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[[File:7 elements in BoBoiBoy Galaxy Season 2.png]|alt=|thumb|379x379px|BoBoiBoy's Seven Elemental Forms (from BoBoiBoy Galaxy Season 2)]] Elemental Forms are an ability from the result of Elemental Split or Elemental Transformation. It is BoBoiBoy's signature power.


Elemental Forms are what results after the user transforms or splits into different elements. These Elemental Forms change the user's appearance, by either tinting their outfit or completely changing their wardrobe. There are currently currently two confirmed Elemental Tiers, First Tier (also known as Base Forms) and Second Tier (also known as Evolved Forms) . Only seen and used by BoBoiBoy, Elemental Forms can also use Elemental Fusion into Fusion Forms.

Elemental Forms originate as a power from Power Spheres, though it was indicated that all the elements had come from their own single Power Sphere, though for whatever reason, all that power was funneled into Ochobot.

Exclusive to only BoBoiBoy, while all the Elements are essentially BoBoiBoy, the Elements seem to be fragments of his persona, all representing a different part of his personality. As a result, the Elements tend to act differently than BoBoiBoy does, depending on what personality they are influenced from.


There are three known users of Elemental Forms.

  • BoBoiBoy - Uses all seven elements.
  • Retak'ka (Formerly) - Seen using five elements, absorbed four from BoBoiBoy and one from Hang Kasa.
  • Hang Kasa (Formerly) - Only seen using the Crystal Element.


Base Forms

The basic elemental forms for BoBoiBoy. Each form has its own unique skills and abilities, as well a Second Tier form (as referred to in BoBoiBoy Galaxy). They also have their own unique personality, often corresponding to their elemental abilities and BoBoiBoy's own personality.

In the Original Series, BoBoiBoy gained all base Elemental Forms except for Light and Leaf, (whose second-tier form exists in only the movie) by certain aspects of his personality and emotions. By the events of BoBoiBoy Galaxy, it was implied that when the watch was upgraded at unknown point, the watch was somehow reset. As a result, all except the original three Elemental Forms were lost. However, in later episodes, BoBoiBoy started regaining the lost elemental forms and second tier form. Elemental Forms in Galaxy were mostly attained through the Power Band adapting to the different environments, though occasionally they can be gained through adapting emotions.

BoBoiBoy Lightning (BoBoiBoy Petir)
BoBoiBoy Wind (BoBoiBoy Angin)
BoBoiBoy Earth (BoBoiBoy Tanah)
BoBoiBoy Fire (BoBoiBoy Api)
BoBoiBoy Water (BoBoiBoy Air)
BoBoiBoy Leaf (BoBoiBoy Daun)
  • Thematic Color: Green
  • Personality Traits: Childish, Naive, Irrational, Coward
  • First Appearance:
  • Second Tier Form: BoBoiBoy Thorn
  • Third Tier Form: BoBoiBoy Timber
BoBoiBoy Light (BoBoiBoy Cahaya)

Second Tier Forms

Depending on their struggles, an Elemental Form may go through an evolutionary process that enhances their abilities and changes their appearance. It is later referred to as a 'Second Tier Form' by Ochobot in BoBoiBoy Galaxy.

In BoBoiBoy Galaxy, in order to achieve the second tier form, BoBoiBoy must first unlock all the base elements available in his Power Band. If a Second Tier form is forcibly transformed into then it could risk destroying the Power Band and cause serious consequences.

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm (BoBoiBoy Halilintar)

Thunderstorm is the evolved form of BoBoiBoy Lightning and the first element to go through evolution and enter the second tier.

In the Original Series, Lightning evolved into Thunderstorm after being captured by Adu Du, Probe and Computer and out of stress and fear, forced himself to evolve to free himself. However, in the process, Thunderstorm completely forgot who he was and lost his memories. He was then tricked by Adu Du into thinking that they were friends. Adu Du orders Thunderstorm to attack his true friends, but was able to regain his memory after hearing his 'Awesome!' catchphrase.

In BoBoiBoy Galaxy, BoBoiBoy directly forced a transformation to Thunderstorm (skipping Lightning completely) after seeing his friends about to get crushed by the Jugglenaut. However, the form was revealed to be unstable and BoBoiBoy has trouble remaining in the form and has yet to make another appearance.

BoBoiBoy Cyclone (BoBoiBoy Taufan)

Cyclone is the evolved form of BoBoiBoy wind and the second element to evolve. Wind accidentally eats Yaya's biscuits, which had been infused with Chemical X, a formula created by Adu Du that caused the consumer to lose control of their emotions. Wind gets a little too happy and after eating more cookies and evolves into Cyclone. Because of this development, Cyclone starts causing mass chaos around him. His friend opted to stop him otherwise he would end up hurting himself and others. Cyclone eventually calmed down after he was tearfully moved by a telenovela called 'A Sack of Red Roses', about a young boy reuniting with his pet cat, Sasha.

BoBoiBoy Quake (BoBoiBoy Gempa)

Quake is the evolved form of BoBoiBoy Earth and the last of the original three elements to evolve. Earth forced himself to evolve after his friends, as well as Thunderstorm and Cyclone, were defeated by Mukalakus. He is the only element who didn't have to conquer their emotions or personal dilemma to evolve.

BoBoiBoy Blaze

Blaze is the evolved form of BoBoiBoy Fire. He is the fourth element in the BoBoiBoy movie, to evolve at the same time. After Bora Ra destroys Ochobot, BoBoiBoy receives the last of Ochobot's power. With this power, Fire evolved into Blaze and he was utilized to defeat Bora Ra.

BoBoiBoy Ice (BoBoiBoy Ais)

Ice is the evolved form of BoBoiBoy Water. He is the fifth element in the BoBoiBoy movie, to evolve at the same time. After Bora Ra destroys Ochobot, BoBoiBoy receives the last of Ochobot's power. With this power, Water evolved into Ice and he was utilized to defeat Bora Ra.

BoBoiBoy Thorn (BoBoiBoy Duri)

Thorn is the evolved form of BoBoiBoy Leaf. He is the sixth element in the BoBoiBoy movie, to evolve at the same time. After Bora Ra destroys Ochobot, BoBoiBoy receives the last of Ochobot's power. Even though BoBoiBoy didn't have Leaf as a base form prior to evolving, he was still able to call out Thorn to help defeat Bora Ra.

BoBoiBoy Solar

Solar is the evolved form of BoBoiBoy Light. He is the seventh element in the BoBoiBoy movie, to evolve at the same time.

After Bora Ra destroys Ochobot, BoBoiBoy receives the last of Ochobot's power. Even though BoBoiBoy didn't have Light as a base form prior to evolving, he was still able to call out Solar to help defeat Bora Ra.

In BoBoiBoy Galaxy, BoBoiBoy had been flung into space by Captain Vargoba, and BoBoiBoy's team has been defeated. As he was about to freeze over, BoBoiBoy gets a flash from a sun, warming him up, and BoBoiBoy transforms into Solar. He comes back to the station and uses his new power to his limits to deliver a powerful beam of light to Vargoba.

Third Tier Forms

BoBoiBoy Darkwood (BoBoiBoy Balak)

Timber is the evolved form of BoBoiBoy Thorn. His name was revealed in a video released by Monsta. To achieve this form, BoBoiBoy has to find the power sphere PasuBot.

Fusion Forms

See more: Elemental Fusion

Fusion Forms are achieved when two elements perform Elemental Fusion. These forms are considerably more powerful than Second Tier Forms and can utilize the power of the two fusing elements. This ability first debuted in BoBoiBoy Movie 2.

Other Forms

Retak'ka was able to use Elemental Forms after stealing BoBoiBoy's elemental powers, though he claimed that the power was his first. These Elemental Forms were enhanced in power after Retak'ka raided other planets to steal their the elemental powers. Hang Kasa was also able to use the Crystal Elemental Form, which was later taken by Retak'ka, which was later stolen back by BoBoiBoy.

It is unknown whether or not BoBoiBoy is able to achieve these forms.


  • Leaf and Light are the only two base elements not to appear in the Original Series.
  • BoBoiBoy Thorn and BoBoiBoy Solar were both second-tier forms where BoBoiBoy did not need to know the base forms (Leaf and Light) in order to gain the second tier form.
  • It was revealed in Episode 17 of BoBoiBoy Galaxy when BoBoiBoy's Power Band got upgraded at an unknown point, the watch reset itself and as a result, all but the three original elemental forms were lost.
  • In BoBoiBoy Galaxy, only the evolved forms (BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm, etc) have different eyes' colors. BoBoiBoy Fire and Water's eyes are now brown instead of crimson and cyan, respectively.