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The Elemental Split is BoBoiBoy's ultimate power that allows himself to 'split' himself into different 'clones' of him with specific elemental powers with the help of his Power Band.


Elemental Split is BoBoiBoy's ultimate ability that allows him to split into different elemental forms of himself. Initially, he had only three elements to choose from (Earth, Lightning and Wind), but in Season 3, he unlocked two more elements (Fire and Water), giving him a grand total of five elements. In BoBoiBoy: The Movie, he was able to unlock all seven, though lost the ability since the Power Band had inexplicably 'reset'; however, he was able to recover all seven elements again in BoBoiBoy Galaxy. While the elements can work in tangent together, Retak'ka remarks that the Elemental Split makes the individual elements weaker.

Elemental Split

BoBoiBoy using Elemental Split in the Galaxy Opening.

When using Elemental Split, BoBoiBoy essentially produces copies of himself, but pertaining to each form that is called upon. The resulting Elemental Forms are their own people, each with a unique personality that in one way or another ties back to their element and is a component of BoBoiBoy’s original personality. They are able to function independently from BoBoiBoy, usually under the command of one form. This is usually the one who summons the forms, or who the forms return to when combining back into one. In Galaxy, depending on the nature of the Elemental Form who summons the others, the other summoned Elemental Forms’ personalities may be influenced.

Their clothing is also a variation of BoBoiBoy's original clothing schematic, but with their own unique color scheme to help distinguish them from each other. This only applies to the First Tier forms as the Second Tier forms have varied wardrobes.

An Elemental Split must be preferred to do an Elemental Fusion. BoBoiBoy must call out the two fusing Elemental Forms, who then fuse together into the Fusion Form.


To learn more about Elemental Forms, visit Elemental Forms.

From the available forms, BoBoiBoy is able to summon any of them at will. The forms that BoBoiBoy has attained are as follows:

Base/First Tier Forms

Evolved/Second Tier Forms

Third Tier Forms


  • When using Elemental Split, Earth is almost always present to help lead the other elements. This may be due to Earth being the embodiment of BoBoiBoy's leadership qualities as well as being the closest one in personality to the original BoBoiBoy.
    • If Earth is not present, and Lightning is, often Lightning will be the one the other elements will return too. In BoBoiBoy Galaxy, this has occurred in Episodes 15, 17, and 23.
    • In B.R.R.O.'s Revenge and Infiltration Mission of BoBoiBoy Galaxy, Leaf is the leader of the Elemental Split. It's interesting to note that Leaf's personality actually influenced the personalities of the other elements, making Fire and Wind in the former split (and Earth and Fire in the latter) seem more childish.
    • In Episode 24 of BoBoiBoy Galaxy, Light is the leader of the Elemental Split, fighting alongside Fire and Lightning, and is also the elemental form BoBoiBoy was originally in.