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Coral is one of the team members OldTown White Coffee's Superhero Element caring and always thinking about the environment that so far only appeared in a series of OldTown White Coffee's Superhero element, BoBoiBoy: The Movie, and short clips BoBoiBoy Galaxy.


Terra, Coral and Oake are a team of Superhero Elements with unique powers; Terra can control soil elements, Coral can control water elements while Oake can control plants. One day at the OldTown farm, the three of them planted cocoa trees together using their abilities. However, Adu Du suddenly appears on a tree and picks up a cocoa and throws the cocoa into Probe's head to test the cocoa energy. Probe eventually turned into Mega Probe and Adu Du thought that the cocoa there contained very high energy to use then ordered Mega Probe to catch them.

All three Superhero Elements try to escape the Mega Probe. Mega Probe immediately released the Inhalation Cannon to inhale them. They quickly clung to the ground, but unfortunately all three of them managed to be sucked into a giant jar located behind the Mega Probe. Adu Du instilled the intention to make them his employees to plant cocoa trees without being hindered by anyone. Terra immediately contacted BoBoiBoy to ask for help, then BoBoiBoy immediately headed to where they were. When he got there, BoBoiBoy was surprised to see a dark OldTown farm area with some dead trees, then found Adu Du using Terra, Coral and Oake to plant cocoa beans. He calls Adu Du by name and asks to release his friends, but Adu Du immediately orders Mega Probe to attack BoBoiBoy.

Mega Probe started firing BoBoiBoy with a Destroyer Laser and BoBoiBoy immediately took refuge by producing Protective Land, but he was thrown into the air due to a small eruption. Mega Probe continued his shot which made BoBoiBoy feel angry and released Lightning Kris towards Mega Probe. The Mega Probe shot hits and destroys the Lightning Kris, but there is still one left and it is about Adu Du and damaging the controls then awakening the three Superhero Elements. BoBoiBoy who landed on the ground was shot again by Mega Probe, but was stopped by the three Superhero Elements who retaliated against Mega Probe. The action gave BoBoiBoy a chance to split into three and then BoBoiBoy Cyclone, BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm and BoBoiBoy Quake each attacked Adu Du, Probe and destroyed Adu Du's control machine. Then things got back to normal with the beauty on the OldTown farm, all three Superhero Elements and BoBoiBoy reciprocated thanks.

Terra and BoBoiBoy together recyclee paper and plastic at Rintis Island Park by putting it in the proper bin while Coral and Oake are proud to see BoBoiBoy's diligent recycling attitude. Later, BoBoiBoy noticed noise in the bush. Apparently, Adu Du reappeared with a weapon with him and used the pistol to shrink BoBoiBoy. All three Superhero Elements are shocked, and when Adu Du wants to step on a small BoBoiBoy like an ant, Terra immediately produces a few blocks with a pointed tip twisting towards Adu Du and makes Adu Du release his pistol and throw it. Terra asks BoBoiBoy how they can help him, then BoBoiBoy answers using Adu Du's pistol to raise him again. Then Oake played his Ukulelen to control the plant and took Adu Du's pistol, but Adu Du managed to get up and head towards the pistol. Coral immediately threw a water ball towards Adu Du, unfortunately the water hit the Adu Du pistol and smalled the three Superhero Elements.

After Adu Du opened his eyes, he found that he had also become small. Then Adu Du got up and a giant ant appeared behind him. Adu Du felt scared and ran away while the ant chased Adu Du until Adu Du fell and thought that he would be eaten by the ant. However, apparently the ant just rubbed its antenna to the Adu Du antenna. Adu Du felt strange, not knowing what was wrong with the ant. But as soon as he saw the ant, Adu Du got an idea to install a control device on the ant. Meanwhile, BoBoiBoy tells the three Superhero Elements to find and get the Adu Du shrinking pistol to get bigger again. However, Coral wonders where the shrinking pistol is located because the grass is too long and becomes a barrier for them to find the pistol. Oake then played his Ukulele to push the long grass and made BoBoiBoy and Terra feel amazed. As soon as they saw Adu Du's small pistol, they quickly ran to get it, but Adu Du appeared riding an ant he controlled. The ants immediately attacked, but fortunately they managed to dodge. BoBoiBoy wanted to attack the ant again, but was stopped by Coral who said the ant was innocent. The ants were controlled and given another order by Adu Du to crush them.

When he saw that the ant wanted to throw a stone towards Coral, BoBoiBoy immediately turned into BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm and broke the ant attack. Adu Du growled and the ant started heading towards BoBoiBoy. BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm had time to tell the three Superhero Elements to get the shrinking pistol while he turned his attention to Adu Du and the ant. Superhero Elements agreed and headed for the gun. When the ant jumped towards BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm, he immediately threw a Thunderstorm Blade and dropped the ant and then attacked again with Lightning Blade. The ant managed to dodge and then resisted the BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm's attack. Meanwhile, the three Superhero Elements work together to change the position of the Shrinking Pistol. The BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm attack was successfully repulsed by the ants when both Thunderstorm Blades broke and BoBoiBoy also fell. Adu Du said "You're done, BoBoiBoy" and was answered by BoBoiBoy who said Adu Du was late. When Adu Du saw his shrunk pistol starts to emit light, Adu Du immediately fired the Superhero Element. Coral produces Water Shield for shelter. The splash of water hit the pistol again and exploded and re-enlarged BoBoiBoy, Superhero Elements and Adu Du and the ants earlier.

Terra, Coral and Oake and BoBoiBoy meet at Tok Aba and BoBoiBoy's Kokotiam shops before parting; Coral thanked BoBoiBoy and advised him to take good care of himself. Then BoBoiBoy asked where the three Superhero Elements would go after this and was answered by Oake who said he wanted to go for a walk in the city while looking for food. Terra invites BoBoiBoy to leave once but BoBoiBoy has to refuse as he has to go home to pack his bags as he will be camping with Ochobot the next day. Finally, Terra, Coral and Oake say goodbye to BoBoiBoy.




Coral shows a caring attitude and always thinks about the environment, in accordance with the power of the water it holds.


Much like Boboiboy Water, Coral has Hydrokinesis, the power to manipulate water. However, she can manipulate water with a use of a stick.

  • Water Sphere: With baton powers, Coral can produce water as a giant spherical ball. Mega used to attack Probe in OldTown White Coffee's Superhero Episode 3 elements.
  • Water Shield: Used to protect herself, Terra, and Oake of Adu Du pistol shot.

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