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Ensnaring Thorns (Akar Berduri / Akar Berjuar / Thorny Vines / Thorny Roots.) also known as "Binding Vines" is an ability of BoBoiBoy Thorn. He first used it in BoBoiBoy: The Movie.


BoBoiBoy: The Movie[]

After Bora Ra has taken fatal damage in result of BoBoiBoy's Hepta Split, Thorn binds Bora Ra in his vines so he can't escape from the upcoming attack of BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm.

BoBoiBoy Movie 2[]

Again in BoBoiBoy Movie 2, when Cyclone has surrounded Retak'ka with his whirling wind, Thorn trapped Retak'ka using this ability so he could not move.

Ability Usage[]

This attacking power consists of thorny vines and can be lengthened to desire. It holds the purpose of binding one to place thus immobile them.