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The Disciplinary Teacher (Discpline Teacher for short) is a mentioned character in BoBoiBoy.

Season 2, Episode 3[]

In this episode, Gopal explained to BoBoiBoy and Fang that the disciplinary teacher is really strict about the rules of the school, after he resigned, he joined the following:

  • Military Forces (former)
  • 8 times Boxing Champion
  • Swim across the Pacific Ocean 5 times

It is also rumoured that he once underwent a surgery to replace veins with iron wires.

Note: This explaination surprised the students of Rintis Island Primary School.

Season 2, Episode 4[]

He was mentioned again by Robolabolabolabolabot Super King Probe, as he, Fang and Adu Du we're worried that the teacher will scold them after damaging some school properties.


  • According to Gopal and Amar Deep, his name cannot be said. It is known that he will appear in front of anyone who says his name.
    • His name is revealed to be Rakesh in the first Detektif Yaya book, a spinoff of the BoBoiBoy series.