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Ice and Blaze fusing into FrostFire

Elemental Fusion is an ability BoBoiBoy that gains that involves fusing Elemental Forms into an entirely new form. This ability first debuted in BoBoiBoy Movie 2.


Unlike Elemental Split, which involves splitting BoBoiBoy's powers into individual Elements who function independently, Elemental Fusion involves fusing two forms into a singular much more powerful form. Retak'ka has remarked that Elemental Fusion is much more powerful than splitting the Elemental Forms. Retak'ka also claimed that Elemental Fusion is the true ability of the Elemental Form power. With seven elements in BoBoiBoy's possession, 49 two-power fusions and 343 three-power fusions can be harnessed.

To fuse, the fusing Elements must first be summoned via Elemental Split. Then the two elements must interact with each other with BoBoiBoy's right hand, which has his Power Band, by striking fists with one another, high fiving, holding hands, fist bumps etc., after which, the two Elements will fuse together into the new form. Elemental Fusion, although powerful, uses a lot more energy and strength than Elemental Split, seeing as how BoBoiBoy collapsed in exhaustion after consecutively performing three different Elemental Fusions.

There are currently only four known Elemental Fusions, but BoBoiBoy seems to be able to fuse more than just the ones known.

Elemental Fusions

Listed below are the known Elemental Fusions:

BoBoiBoy FrostFire

BoBoiBoy Glacier

BoBoiBoy Supra

BoBoiBoy Sori

BoBoiBoy Gentar

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