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Captain Vargoba is an antagonist in BoBoiBoy Galaxy. He makes his debut in "Infiltration Mission".


Infiltration Mission

Captain Vargoba is first seen arriving at the pirate colony. BoBoiBoy's gang is intimidated by the captain's imposing figure at the bow of his spaceship.

After the TAPOPS members retrieve StealthBot, Vargoba yells his order to find the intruders so loudly that the ship shakes.

Vargoba is not deceived by their disguises when they try to take away StealthBot, which was kept on his pirate colony's mother ship. He then tries to prevent BoBoiBoy and his friends from taking StealthBot away but eventually fails.

Pirate Armada Invasion

As Vargoba finds out about Ochobot's teleportation power, he later tries to take Ochobot alongside StealthBot, as he plans to use its teleportation power to increase the threat of the space pirate colony.

Due to the tracking device that was put on StealthBot, he manages to locate its exact location, which is in the TAPOPS station. He sends out a communication jammer before attacking the station so that BoBoiBoy and the rest of the group cannot send SOS signals to anybody. Then, he begins destroying the TAPOPS station and makes an entrance for him and his Space Pirates to enter the station.

There, they search the inside of the spaceship which BoBoiBoy and his friends used to take away StealthBot. He then tries to open one of the doors where BoBoiBoy and the rest of the group are in but due to the hard metal, he was unable to open it unless he enters a password. He then hurts Papa Zola and Gopal, who is caught in both of his hands, to force Boboiboy open the door from the inside.

BoBoiBoy opens the door, Vargoba got mad at him for taking StealthBot away but even so, BoBoiBoy refuses to give StealthBot back to Vargoba. He innitiated a fight with BoBoiBoy and the rest of his group and manages to defeat most of them except Fang who was hiding inside of his own shadows while trying to recharge his and Ochobot's power. It was revealed that the idea was actually made before they open the door. Which is to have Ochobot ready to teleport, and for Fang to unlock his second stage power to attack Vargoba. The idea worked.

At first he manage to deal some damage against Vargoba by scratching his face. However, Vargoba later throws Fang to the wall and reveals that he has four hands which he covered with his cloak.

During that situation, BoBoiBoy tolds Ochobot to use the teleportation power, at least so they can get away from the communication jammer and ask for help. Ochobot agrees and use the teleportation power, taking them near the Sunnova Station. Back into the fight, BoBoiBoy gains his Light power and fights Vargoba.

Light of Hope

Following the battle from the previous episode, BoBoiBoy, who just gained his Light power, began to fight Captain Vargoba. The latter starts throwing a bunch of metal objects using all of his four arms. BoBoiBoy then uses his Light Shot attacks to destroy those metal objects. Vargoba later tries throwing one big metal object to BoBoiBoy, countered by BoBoiBoy's Light explosion that causes temporal blindness on Vargoba. At that moment, he was attacked by Fang and was sent flying into the roof of the TAPOPS station. BoBoiBoy later got mad at him and ask where he's gonna go. Vargoba starts to pull even more metal object onto BoBoiBoy but he easily dodged it by going up. He later uses Solar shot to finish Vargoba, as he is later send towards another room due to the power from the shot.

Captain Vargoba, who was defeated, was later told to be finished by Nut and Ochobot. But BoBoiBoy refuses to do so because he wants Vargoba to regret going to the TAPOPS station. He finds out about the power spheres in his back and asks what kind of misused power spheres. Vargoba refuses to tell and BoBoiBoy uses his light power to slowly removes the power sphere. While Ochobot is scanning on the power spheres, he later told BoBoiBoy to finish him quick because if he don't, he will later attract most metal object to create an armor made of metal on his body. BoBoiBoy then tries to do so, but he was too late.

Vargoba later gains his energy to fight back and in the process, a bunch of metal objects are all pulled towars him as Vargoba slowly starts to make his metal armor. Fang later tries to attack him but using his hand, who was just filled with the metals, punches Fang as he later fell down, in a weak state. He later pulls his weapon out of it's cage too as Vargoba is then equiped with all of his weapons plus his armor. BoBoiBoy uses his Light shot to try and damage Vargoba, but the attack did nothing to him as the shots are bounces back using his shield. Vargoba later uses his giant hammer to attack but BoBoiBoy dodged it but was hit a bit in the process. The power was so powerful that it can be feeled from outside.

Vargoba then tries to hit BoBoiBoy again by swinging his hammer but Tarung later came into the station and manage to hit BoBoiBoy away. He later tries to prove Vargoba that his costume would do nothing against him due to the fact that it's not made of metal. Though unfortunately he forgots about the zipper on the costume, which let Vargoba to causes the costume to be all pulled out, Tarung was later hit by the hammer and was unconcious.

In an emergency situation, Koko Ci later calls Captain Kaizo to come into the TAPOPS Station quickly, while being called, Captain Kaizo saw unconcious Tarung laying on the ground, Captain Vargoba later calls his Space Pirates to come to the station too so that they can steal all of the Power Spheres there. However, BoBoiBoy, not giving up, starts trying to fight Vargoba once more as his friends joined him to fight aswell, Vargoba later tells BoBoiBoy and all of his friends that the tough remains tough while the weak remains weak, the fight then starts once again as BoBoiBoy charges in quickly, trying to beat Captain Vargoba, his friends then came in too to accompany BoBoiBoy so that he doesn't get hit from the metal objects Vargoba can use using his Power Sphere, and since that's the case, Vargoba tries to throw most of the metal objects at BoBoiBoy but the object was later changed into food using Gopal's Food Sniper. Later, Shielda uses her shield to protect her from the metal objects, BoBoiBoy later do a triple split that consist of his Light, Lightning, and Fire power. BoBoiBoy Lightning later came into Vargoba as he uses both his swords to tank Vargoba's weapon, later, Yaya and BoBoiBoy Fire came in using their respective punches as Vargoba is the knocked into the wall of the TAPOPS Station, BoBoiBoy Light then came in and uses his maximum Light Shot but Vargoba uses his magnetic power to pull his shield back as it then bounces BoBoiBoy Light's attack back again.

Captain Vargoba then became mad at them and uses his full power on BoBoiBoy and all of his friends, he causes a tornado of magnets which then causes most of the metal objects to get thrown all over the place, one of the objects almost hit Gopal but right on time, Gopal changes the object into a rice which then prevents him from getting hurt. BoBoiBoy then gets hit by Vargoba's hammer as he's then knocked into the ground in a weak state, Captain Vargoba, who is not finished yet, later shows BoBoiBoy what he calls "True pain" as he then swings his hammer hard which causes BoBoiBoy to get hit from room to room of the TAPOPS Station, as he later gets knocked until being send to space too, Vargoba then says that that's what BoBoiBoy gets for messing with him, BoBoiBoy, in a rather weak state outside of the station, later starts freezing, however, the sun then shines towards him as he then unlocks his 2nd stage form of BoBoiBoy Light, BoBoiBoy Solar.

BoBoiBoy then starts saying that he won't make the same mistake twice as he then uses his Solar attacks called Solar Eclipse Attack. Captain Vargoba then says "Come on then!" confidently as he then witness the attacks coming straight at him. However, when the attacks are about to hit him, he loses a bit of his confidence and uses his shield so that he can bounce the attacks back, but due to him not knowing that Solar attacks are in fact, powerful, the beam which he is bouncing back from hitting him, goes through the wall of the TAPOPS Station and instead, hits every single ships of his Space Pirates. Captain Vargoba feels hot after trying to bounce Solar's shots, BoBoiBoy later leaps back into the TAPOPS Station using Solar Leap as Vargoba notice him and was shocked. BoBoiBoy uses his Multifold Solar Eclipse Attack, as it then causes Vargoba to get knocked hard into the TAPOPS Station wall, he later feels pain from the attacks as his armor, plus his weapons, are destroyed by the attack. However, BoBoiBoy was knocked out again by the recoil of his own attack, later, Ochobot tolds BoBoiBoy to stop as it's already enough. BoBoiBoy later stops his attack as he later faints. Vargoba was lastly seen as if he's dead from being hit hard by the attack.


Captain Vargoba usually wears a full pirate costume that shows himself to be a great captain. His face was almost the same as a normal human face but with a reddish and pointed nose, and had a thick black mustache and beard as well as fangs. Vargoba's body is full of muscles and reddish, just like Bora Ra. Behind his pirate coat, Captain Vargoba placed the Power Sphera MagnetBot on his back body and had four hands. With his pirate coat, Captain Vargoba hid the MagnetBot and his surplus hands so that they could not be seen by others. He seems to only open his coat when he wants to use his full power in battle.


As the big captain in the Space Pirates group , he has the characteristics of being a ruthless pirate leader. But he is not only cruel, but also greedy because he has planned to attack the Sunnova Station in order to gain power and wealth in any way for his own benefit so that he is willing to sacrifice his entire fleet to get his objectives.


  • Power Sphere MagnetBot : Power Sphere MagnetBot allows its users to manipulate magnetic power and manipulate iron as weapons.
  • Magnetic Power (Kuasa Magnet): Captain Vargoba has a MagnetBot that allows him to control the magnetic force in the metal area.
  • Steel Spiral (Pusingan Besi): Incarnating a giant piece of iron as a weapon then Captain Vargoba turns his magnetic force causing the iron piece to rotate which acts as a defensive technique from the enemy attacking him.
  • Magnetic Pull (Tarikan Magnet): Uses his magnetic force to attract objects and metallic targets.
  • Magnetic Push (Tolakan Magnet): Contra-power to Magnetic Pull Power. Pushes objects and metal targets towards his opponent.
    • Full Force (Tolakan Penuh): Level power for Magnetic Push to repel objects or enemies that are metal.
  • Steel Smash (Hempasan Besi): The giant iron pieces used by Captain Vargoba allowed him to smash his enemies with the pieces.
  • Steel Magnetic Pull/Magnetic Pull (Tarikan Besi Magnet/Tarikan Magnet Besi/Tarikan Besi): Captain Vargoba using iron pieces or iron objects around him allows him to manipulate it as a weapon against their enemies.
  • Invincible Armour (Perisai Kebal): Captain Vargoba gathers the power of a MagnetBot to enable him to create iron shields assembled from pieces and pieces of iron around him. Using this shield, Captain Vargoba was equipped with three types of weapons namely Steel Anchor, Steel Sword and Steel Shield which came from his spaceship and were used by him in the battlefield. It gives him the advantage to attack and defend himself more effectively.
    • Steel Punch (Tumbukan Besi):Punch adapted from his shield, Captain Vargoba was able to punch his enemy with his shield and was able to make his enemy faint.
    • Steel Shield (Perisai Besi): The shield used by Captain Vargoba in the battlefield to repel enemy attacks by rebounding it due to its smooth surface factor.
    • Steel Sword (Pedang Besi): The sword used by Captain Vargoba in battle which is an alternative weapon for him.
    • Steel Anchor (Sauh Besi): Captain Vargoba's main weapon which is a giant Iron Anchor.
      • Steel Anchor Throw (Balingan Sauh Besi): With enough momentum, Captain Vargoba jumped and landed at a certain location while hitting his Steel Anchor in the area. This power is also known as the Hammer Hit in the BoBoiBoy Galaxy Card Versus Pack.
      • Steel Anchor Smash (Hentakan Sauh Besi): Iron anchors thrown by Captain Vargoba towards the enemy.
      • Steel Anchor Push (Tolakan Sauh Besi): Momentum is added with magnetic force, his Steel Anchor throw can be added and he throws it from a distance towards the enemy.
  • Magnetic Field Swing (Pusingan Medan Magnet): Captain Vargoba uses his magnetic force and produces a magnetic storm that causes all the metal objects there to be trapped in the storm in a continuous circular motion. He can also increase his speed to catch more targets.
  • Magnetic Field Explosion (Letupan Medan Magnet): A follow-up technique for the Magnetic Field Round power that produces a magnetic ball and then pulls all the metal objects trapped in the storm to its center before blowing up the ball.


  • He shares many similarities with Bora Ra from BoBoiBoy: The Movie.
    • Both are evil captains who were obsessed to capture Ochobot to use his teleportation powers for their own good.
    • Before noticing Ochobot as one of Power Sphere, both have already captured another Power Sphere. (Klamkabot and StealthBot respectively)
    • Both are physically strong and have reddish-skin.
    • Both are presumably killed by BoBoiBoy. Coincidentally, BoBoiBoy Solar takes part in killing them both.
    • Both have the ability to pull object towards them, with Bora Ra being black hole while Captain Vargoba using magnetic power.
    • Both are seen as ruthless. Adu Du saw Bora Ra as ruthless, while Vargoba expresses himself to be ruthless.
  • He also shares many similarities with Ejo Jo from BoBoiBoy.
    • Both were obsessed to capture Ochobot.
    • Both have the ability to pull object towards them, with Ejo Jo being gravity (stolen from Yaya) while Captain Vargoba using magnetic power.
    • Both have magnetic powers, with Ejo Jo being shadow magnetic powers (stolen from Fang) and Vargoba being pure magnetic powers.
    • Both are seen as ruthless. Fang saw Ejo Jo as ruthless, while Vargoba expresses himself to be ruthless.
  • He is the first character that has four arms.


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