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Comic Cattus - Lasksamana Tarung

Cattus Comic: Admiral Tarung is a special comic created by Monsta. This comic event happened about a time before Retak'ka attacked TAPOPS Station in BoBoiBoy Movie 2.


After waking up, Cattus and BellBot found that Admiral Tarung wanted to send dirty clothes to the laundry. Suddenly he got an emergency message and left them. Cattus accidentally activated the space pod causing them to reach Planet Laundry. They are almost attacked by a giant monkey but Akin, one of the inhabitants of the planet, saves them. They introduced themselves to each other and Akin narrated the incident that happened in their village which was attacked by ferocious monkeys. Suddenly they were attacked but Cattus, with the enlargement power defended the villagers and defeated the group of monkeys with the cheers of the villagers.

Suddenly the head of the monkey, King Mongking appeared and attacked Cattus. Cattus could not fight because of its larger size. Finally, Cattus uses Tarung's Battle Suit from a bag that doubles in size and fights with the monkey king. With one scratch Cattus managed to defeat him and managed to save the village. The next day, the villagers thanked Cattus and BellBot and repaired their space pod as a token of appreciation. When Cattus and BellBot left, the monkeys thought that what is the name of the cat. Then akin showed them Admiral Tarung's Battle Suit bag in which it was written "Admiral Taring" (the "U" was torned during the fight and it was looking as Admiral Taring) so they said goodbye to BellBot and "Admiral Taring". After saying goodbye, Cattus and BellBot left for TAPOPS Space Station. However, when they got back there they saw that the TAPOPS Station had been destroyed.



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