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BoBoiBoy Movie 2 is the second movie of the franchise and the sequel of BoBoiBoy: The Movie and the first season of BoBoiBoy Galaxy. It was released on August 8, 2019, in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Brunei, and on August 30, 2019, in Vietnam. It was released next year in Korea.


BoBoiBoy is being hunted down by an ancient villain named Retak'ka who claims to be the original user of BoBoiBoy's elemental powers.


BoBoiBoy and his friends have been attacked by a villain named Retak'ka who is the original user of BoBoiBoy's elemental powers. He seeks to take back his elemental powers from BoBoiBoy to become the most powerful person and dominate the galaxy. Together with his friends, BoBoiBoy must find a way to defeat Retak'ka before his powers fall into the wrong hands.


On Planet Saharu, BoBoiBoy and Gopal are on a mission near a rocky area. Gopal tells BoBoiBoy to take the egg immediately because he is hungry. The Giant mother penguin was sound asleep, so BoBoiBoy carefully lifted her tail and replaced the Power Sphere EggaBot with an ordinary egg. They climbed back up to leave, Gopal quickly climbed while holding the egg belonging to the Giant mother Penguin for him to make breakfast. BoBoiBoy was shocked and urged him to put the egg back, which eventually fell and cracked open, hatching the Baby Penguin. The sound of his crying made his mother wake up and see the two. BoBoiBoy and Gopal start running with Mother Penguin chasing them. Then BoBoiBoy transforms into BoBoiBoy Ice, who makes an Ice Slide to help them escape.

After hiding in the mountain's cave, they realize that the Penguin's Baby had followed them. The baby attacks Gopal, causing him to run out of the cave to which BoBoiBoy tells him not to do so. Gopal then gets caught by the Mother Penguin. He calls BoBoiBoy for help, but BoBoiBoy notices that Adu Du and Probe are trying to steal EggaBot. BoBoiBoy then contacts his friends to help Gopal and he transforms into Thunderstorm to chase Adu Du and Probe.

Screenshot 20200806 122353

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm about to attack Adu Du and Probe

Adu Du and Probe were spotted by Papa Zola and Ochobot in the MYS Kebenaran before they were defeated by Fang's Shadow Animals and BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm, while Yaya saved Gopal from the Giant Penguin. Adu Du and Probe accidentally land on the Baby Penguin, which angered the Mother Penguin again. When BoBoiBoy sees them getting beaten up by the Mother Penguin, he let Gopal and Fang to go in the ship and splits into three to save Adu Du and Probe. Fang tries to stop him but he doesn't respond.

Screenshot 20200726 203530

BoBoiBoy splits to save Adu Du

Meanwhile, a group of illegal Crystal Miners were digging crystal on an asteroid where they found a person frozen in crystal. The scene then moves 100 years prior when Retak'ka Voltra and Hang Kasa are battling in space. Both use powerful attacks to knock out each other. However, Hang Kasa attacks Retak'ka with his Crystal Spear and corners him at a rock, and begins sealing him in crystal and takes out Ochobot. Ochobot drains the Elemental Powers from Retak'ka and a big explosion happen in the space. Retak'ka gets sealed in a Crystal Prison while Hang Kasa floats in space unconscious with Ochobot.

Inside the MYS Kebenaran, BoBoiBoy and his friends safely managed to rescue the Power Sphere. While reporting to Koko Ci about their mission's success, Fang remarks that BoBoiBoy has saved Adu Du and Probe and has put their mission in danger, to which the Commander replied that he shouldn't have to do that. It's revealed that Tarung is also hearing the conversation. He scolds BoBoiBoy for his doings until BoBoiBoy mentions that EggaBot is safe. Admiral Tarung then praises the team for being the highest achieving team in TAPOPS, and also for rescuing all Power Spheres in every mission assigned.

On the Crystal Miners' spaceship, the frozen person managed to free himself and introduced himself as Retak'ka. He finds out that he has a remnant of his Gamma powers. The Miners were surprised to see that he was a master of the Elements, although they acknowledge BoBoiBoy as one. As a result, Retak'ka interrogates the leader of Crystal Miners for information about BoBoiBoy and TAPOPS. He said that if they will help him he will not harm them and they will find more crystals.

Meanwhile, Probe was treating Adu Du's injuries, before Adu Du tells him to go find BoBoiBoy.

Screenshot 20200730 205537

BoBoiBoy meeting Tok Aba

On Earth, the BoBoiBoy's gang land in front of Tok Aba and BoBoiBoy's Kokotiam, where they meet their family members. It is revealed that Papa Zola had a daughter, Pipi Zola. Fang, worried about the safety of the newly acquired Power Sphere, EggaBot, was comforted by BoBoiBoy and Ochobot that it will be safe in the ship cause the ship was equipped with all sorts of high-tech technology. At Tok Aba's home, BoBoiBoy and Fang were having a dinner, while Pipi Zola was playing with her father, Papa Zola. Papa Zola was showing Pipi Zola the pictures of their missions. Pipi Zola ask him that she want to see a Power Sphere. Papa Zola show him the picture of EggaBot making Pipi angry. Finally, Papa Zola agreed that they will go in MYS Kebenaran to see EggaBot.

Screenshot 20200820 145900

I am Pipi Zola!

Next day, at the MYS Kebenaran Adu Du and Probe sneaked in the ship because of his new armor and almost laid his hands on EggaBot, but he was stopped by Papa Zola and Pipi Zola who were there too.

Screenshot 20200728 151938

Pipi wearing EggaBot

Pipi take EggaBot and tell her father to run. A chase ensues and Papa Zola tell Pipi to activate EggaBot and by using Hardshell Tortoise Roll, she defeated Adu Du and Probe. BoBoiBoy and his Gang find out that Adu Du tried to steal EggaBot, Papa Zola tell Yaya and Ying to bring Adu Du and Probe to prison. Meanwhile, Fang tells BoBoiBoy that he shouldn't have trusted him last night. Suddenly, Ochobot cones and tells them that they have an emergency message from the Commander in which he remarked that the TAPOPS Station is under attack and BoBoiBoy's Gang had to go urgently on Planet Quabaq.

Screenshot 20200813 181528

Fang tells that they have to go on Planet Quabaq but BoBoiBoy said they have to go TAPOPS and help them first to which Fang argues that BoBoiBoy should follow the orders given to him. But BoBoiBoy still insists to go to TAPOPs and help them. BoBoiBoy's gang urgently goes to the TAPOPS Station using Ochobot's teleportation power.

When on the Station, they were astonished to see the whole Station was destroyed badly and Tarung was lying unconscious and Koko Ci was injured badly. BoBoiBoy heads to help him and faces Retak'ka. He asked that who is he to which Retak'ka responds that he is the master of the seven elemental powers, making BoBoiBoy astonished.

Screenshot 20200728 111400

Return me my powers

After a little talk between the two, BoBoiBoy Blaze starts attacking Retak'ka but he was defeated in no time. Fang, Ying and Yaya tried to help him but they were also defeated by Retak'ka's single move.

Str2 mtboy mt

BoBoiBoy using penta split

Then Retak'ka noticed that BoBoiBoy is missing. However, BoBoiBoy uses his Penta Split and starts attacking Retak'ka. BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm, Cyclone and Thorn put a joint attack on Retak'ka, but Retak'ka was not amazed by this as he was not satsified with BoBoiBoy splitting his elements, to which BoBoiBoy pays no attention. The fight ends when BoBoiBoy Solar uses Solar Eclipse Attack, but much to his shock Retak'ka absorbs this attack and picked up Solar. Then he remarked that splitting just makes the elemental powers weak, before absorbing BoBoiBoy Solar ending his existence. Retak'ka then transforms into Gamma and defeated Thorn, Cyclone and Thunderstorm in no time and absorbs them also.

Screenshot 20200805 195304

Retak'ka absorbing Thunderstorm, Cyclone and Thorn

Retak'ka was about to finish BoBoiBoy but Gopal suddenly showed up and saved BoBoiBoy. On the ship Gopal said BoBoiBoy to hurry up they have to go, but BoBoiBoy said he can't leave everyone here but Gopal insists to go.

Eh, Gopal?


Koko Ci contacts BoBoiBoy and ordered him to go and find Hang Kasa. Retak'ka traps the MYS Kebenaran as Darkwood. Ochobot quickly teleported to Planet Quabaq. Adu Du, who was also on the ship, develop a crush on Ayu Yu, who was instructed to shoot down the TAPOPS ship. Retak'ka sees BoBoiBoy escapes and assures that he can't escape from him his whole life and he will find him soon. GogoBugi tells what to do with the station to which Retak'ka said he didn't care. GogoBugi happily presses the button on the remote and the explosives that he had planted on the station before began to explode.

The MYS Kebenaran crash lands on Planet Quabaq's goop, forcing the group to evacuate. BoBoiBoy and Ochobot stay back to quickly disclose information about Hang Kasa before Gopal tells them to leave the ship while Papa Zola stockpiles on his canned food supplies before being trapped in the compartment. BoBoiBoy then transforms into Ice to freeze the goop, saving more time for them to evacuate and frees Papa Zola. BoBoiBoy suddenly remembers about Adu Du and Probe, but Ochobot scans and said that they are not in the ship.

Screenshot 20200907 151811

BoBoiBoy in an unconscious state

After evacuating the ship, the group encounter sloth-like monsters known as Kang Kongs, which are slow in the presence of light but fast in the presence of dark. Due to his Solar element being stolen by Retak'ka, BoBoiBoy resorts to Blaze. However, BoBoiBoy has not much energy left he reverted back into his original form. The group got attacked by the Kang Kongs. After the attack BoBoiBoy loose his consciousness and only to be saved by a mysterious figure.

Screenshot 20200907 152012

BoBoiBoy astonished to see Hang Kasa

BoBoiBoy then wakes up at the mysterious figure's home during breakfast, where the mysterious figure reveals himself as Hang Kasa. Upon asking he mentions that Retak'ka was a disciple of his who wrecked havoc, before offering to charge the two Power Spheras in his possession and train him and Ochobot under his tutelage. He also found Adu Du and Probe in the forest, before offering them to join BoBoiBoy in his training. Adu Du has has lost his memory after the crash and the last thing he remembered was Ayu Yu which he mistakens as his wife and captured by the Crystal Miners. Hang Kasa then explains there are three rules they have to follow if the are going to train under his, first was that they aren't allowed to enter Hang Kasa's house they will sleep in the tents outside his house, second rule was that they aren't allowed to communicate to outside world during the training, third was that they will not question about the training.

Laskar Guruhan

Guruhan's Army

Meanwhile, Retak'ka and the miners go on a conquest to upgrade his Elemental powers by absorbing energy from various planets, starting from Planet Gur'latan. Retak'ka transforms into Voltra and uses Elemental Drain, before defeating the guards. Back on Captain Kaizo's ship, Koko Ci, Yaya, Ying, Maskmana and Ramenman discuss about going to BoBoiBoy's location. It turns out that Captain Kaizo rescued Fang, Yaya and Ying from the exploding TAPOPS Station and placed a tracker on Retak'ka's ship. Fang and Kaizo got down on Gur'latan, only to be surrounded by a pool of bodies. They report to Koko Ci that all the Gur'latan guards have been defeated, angering Maskmana. Koko Ci said that Retak'ka's conquest is more dire than expected. Yaya and Ying then trace Retak'ka and his crew's current location to Planet Bayugan, at where Retak'ka plans to enhance his Wind Element, before Ying sends a warning signal to the inhabitants to inform them about the threat.

In Planet Quabaq, Hang Kasa informs the two that icy winds can occur in the blink of an eye. When Gopal and BoBoiBoy end up frozen. Hang Kasa explains that their first mission is to shoot the fruit on the Bak-Bak Tree. BoBoiBoy transforms into Ice, and Gopal uses his Food Transformation Blast, but they were astonished to see the tree running and dodging their attacks. Hang Kasa then teach BoBoiBoy Ice how to use Ice Bow.

BoBoiBoy and Gopal's second challenge is to pluck the hair of the King Kang Kong, but it was revealed that King Kang Kong in bald. Angered, the King Kang Kong goes after them with his army of Kang Kongs, the chase stop when BoBoiBoy and Gopal remember that Kang Kong are slow in the presence of light. Kang Kong's stop in the light coming from the holes but Papa and Pipi Zola blocks the light by standing on the holes. Pipi reminds her father that Kang Kongs are slow in the presence of light, so they uncovered the hole, but covered it again to see the chase. The Kang Kongs managed to catch up on BoBoiBoy and Gopal on the way out of the cave.

Meanwhile On Retak'ka's ship, the Crystal Miners informs Retak'ka that someone has send BoBoiBoy's location on Planet Rimbara which turn out to be a natural satellite of Planet Quabaq to them. Yaya, Ying, Fang, Sai and Shielda help evacuate the Rimbaran natives only to find out that Cendamad, the youngest child of a Rimbaran mother was missing. Fang, Yaya and Ying rush to save him, only to be intefered by Retak'ka. With Ying successfully saving Cendamad, Retak'ka begins to absorb the planet's energy, eventually trapping Kaizo's ship.

Retak'ka Darkwood absorbing the elemental powers

Retak'ka absorbing elemental powers

Yaya, Ying and Fang use their powers to protect the ship, while Maskmana deploys ArmoBot for the trio to attack Retak'ka.

Ying and Yaya caught by Retak'ka Darkwood

Ying and Yaya trapped by Retak'ka

With the ship free, the ship blasts off the atmosphere of Rimbara. Retak'ka taunts the trio about their newfound armor before managing to trap them, only Fang to use his Shadow Buffalo Hybrid to break them free.

Screenshot 20200908 124525

Fang wearing ArmoBot

BoBoiBoy and Gopal are later found sleeping on the cliff thinking about when they will be able to complete their training. The problem is that they won't be able to succeed in their second challenge no matter how much they try. Gopal plans to look for the other 3 members of his team, but they cry about not being able to complete their training. They then came to realize that the sooner that they can complete their training, the soon that they could return to Earth. BoBoiBoy and Gopal then continue their training and under the command of Hang Kasa, they, Adu Du and Probe eventually become trained fighters. Papa Zola and his daughter then come across Tok Kasa's house, which is a restricted area. Papa Zola stopped Pipi to enter the house but Pipi insists to enter. When two of them entered followed by Adu Du and Probe, they find out that the house was full of technology, including a dance mat, television, radio, electric guitar, massage chair and even a ButlerBot, who served them iced milk tea with cream. The scene moved when they were about to go in the basement.

Meanwhile, BoBoiBoy's and Gopal's final test of sparring against Hang Kasa, BoBoiBoy splits up and start attacking Hang Kasa. Hang Kasa tried to hide admitting that he has become fast. Gopal uses Cookie Crumble Transformation on his staff, helping BoBoiBoy to get the crystal. BoBoiBoy then manages to catch it with his Earth Golem.

However, BoBoiBoy and Gopal were said to pay training fees, at where Gopal only has one dollar. They suddenly spot a worried Papa Zola below them. Hang Kasa mentions another way to pay for their training by means of taking BoBoiBoy's Quake Element. He trapped BoBoiBoy and Gopal in Crystal, and in no time he start absorbing the Quake Element.

After Hang Kasa has taken the element BoBoiBoy asks that why he do that. At the same time Papa, Pipi, Adu Du and Probe showed up and asks Hang Kasa why he lied to them. Pipi reveals that in the basement they discovered Ochobot, who was used to power all the machines in Kasa's house. They also had found out that Hang Kasa was the original master of the 3rd level of the Earth element after Quake, Crystal. It suddenly then turns out that Hang Kasa actually fixed Ochobot's databank; revealing that Koko Ci had actually told them to go to Planet Quabaq and find Hang Kasa and fight him to find a way to defeat Retak'ka. Hang Kasa then start telling them the story of him and Retak'ka. He said that Retak'ka was thrown out by his parents on Planet Gugura, a large garbage dump; where he finds Hang Kasa. They soon become best friends. They discovered two Power Spheres CrystalBot and GammaBot.

Screenshot 20200805 220039

Young Retak'ka and Hang Kasa finded two Power Spheras

Together they become unbeatable in battles. However, Retak'ka became greedy, for him this was not enough. He killed other elemental power owners and gaining their powers. Finally, Retak'ka turned against Hang Kasa for his Crystal power. Hang Kasa managed to defeat him and froze him in a crystal prison and used Ochobot to take away the powers from him.

After this story ButlerBot came running and tells that he had received a message from Retak'ka, who still found him cunning and deceptive. Tok Kasa had sent the location of BoBoiBoy to him in an attempt to bait and trap Retak'ka. Retak'ka tells BoBoiBoy to meet on Earth, saying that if he hadn't came he will kill Fang, Yaya and Ying. Kasa also realizes that the Crystal Prison had kept him younger than he normally should be.

Hang Kasa teleports to Earth to look for Retak'ka, whom he mentions to Retak'ka that he has a stomach ache in an attempt to double cross Retak'ka. But Retak'ka instead attack him saying that what do you think that i will not recognize you Hang Kasa.

Screenshot 20200811 181249

It must be my nostrils. Right??

On the other side, BoBoiBoy suddenly remembers Fang, Yaya and Ying, who were held as hostages in Retak'ka's spaceship.

Screenshot 20200813 185624

Fang, Ying and Yaya trapped

Meanwhile, Hang Kasa activates CrystalBot, then uses Crystal Shield to block Retak'ka's Thunder Blade. Pipi hesitates to activate EggaBot cause she wants to wait for it to be fully charged, but Papa Zola said him to hurry. Pipi turns into Hardshell Tortoise prematurely to free Gopal and BoBoiBoy. Retak'ka then overpowers Tok Kasa as thanks for crystallizing him, before breaking Kasa's Crystal Armor is his Tempest form. Retak'ka announces his intention to kill Hang Kasa, but BoBoiBoy blocks the attack as Blaze. BoBoiBoy then transforms into Ice to distract him with Ice Bow. Retak'ka retaliates by pinning him onto a rock and strapping him with vines as Darkwood. Ochobot then feels that BoBoiBoy is in danger, but Gopal say that they can't let Retak'ka see them there.

On the other hand, the Zolas proceed to free Fang, Yaya and Ying, only for the Miners to spot them. Pipi Zola tells them that they are going to the market, not before the Adu Du and Probe save Papa Zola from being hit with a pickaxe. Enamoured with Ayu Yu, Adu Du attacks the miners just because they corrupted her. While trying to free Yaya, Pipi is knocked off EggaBot, while Adu Du continues to fight for Ayu Yu. Adu Du proposes his love to Ayu Yu, only for him to be smacked in the head with a crystal rod. Retak'ka prepares a wooden hammer to smash BoBoiBoy, but Tok Kasa inteferes and blocks the attack. Tok Kasa insists on giving BoBoiBoy the Quake Elemental to encourage BoBoiBoy to stop Retak'ka and apologizes BoBoiBoy for giving him a betrayal. However, BoBoiBoy complains that he has only two Elements left, before Retak'ka continues smashing Tok Kasa.

Papa gives Pipi a rest, while taking control of EggaBot by using Papayam Egg to attack the Miners. Retak'ka grabs the seemingly dead Tok Kasa and absorbs his Crystal powers before facing BoBoiBoy.

Screenshot 20200912 095334

BoBoiBoy seeing Hang Kasa die

Seeing Retak'ka absorbing Hang Kasa's powers BoBoiBoy reminds that splitting only makes him weaker, which influenced him to fuse both Blaze and Ice into FrostFire.

Screenshot 20200814 131905

BoBoiBoy about to split

He starts fighting Retak'ka in his new form while Papa Zola deals with the Crystal Miners using Rotten Eggs Explosion, causing Fang, Ying and Yaya to wake.

FrostFire Bow 2

FrostFire Bow

When BoBoiBoy FrostFire was trapped in the hands of Retak'ka, Gopal hands him Ochobot to take away Retak'ka's Crystal Element. Retak'ka fights back as Voltra, but Ying, Yaya and Fang, who were freed by Papa Zola, assist BoBoiBoy in knocking out Retak'ka. Refusing to admit defeat, Retak'ka calls them a "puny brat" and uses his Darkwood form to take out a nearby dam. BoBoiBoy then fuses his Quake and Ice Elements into Glacier, using Ice Gargantuan to freeze Retak'ka, before taking back his remaining Elements.

Screenshot 20200816 122759

BoBoiBoy Glacier taking Retak'ka's elemental powers

BoBoiBoy then fuses Thunderstorm and Solar to form Supra, using Super Supra Blast he sends Retak'ka to outer space in dead condition.

Screenshot 20200828 210229

Super Supra Blast

After the attack BoBoiBoy collapsed in exhaustion, causing him to fall into the river in an unconscious state. The rest of BoBoiBoy's gang retrieve BoBoiBoy out of the river. He then wakes up in the space hospital, next to Adu Du, expressing his gratitude to the rest of his gang. Soon, he comes across a group of mushroom people, which are referred by Koko Ci as the Cendawa Tribe from Planet Rimbara, who will oversee the rebuilding process of the Earth. Tok Aba, Mr. Kumar, Mrs. Wawa, Aunty Yang and Mama Zila, who is angry about Papa Zola bringing his daughter during the mission, visit BoBoiBoy. Hang Kasa passes down his responsibilities of handling the 7 Elements to BoBoiBoy, before sharing a warm embrace.

Screenshot 20200909 152018

Why did you do that, Hang Kasa?

In a post-credit scene, Maskmana hands his Power Sphera, ArmoBot to Amato, who had CrystalBot and EggaBot in his possession, for repair. When Amato asks Maskmana on why he shouldn't have joined the fight against Retak'ka, he later answers that Amato should be the one who had helped BoBoiBoy. Amato denies that, saying that BoBoiBoy needs to be independent as there is a more important mission waiting for him.


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Before the release of BoBoiBoy: The Movie in 2016, Nizam Razak stated that they already have their ideas for the second film. Director Nizam Razak stated that the film-making process for this second film was faster than the first film and only took one year to be finished. They enforced a 12-month deadline to see if they could make a film without jeopardising the quality or storyline of the animation. He admitted there was pressure in completing the movie on time but his production team of 100 people managed to do that within that timeframe. They used better technology such as Redshift and comprehensive simulation method, despite higher costs, to give the best quality to the audience. If the reaction to this film is positive, they plan to make movies consistently, with a new film every year or every one-and-a-half years.


Monsta officially announced this film when they released a poster reveal video on 15 September 2018. The first official teaser for this film was released on March 8, 2019.

On 10 May 2019, Monsta released a video of the date announcement for Malaysian cinemas, which was August 8, 2019. It was later revealed that four other countries would also have the same release date. Monsta released their official trailer for the movie on June 25, 2019.

Initially, this was going to be the first Malaysian film to be released simultaneously in five countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, and Vietnam). However, the Vietnam release was postponed to August 30, 2019 to make a full Vietnamese dub version. For the Indonesian market, it was distributed by CBI Pictures while for the Vietnamese market, the film is distributed by CGV Cinemas and Mani Entertainment. It will be screened in more than 500 cinemas, consists of over 144 cinemas in Malaysia, 8 in Singapore, 4 in Brunei, 150 in Indonesia and 120 in Vietnam.

For now, there are requests from Thailand and the Philippines but no announcement has been made yet. Monsta also targets South Korea, India and China for the future releases.

On 1 June 2020, the movie was released on Netflix in the SEA region, dubbed in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. Subtitles in six different languages were also available, which included Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian. The Netflix release was accompanied by an extra seven minutes worth of scenes previously unseen in the cinematic release.[1]


Box Office

Monsta targeted the film to collect more than the first film (RM15.70 million) as the number of cinemas showing the sequel was higher. This film collected the biggest-grossing local animation film on its first day, raking in RM1.18 million. It successfully achieved its target by overtaking the first movie after just 8 days, collecting RM15.80 million. In eighteen days, the film collected RM25 million within three weeks. It has overtaken Upin & Ipin: Keris Siamang Tunggal to be the 4th highest-grossing local film in Malaysia and the highest-grossing animation film in Malaysia, including all local and international animation films, after collecting RM27.70 million for twenty-six days.

In seventy days, BoBoiBoy Movie 2 reached RM30 million for Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Vietnam with RM29.60 million to be the 3rd highest-grossing local film within Malaysia.


  • BoBoiBoy Movie 2 was announced to be in the works since June 2017. [2]
  • The movie was first expected to hit theatres around September 2019, [3] but Monsta released a video to their YouTube channel on May 10, 2019 announcing that the date had been pushed forward to August 8, 2019.
  • A poster of the movie was featured in the lineup of posters of upcoming media titled '2018 and beyond!' on Facebook by Nizam Razak on January 18th, 2018.[4] On the poster, it has the release year of 2019.
  • On September 15th, 2018, Monsta reveals three first ever full-fledged key visuals for the movie.[5]
  • The movie marked the third and fourth time BoBoiBoy constantly fainted and was saved by his allies, the first being in Season 1, Episode 13 in BoBoiBoy, and second time in "Light of Hope" of BoBoiBoy Galaxy.
  • BoBoiBoy is seen multiple times without his cap.
  • The running joke of Papa Zola screaming like a girl is continued.
  • On December 3, 2022, Monsta uploaded the full movie with new secret ending on YouTube.

Differences between Comic Version

  • In the animation, Fang's Shadow Beast Army has 5 shadow beasts. But in the comics there are 6 shadow beasts. This is because Fang has a new shadow animal called the Shadow Elephant (Gajah Bayang). A huge elephant that can spray water of different temperatures out of the long trunk and create raging vibration hypersonic voice attacks by trumpeting or by stomping its big feet.
  • In the animation, Gopal suddenly appeared between the dinner. But in the comics, a hidden Gopal was already seen eavesdropping before he appeared at the table.
  • Retak'ka grabbed BoBoiBoy Solar by his face to extract the elemental power, whereas in the animation, the grabbed BoBoiBoy Solar by the neck.
  • Numerous scenes of BoBoiBoy and Gopal missing Yaya, Ying and Fang were cut in the movie's animation. BoBoiBoy stay awake in his tent on nights while worrying about Ying, Yaya and Fang while Gopal confronts him. They even made snowmen resembling the trio during their training.
  • Before their last test with Hang Kasa, when Hang Kasa suddenly throw plates at them to show them how much they have improved, BoBoiBoy and Gopal dodge them with ease and style unlike in the animation where they panicked at the sudden attack.
  • In the animation, BoBoiBoy Quake only used the golem to catch the falling crystal, but in the comics, he used it to attack Hang Kasa but was destroyed. He even uses numerous other attacks which were not shown in the animation.
  • Gopal break Hang Kasa's staff whole, but in the animation he just transformed the top which hold the crystal.
  • BoBoiBoy Quake catched the crystal himself and didn't summon the golem.
  • When BoBoiBoy was tied on the rock by Retak'ka Darkwood, Hang Kasa cried and tried to redeem him by reminding him of their past memories. In the animation, the flashback wasn't shown.
  • When Retak'ka hitted Hang Kasa with his log hammer, in a distance, the Bald Horse was crying on hearing the impact.
  • In comics, after BoBoiBoy FrostFire took the Earth element back from Retak'ka, he fused to Glacier. Ying, Yaya and Fang don't appeared at the time. BoBoiBoy Glacier attacks Retak'ka using his Ice Gargantuan. The previous trio appeared after BoBoiBoy Glacier has took the charge.
  • In the animation, Fang attacks Retak'ka with Shadow Dragon Fire Breath. But in the comics, He attacks Retak'ka with Shadow Dragon Claw Scratch.
  • BoBoiBoy Glacier used his power instead of the gargantuan to freeze the dam.
  • In the comic, BoBoiBoy Supra didn't used his crescent sword to shove Retak'ka up, he just used his "Supra Shift" to lift him up.
  • Before BoBoiBoy fall off the cliff into the river, Retak'ka was shown falling in the river after getting the hit from BoBoiBoy Supra's Super Supra Blast.
  • After the fight, BoBoiBoy was scene bandaged at his injuries, however in the animation no wound was shown.
  • When everyone was meeting their parents, Fang was shown a little upset but Kaizo comforts him.
  • When TAPOPS was bringing Retak'ka and the crystal miners to the cells, Hang Kasa was hiding in the shadows watching them, sadness clear on his face about the fate of his ex-best friend.
  • When Hang Kasa reveal himself alive in front of BoBoiBoy, BoBoiBoy got mad at him instead of hugging him like he did in the animation.
  • When Ayu Yu was being brought to the cells, she confess herself as "Adu Du's wife" so the guards can let her go. However, Adu Du denied that because he has gotten his memories back and doesn't admit her as his wife.


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