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Bora Ra is an alien from Planet Ata Ta Tiga. He is the leader of The Tengkotak gang and he makes his debut in BoBoiBoy: The Movie as the main antagonist of the movie.


"Light's Explosion" extra episode[]

Sometime before the events of BoBoiBoy, Bora Ra went to Planet GogoBugi to get the Power Sphera EnerBot. He tries to force the planet's governor (who is also Fang and Kaizo's father) to hand the Power Sphera over. When he refuses, Bora Ra attacks him with his Black Hole power, incapacitating him. He orders Gaga Naz to search the entire house for EnerBot.

Soon after, Bora Ra encounters the governor's wife, who entrusted EnerBot to her sons and instructed them to flee the planet on a spaceship. He intercepts the boys as they reach the tower with their escape ship and realises that Fang is in possession of EnerBot. He snatches it from them and remarks how careless their parents’ are to burden their children with the responsibility of guarding a Power Sphera.

Kaizo attempts to recover EnerBot, but Bora Ra swats him away and prepares to punish his stubbornness with the same Black Hole attack he used on his parents. However, he's briefly distracted when Fang bites his leg. He kicks him off, but Kaizo, in his rage, activates EnerBot, which Bora Ra dropped when Fang bit him. Furious at someone else obtaining the power, Bora Ra attacks Kaizo with a Black Hole shot, which the boy manages to fend off with his new energy manipulation abilities. As they fight, Bora Ra creates a small black hole and dangles Fang in front of it, threatening to drop him if Kaizo doesn't stop. However, as Fang struggles in his grip, he releases him anyway.

Though Fang manages to grab a pole before he is lost, Kaizo is no less furious and loses control of his power. Lasers fire from him in all directions with the intent of striking Bora Ra, but one stray shot hits Fang’s hand, and he releases the pole. Fang’s cry for his older brother is enough to bring Kaizo to his senses and jump in to save him.

Kaizo immediately rescues him, and before Bora Ra can attack them, Admiral Maskmana appears and rescues them. Maskmana activates the Silver Mask to fight Bora Ra and uses the Silver Blade to split one of Bora Ra's antennae. Finally, Maskmana and Kaizo while carrying Fang left Bora Ra.

BoBoiBoy: The Movie[]

Bora Ra with his team members were hunting Klamkabot on Floating Island. Seeing Klamkabot fled, Bora Ra ordered Yoyo Oo to launch Robot T. A group of yellow robots were seen coming out from the spaceship and they caught Klamkabot from every angle and buried their feet in the ground to stop Klamkabot's movement. Bora Ra was satisfied with that and ordered his team to lift Klamkabot into the ship. Klamkabot anxiously immediately scanned the existence of another nearby Power Sphere and discovered Ochobot who was on Earth. Then Klamkabot uses the rest of his Teleportation Power and fled himself (with the island) to Earth, making Bora Ra howl with all his heart in space.

Later, Bora Ra finds out from Yoyo Oo that he managed to locate Klamkabot's last location on Planet Earth but his location is unknown. Dissatisfied with the report, Bora Ra threatened to search for Klamkabot's place or be kicked out of his spaceship, causing Yoyo Oo to immediately search for Klamkabot's place. After performing what it takes to track down, Yoyo Oo finally finds Ochobot's signal and 'informs' it to Bora Ra. So Bora Ra instructs Kiki Ta to speed up the spaceship so that they can arrive on Earth before Klamkabot manages to gather his Teleportation Power again.

At Tok Aba's Kokotiam, when Gopal invited his friends home, the Tengkotak spaceship arrived and landed at Rintis Island. His arrival was welcomed by Adu Du and Probe, then introduced them to BoBoiBoy for not knowing them. Bora Ra expressed his desire to take the Power Sphere, and angered when he found it was not Klamkabot. Yoyo Oo tells the truth, then finally suggests to catch Ochobot and use him to find Klamkabot as he has been contacted by him before.

Bora Ra then asks permission from BoBoiBoy to 'borrow' Ochobot, and without wasting time seize Ochobot and hand it over to Yoyo Oo. Yoyo Oo handcuffed Ochobot inside the Power Sphere Grinder and allowed their spacecraft to receive Klamkabot location signals. Seeing Ochobot captured, BoBoiBoy immediately transforms into BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm and rushes towards Bora Ra, but is stopped by Gaga Naz. BoBoiBoy immediately split into three and opposed Gaga Naz, but eventually lost and they reunited. Gaga Naz then fights with Yaya, Ying and Gopal before asking permission from Bora Ra to transform when his defense is insufficient.

However, Bora Ra rejects his desire and produces a Black Hole that begins to suck up everything in Rintis Island Park including Yaya, Ying and Gopal and messes up everything. Bora Ra then stopped the black hole. With Ochobot already in his hands, Bora Ra along with Gaga Naz and Yoyo Oo return to the spaceship.

Afterwards, Tengkotak, Adu Du and Probe head to Floating Island, using Ochobot to track the location of Klamkabot. Adu Du and Probe had time to remind Bora Ra that BoBoiBoy would definitely go save him because he and Ochobot were friends like them. It made them laugh at them causing Adu Du to get angry and then say they were cruel. After realizing that BoBoiBoy was heading to Ochobot, Bora Ra and Yoyo Oo handed Kurita to Adu Du and Probe, then threw them into the sea. After being exposed to water, Kurita grows into a giant robot squid that goes to attack them, along with BoBoiBoy and his friends.

When Tengkotak landed on the Floating Island, Yoyo Oo took control of Ochobot to find Klamkabot in the caves. The search lasted for hours and when Yoyo Oo felt drowsy, Klamkabot attacked Ochobot, tapped his control and startled him. Under the direction of Bora Ra, Yoyo Oo sends the coordinates of Klamkabot's last location to him and J-Rex to hunt down BoBoiBoy and his friends, who arrive on Floating Island.

When BoBoiBoy and his friend discover Klamkabot and Ochobot, Klamkabot reveals that he has escaped from Tengkotak, who is hunting him for his teleportation power. They want it to spread their power faster across the galaxy, allowing them to conquer more planets than ever before. They are interrupted by Bora Ra and Gaga Naz, who later chases them in the Power Sphere Factory. Bora Ra manages to capture Klamkabot, while BoBoiBoy and his friends, including Ochobot, escape.

As soon as they brought Klamkabot back to their spaceship, they forced its teleportation power by force, only to find it empty. They realized that Klamkabot had given his teleportation power to Ochobot. Yoyo Oo manages to track Ochobot's position and finds out that he never escaped from Earth. Bora Ra threatens BoBoiBoy to hand over Ochobot or his friends Papa Zola, Adu Du, Probe and Klamkabot will suffer.

BoBoiBoy and his friends go to the Tengkotak Team, and agree to hand over Ochobot. However, it later revealed that they planned to teleport themselves and their friends from the Tengkotak. Before Ochobot was able to continue the teleportation, Kiki Ta fired shots and ruined their plan, revealing that they already knew their plan.

Bora Ra forcibly sucks Ochobot's Teleportation Power and fights against BoBoiBoy, who is later joined by Fang. Gaga Naz attacks Yaya, Ying and Gopal, while Yoyo Oo and Kiki Ta try to capture Papa Zola, Adu Du and Probe, who have boarded the spaceship. When Bora Ra destroys Ochobot with Black Hole Compression, Ochobot gives his last energy to BoBoiBoy and his friends who upgrade their power. The improvement gave them a second level and they managed to beat their opponents.

Despite being almost defeated, Bora Ra bounced back. He let go of the Gargantua Black Hole that threatened to suck up the entire Floating Island while he took the opportunity to return to the spaceship. After getting the coordinates, the Tengkotak spaceship disappeared for a while before it teleported to the island again. Apparently, Adu Du had given false coordinates to Bora Ra causing him to get angry and start violent. So BoBoiBoy split into seven, one by one attacking Bora Ra and he was finally sucked into the Black Hole of his own creation.


Unlike the other Kubulus aliens, Bora Ra’s skin is red and only one antenna instead of two. He is the tallest Kubulus alien to be seen thus far, surpassing Ejo Jo.

He wears a black, formfitting one-piece suit, and armours his arms, legs and chest with dark purple guards.

When in combat mode, Bora Ra could deport his black-and-black shirts and equipped with Black Hole Hammer.


Despite his unusual appearance, Bora Ra is capable of being very friendly and even shows the collection of Power Spheres he finds to his guests. However, this masks Bora Ra's true nature: a sadistic, cruel, psychotic, and remorseless individual, to the point of turning against his own allies if it suits his needs as he did to Adu Du's group, and killing those who stand on his way. He is also greedy and selfish and does not hesitate to use force if he can not do what he wants.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Black Hole Power: Bora Ra produces a small black hole, then throws it onto the ground which then grows as a suction force mixed with a magnetic force that can inhale anything into its center. His power also punches the opponent as hard as he can, producing small black balls that explode, throwing power like a disc towards his opponent and shredding objects within the range of his attack then explodes and incarnates a spherical cage to lock his opponent. He also uses his power in various ways.
    • Gargantuan Black Hole: He produces a black hole in the sky and sends energy to it to enlarge it and eventually it becomes a giant that can suck one island at a time. The word "Gargantuan" means "very big", according to the shape of the Black Hole.
  • Black Hole Hammer: Black Hole Hammer is a weapon invented by Yoyo Oo that can strengthen the power of Bora Ra's black hole. This hammer is a very large and heavy weapon, allowing it to crush the opponent hard.
    • Black Hole Punch: Bora Ra can use his hammer to hit his opponent hard. It was first applied to Kaizo when he was young but failed due to the Energy Wall.
    • Black Hole Compression: After producing a black hole from his hammer, Bora Ra throws it towards the opponent who can compress or destroy his opponent's body.
  • Teleportation Power: This power was seized from Ochobot using the Black Hole Power and was originally owned by Klamkabot. Bora Ra teleported himself from one place to another in a short time to attack his opponent or to avoid attacking his opponent and did not need any coordinates. However, the correct coordinates are required if you want to teleport to a further destination. This power was used by Bora Ra along with his armor and hammer. After Bora Ra was defeated, this power was returned to Ochobot.


  • Unlike most Ata Ta Tiga aliens, his skin is red instead of green.
  • It was hinted in the official BoBoiBoy Magazine[1] that Captain Kaizo was responsible for cutting off one of Bora Ra’s antenna in a fight prior to the movie. However, it was revealed in the comic extra of Issue #7 of the BoBoiBoy Galaxy comic series that it was Admiral Maskmana who severed his antenna.
  • Bora Ra bears some similarities to another one of BoBoiBoy's enemies, Ejo Jo:
    • Both had managed to capture Ochobot from the manager at Tok Aba and BoBoiBoy's Cocoa Shop.
    • Both had released a massive scaled power as their last attack. Bora Ra unleashed his Gargantuan Black Hole in the movie while Ejo Jo unleashed a giant Shadow Dragon in Season 3, Episode 2.
    • Both had acquired powers through means of force. Bora Ra succeeded in extracting the Teleportation powers while Ejo Jo managed to steal Yaya, Gopal, Ying and Fang's powers.
    • During both Bora Ra and Ejo Jo's reign of terror on the protagonists, there seemed to be a comical shtick going on about how small characters have deep voices: Cici Ko (later to be truly known as Commander Koko Ci) and Iwan.
    • The way Bora Ra had demanded Yoyo Oo for the teleportation coordinates so they could escape from danger is reminiscent to how Ejo Jo had contacted Computer to get him out of trouble and to get away.
    • Both had managed to capture BoBoiBoy's friends as their hostages. Bora Ra kidnap Adu Du, Probe, and Papa Zola because they got busted by Gaga Naz while Ejo Jo kidnap Yaya, Ying, Gopal, BoBoiBoy's classmates, and even Papa Zola because they got captured by PETAI.
    • Both Bora Ra and Ejo Jo had been fooled by Adu Du. Adu Du had tricked Bora Ra by means of giving him false coordinates while earlier, he had fooled Ejo Jo into getting him to come and face BoBoiBoy and Fang so the two could defeat him as planned.
    • While Bora Ra had caused Ochobot's untimely demise, Ejo Jo had contributed greatly to Probe's destruction. However, both robots end up being revived once more.
    • Other than the fact that Ejo Jo and Bora Ra had managed to keep Papa Zola hostage, they had also commented on how the human race is 'unable to advance' or is 'doomed' to have someone like Papa Zola. Bora Ra had made such a comment when Papa Zola was taking a selfie in the movie. Ejo Jo stated such in Season 2, Episode 13 when Papa Zola was busy giving his students cards to promote his 'speech giving services'.
    • Both are seen as ruthless, as expressed by Adu Du and Fang.
  • Bora Ra is arguably the most cataclysmic villain in the series, because aside from being willing to destroy BoBoiBoy and his friends, he is responsible for conquering planets and having a reputation so notorious that Ejo Jo’s reputation pales in comparison.
    • This place however, has been taken by Retak'ka in BoBoiBoy: The Movie 2, because of his ultimate desire for power and willing to destroy every planets in the universe.
  • As mentioned in the fan mails, Bora Ra captures Power Spheres for his own trophy collection and gives them to The Emperor so he can conquer many planets across the galaxy.
  • Bora Ra is the first character and enemy that was killed by BoBoiBoy. The second is Captain Vargoba and the third is Retak'ka.
    • Across the original series and Galaxy, BoBoiBot is the first character that was killed/destroyed by BoBoiBoy, but since BoBoiBot is a robot, it doesn't count.
  • He shares many similarities with Captain Vargoba from BoBoiBoy Galaxy.
    • Both are evil captains who were obsessed to capture Ochobot to use his teleportation powers for their own interests.
    • Before noticing Ochobot as one of Power Sphere, both have already captured another Power Sphere. (Klamkabot and StealthBot respectively)
    • Both are physically strong and have reddish-skin.
    • Both are presumably killed by BoBoiBoy. Coincidentally, BoBoiBoy Solar takes part in killing them both.
    • Both have the ability to pull object towards them, with Bora Ra being black hole while Captain Vargoba using magnetic power.
    • Both are seen as ruthless. Adu Du saw Bora Ra as ruthless, while Vargoba expresses himself to be ruthless.


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