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Cowboy Pete Monday's Alley (Lorong Pak Senin Koboi) is an alley in Rintis Island owned by Cowboy Pete Monday.


Prior to the events of the series, the alley was the fastest shortcut to Rintis Island Primary School. At one point, a man named Cowboy Pete Monday moved near there, bringing his crazy alley cat (referred to by Gopal as “Crazy Cat”) to guard the alley against trespassers. Due to Crazy Cat’s vicious attacks, the shortcut became too dangerous to use.

Season 2, Episode 5[]

BoBoiBoy and Gopal see Fang enter the alley with a packet of Yaya’s biscuits. To stop BoBoiBoy from following Fang into the alley so hastily, he tells BoBoiBoy about the alley’s history. BoBoiBoy, however, is undeterred, and follows him anyway.

The three boys are soon confronted by Cowboy Pete's Crazy Cat. They try to run from it and set obstacles in its path, but the cat easily outmanoeuvres and keeps up with them. Because of the cat’s subsequent attack, the boys take an hour to get to school

Season 2, Episode 6[]

The same three boys try to pass through the alley to get to Tok Aba’s cafe within the day. They face Crazy Cat again, but this time, they act on Fang’s plan to feed it with three of Yaya’s biscuits that they brought with them, which would knock the cat out for long enough for them to escape. They manage to do so after a long battle, and eventually convert Crazy Cat into a normal, docile cat that helps them through the alley to the cafe.

Season 2, Episode 8[]

In a flashback, Ochobot runs through what looks like Cowboy Pete Monday’s alley when trying to escape from Adu Du, Probe and Fang. However, the absence of the Crazy Cat and Cowboy Pete Monday’s sign suggests that this is either a different alley, or that this event took place before the cowboy moved there.

Season 3, Episode 5[]

Cocoa Jumbo appeared to go down this alley (now a safer place inhabited by other cats) when Adu Du abandoned him.

What Yaya Says: Breakfast is Important[]

Ying, Yaya and Gopal are seen here while on their way to school.

What Yaya Says: Treating the Animals Very Well[]

Yaya and Ying find a kitten in a box in the alley.