.

In Season 2, he wears a magenta and dark blue jacket over a grey sleeveless vest-like shirt, dark blue pants, and a tricolor belt. He also wears magenta-white shoes and pair of purple fingerless glove. Fang always showed with a full-frame purple glasses which later revealed be his Alien-tech mask. While in school, he wears a regular school uniform but has his jacket tied around his waist.

He seems to have gotten a new pair of glasses in Season 3.

BoBoiBoy Galaxy

Three years older, Fang has grown much taller than he was before, as well as looking much more well built. He wears a long sleeveless maroon-colored jacket over a dark purple sleeveless turtleneck. He has two gray belts, one around his waist and the other buckling diagonally across his torso. His pants are dark gray and he dons gray-purple boots with dark gray soles and bands near the top. He has a pair of fingerless gloves along with a white and maroon gauntlet on his right arm and his Power Watch on top of an arm warmer the same color as gloves on his left. His glasses now have red frames, light blue lens and are attached to an ear piece similar to his brother’s mask.

Skills and Abilities

Main article: List of Fang's Abilities

Shadow Manipulation

Fang received the power of Shadow Manipulation from Ochobot.

He is able to manipulate shadows into various forms. In early episodes, Fang summoned shadow animals and forms by making a shadow puppet of it, then “bringing it to life” with his power. Later uses disregard the need for him to form a shadow puppet to use his power. All of Fang's animal forms have glowing red eyes that appear to be on fire.

Fang loses his power when it's sundown or sunset, as it was revealed in Season 2, Episode 2. This is because during the night there is no light for him to make shadows. However, when he first received his power, he was able to conjure a Shadow Dragon during nighttime; this could be chalked up either due to the lamps illuminating the alleyway, providing a light source for Fang to form his shadow puppets, or that this was when he was at his full potential. (Ochobot took away most of Fang's shadow powers because he was unable to control the Shadow Dragon, but in the Season 2 Finale he helps Fang access the full potential of his powers).

Another instance of Fang using his Shadow Manipulation during night time was during Season 3, Episode 16 when he conjured a Shadow Tiger, Shadow Eagle, Shadow Shield, and Shadow Finger Prick in quick succession. Again this could be chalked up to Fang managing to temporarily bypass his Power Band's weakness by focusing on protecting his friends.

Although Fang's power has manipulated by 11 forms by Season 2, Episode 10, only 5 of them are recognized by Ejo Jo's Computer—Tiger, Hands, Rat, Eagle, Dragon. This is likely because the said 5 are tangible forms as compared to the other 6—Scratch, Shield, Shifter, Attack, Cocoon, Speed.

In Season 3, Episode 24, it is revealed that he has unlocked two new forms: Shadow Koala and Shadow Bear, giving him a total of 16 shadow forms.

In the movie, Fang receives an upgrade on his Shadow Manipulation. His second-tier ability enables him to fuse with his shadow forms, giving him the ability to use their powers himself. For example, in the Shadow Eagle fusion, he gains its ability to fly.

1st Tier Abilities


  • Shadow Attack (Serangan Bayang) - Creates a black mass out of shadows to blast his foes away.
  • Shadow Tiger (Harimau Bayang) - His main attack. A large tiger that responds to his commands.
    • Shadow Scratch (Cakaran Bayang) - A command used to make the Shadow tiger scratch his foe.
  • Shadow Shifter (Bentuk Bayang) - Creates a black trail that hits any foes in its way.
  • Shadow Eagle (Helang Bayang)- A large eagle usually serving as a means of transportation.
  • Shadow Rat (Tikus Bayang) - A rat used once against Crazy Cat.
  • Shadow Hands (Jari Bayang) - Formed to trap or grab foes and objects.
  • Shadow Dragon (Naga Bayang) - A giant, immensely powerful dragon that comes at a cost of taking almost all of the user’s energy to control and manipulate. As a result, Fang always faints after using it.
  • Shadow Cat (Kucing Bayang) - A cat like shadow animal.
  • Shadow Hallway (Lorong Bayang) - A hallway used once to protect his classmates.
  • Shadow Cocoon (Kokun Bayang) - Formed by combining the Shadow Hands together.
  • Shadow Finger Prick (Tusukan Jari Bayang) - Used to dodge BoBoiBoy Fire's attack in Season 3, Episode 16.
  • Shadow Koala (Koala Bayang) - A koala usually serving as a distraction and choking foes.
  • Shadow Polar Bear (Polar Bear Bayang/Beruang Polar Bayang) - A polar bear conjured for wreckage and combat purposes.

BoBoiBoy Galaxy

Season 1
  • Shadow Grasp (Jerangkap Jari Bayang) - Used to throw Space Bugs
  • Shadow Insectivore Tree (Insektivora Pokok Bayang) - A plant resembling a Venus fly-trap used once to eat Space Bugs.
  • Shadow Dance (Tarian Bayang) - Used to dodge the Jokertu's Dragon Attacks. It was commanded by Papa Zola after got trapped in the card.
  • Shadow Bear (Beruang Bayang) - A ferocious grizzy bear that has super strength to break things such as Tree Demon Monsters. This was a returning shadow techquine from Season 3 Episode 24.
  • Shadow Pecking Dive (Matukan Helang Bayang) - A command used to make the Shadow Eagle peck his foe.
  • Shadow Umbrella (Payung Bayang) - Used to protect himself from Printed Boboiboy Fire's Attack.
Season 2
  • Shadow Spanner (Spana Bayang) - Fang uses a spanner from shadow power to repair his damaged spaceship, Lily.
  • Shadow Fly Swatter (Insert Malay Translation) - Fang can create a swatter out of shadows.
  • Shadow Collision (Tumbukan Bayang)
  • Shadow Fog (Kabut Bayang)
  • Shadow Traps (Jerankap Bayang)
  • Shadow Plug (Tutupan Bayang)
  • Shadow Spear (Lembing Bayang)
  • Shadow Net (Jaring Bayang)
  • Shadow Shield (Insert Malay Translation) - Fang can create a shield out of shadows.
  • Shadow Lizard (Cicak Bayang) - Fang creates a giant lizard
  • Shadow Beetle Wings (Kepak Kumbang Bayang)
  • Shadow Octopus (Insert Malay Translation) - Fang creates a giant octopus.
  • Shadow Shield Dome (Insert Malay Translation) - Fang creates a shadow dimension for protection.
  • Shadow Gorilla (Gorila Bayang) - A gorilla made of shadows.
    • Shadow Gorilla Smash (Insert Malay Translation) -Shadow gorilla smashes the opponent.

BoBoiBoy Movie 2

  • Shadow Gorilla (Gorila Bayang) - In BoBoiBoy Movie 2 Fang has a new ability called Shadow Gorilla. A giant musclular Ape that armed with fighting power and crush anything with his giant strong arms.
  • Shadow Cobra/Shadow Snake (Ular Bayang) A dangerous snake that spray venom to paralyzed foes. It can easily bite foes with his poison teeth.
  • Shadow Aligator/Shadow Crocodile (Buaya Bayang) - A large crocodile with powerful jaws can chomp up anything. It can go on land and water and carry passangers with his rough scales.
  • Shadow Buffalo Hybrid (Separa Seladang Bayang) - Fang uses this ability by using ArmoBot and embodying a wildebeest, Fang joins the wildebeest and can use his physical strength like running fast and unleashing head charge strikes.
  • Shadow Jungle (Rimba Bayang) - Fang can summon every type of shadow animals to form a raging stampede against enemies.

Second-Tier Fusions

BoBoiBoy: The Movie

BoBoiBoy Galaxy

  • Shadow Tiger Fusion (Separa Harimau Bayang) - A fusion technique that Fang uses to fuse with the Shadow Tiger. First used in BoBoiBoy Galaxy.
    • Shadow Strike (Terkaman Bayang) - Used to pounce on the foe. It missed during the fight against Vargoba.
    • Shadow Claw Scratch (Cakaran Harimau Bayang) - Used to claw scratch on his foes.
    • Shadow Fang Crunch (Gigitan Harimau Bayang) - Used to bite its foe. However, This power fails when Vargoba toss it away.
  • Shadow Bear Fusion (Separa Beruang Bayang) - A fusion technique that Fang uses to fuse with the Shadow Bear.

BoBoiBoy Movie 2

  • Shadow Dragon Fusion (Separa Naga Bayang) - A fusion technique that Fang uses to fuse with Shadow Dragon. First used in BoBoiBoy Movie 2.
    • Shadow Dragon Fire Breath (Semburan Api Naga Bayang) - Fang can blow a very strong shadow colored fire to defeat his opponent.
    • Shadow Dragon Claw Scratch (Cakaran Naga Bayang) - From a height in the sky, Fang hits Retak'ka down using the Shadow Dragon Fusion in the comic BoBoiBoy Movie 2: The Evolution of Power.
  • Shadow Gorilla Fusion (Separa Gorila Bayang) - A Fusion technique that Fang uses to fuse with the Shadow Gorilla. This power is used in the comic BoBoiBoy Movie 2: The Evolution of Power.
Combo Attacks


  • Shadow Ejo Jo/Self Shadow (Bayangan Diri) - When Ejo Jo wielded Fang's power watch, he used this to attack Papa Zola and Tok Aba.
  • Shadow Speed (Gerakan Bayang) - An ability enabling Fang to run fast by enhancing his legs' movements.
  • Shadow Shield (Perisai Bayang) - A dome-like shield. Formed to protect himself or others.
  • Shadow Kick of Death (Tendangan Muat Bayang) - The main attack for Ejo Jo's self shadow manipulation. A full shadow dead kick.

Perforation Power

For a time, Fang had the ability to become intangible (referred to in-series as “perforation power”). He accessed this ability by tapping the logo on his glasses.

Boboiboy fang perforation power

Perforation Power.

This ability was given back to Kaizo after he completed his mission on Earth as the captain needed it for another mission.


Main article: Fang/Relationships


  • Fang and Kaizo’s parents are known to be alive and are staying on their home planet.
    • However, their parents were seen in the extra comic about Fang and Kaizo's childhood from BoBoiBoy Galaxy Comic Issue #7, Ledakan Cahaya.
    • Although, It is still unknown if they are whether alive or deceased.
  • Fang’s favorite genre is science-fiction.
  • He and Kaizo can’t cook or bake, referred to in Episode 10.
  • Like Ying, he wears glasses because he thinks it looks cool, not because he is short-sighted.
  • Fang is a good singer.
  • Before Fang came to Earth, he learned languages such as Malay and Mandarin through the videos from Earth to prepare for his mission.
  • Fang can speak Mandarin (Season 3, Episode 16) and Cantonese (BoBoiBoy: The Movie).
    • He sings a Mandarin lullaby for BoBoiBoy in Season 3, Episode 16.
    • He also speaks Cantonese in the movie when he apologizes to his Shadow Tiger for summoning it by accident (he says "hai sye" which means "excuse me").
  • It has been hinted throughout the series that ever since he came to Rintis Island, he has been living alone in The Haunted House. Though it is later revealed in the magazine that The Haunted House is not his place of residence and was merely a suitable training ground for him to practice his powers.
  • In his cameo appearance in the last episode of Season 1, Fang is seen with pure black hair. In later appearances, his hair is a dark blue raven colour instead.
  • It's unknown how Fang could have known about his power or how to use it since he revealed that he forgot how he got his Power Watch in Season 2, Episode 7.
    • Since Fang was revealed to be an alien (Season 3, Episode 24) and a member of TAPOPS (BoBoiBoy Galaxy), he would have already known about Power Watches and how to use them.
  • Before his name was revealed, he was known as the "Mystery Boy" (Budak Misteri) in the credits.
  • His favorite food is Red Carrot Donut (Season 2, Episode 3). He loves it to such an extent that he will drop his "cool" facade upon seeing one.
    • Coincidently, his brother, Kaizo, also enjoys 'Red Carrot' dishes (Kaizo's favorite dish is 'Red Carrot Soup').
  • His first design was a concept of a ninja which wears penguins costume and it was called "Ninja Boy".
  • He has basketball skills, shown in Season 2, Episode 4.
  • A popular misconception is that Fang's real name is 'Pang', but in actuality, it's just a pet name that Kaizo uses for his brother. As a child, Fang was unable to pronounce his own name (as young children have trouble with the 'F' sound) and referred to himself as 'Pang'. Kaizo continues to call him this, mostly probably out of affection.
  • Fang can play musical instruments such as guitar and drum.
  • Fang's voice has become slightly deeper since Season 2, Episode 7 because his voice actor Wong Wai Kay reached puberty in between Season 2, Episode 6 and Season 2, Episode 7.
  • Fang and Kaizo’s parents are briefly mentioned by Fang in Season 3, Episode 23 when he tried to cheer up a sad BoBoiBoy when his parents could not come to the Earth Day Carnival.
  • It was revealed in BoBoiBoy Galaxy comic Vol. 3 that he gains 85 points in the writing test in Easy A test.
    • Assuming that Fang achieves 100 points during the focus test, he gets a minimum of 55 points in the survival test.
  • He rooms with Sai in TAPOPS station.[2]
  • He and Gopal almost never get along.[3]
    • Though at the end of Galaxy final episode, they both seem pranking BoBoiBoy together when he was awake after the final fight, and they (alongside BoBoiBoy) also were going to prank Tarung too.
  • The trivia post claimed from Kaizo's secret files [4] released for Fang's birthday (April 13th) reveals the following:
    • His favorite animal is penguin (he owns a penguin onesie as a kid)
    • He has a huge collection of "cool" glasses that he never wears
    • His mushroom helmet can be found at the flea market
    • His favorite show is "Singing Pebble Penguin"
    • When he was little, he joined a singing competition (and lost)
    • He lost the competition because he was singing the Pebble Penguin theme song
    • He games online quite often, you can add him at: xxShad0w_us3r3134
  • There is a comic extra about Fang and Kaizo's childhood from BoBoiBoy Galaxy Comic Issue #7.
    • It is revealed that their father is a governor of a planet named GogoBugi, and their family protect Power Spheres for years.
    • Though Fang seems likely didn't remember but he and Kaizo have already met Bora Ra when they were young.
    • He probably most likely doesn't remember how his parents look like.
  • Fang's favorite drink is coconut juice.
  • Fang's favorite subject is information and communication technology.
  • Fang’s favorite type of song is a video game soundtrack.
  • Fang’s favorite color is purple, in keeping with his color theme.
  • The main reason Fang uses earth animals for shadow attacks is because he considers earth’s fauna so fascinating and fantastic.
  • Fang considers his Shadow animals as pets such as the Shadow Tiger.
  • Fang likes to listen to music during break times.
  • In BoBoiBoy Galaxy (Season 2), it was revealed that Fang has named Captain Kaizo's spaceship "Lily".
  • As a kid, Fang used to hack into his bedroom's security system to sneak out at night.


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