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Speaker Dialogue
Koko Ci [V.O.] Power Spheras are high-tech robots carrying unimaginable superpowers. Coveted by many, these Power Spheras fled and hid themselves in various parts of the galaxy. However, one by one, Power Spheras have been hunted down and captured by those with ill intent. And now, their powers are used to wreak havoc and destruction throughout the universe. This is the story of Earth’s superhero named BoBoiBoy, and his quest to save the Power Spheras, and defend our galaxy.
[Open. ext. Rintis Island Park.]
(Koko Ci’s ship is still grounded outside the Kokotiam. MotoBot enters the ship to check up with Koko Ci.)
MotoBot What’s the status of the spaceship, Commander? Are the repairs done?
Koko Ci Just a little more, MotoBot. The engine needs some time to be fully charged.
MotoBot Yay! Won’t be long until we can return to TAPOPS’ space station, right?
Koko Ci Right, MotoBot! I’m looking forward to introducing BoBoiBoy and his friends to the rest of the TAPOPS members. I’m sure they will be impressed by BoBoiBoy’s superpowers and fighting spirit.
MotoBot Don’t you have any new missions for him?
Koko Ci Hmm…let them rest for a while before we head back to TAPOPS’ space station.
[Trans. int. the space pirates’ ship.]
Pirate minions We will reach planet Earth pretty soon, Captain!
Captain Cyborg Excellent! Who would’ve thought losing my hook in the last battle would be a good thing? Because of it, we are able to identify their location! (Laughs maniacally.)
[Flashback to “BoBoiBoy Returns”.]
Koko Ci Our spaceship is stuck!
(The pirate minions chatter and laugh as they slide along the ropes to Koko Ci’s ship.)
BoBoiBoy BoBoiBoy, Triple…Split!
[Triple Split sequence.]
BoBoiBoy Earth Earth Punch!
BoBoiBoy Lightning (Growls, then yells.)
BoBoiBoy Wind Wind Blast!
Pirate minions (Exclaim and chatter as they’re swept up and carried into Outer Space.)
BoBoiBoy Earth Close the teleportal now, Ochobot!
(Ochobot closes the teleportal.)
Captain Cyborg No-o-o-o-o!
(The portal shuts, severing the hook’s chain, and the ship plummets to Earth.)
BoBoiBoy Lightning, Wind and Earth (All scream.)
[Flashback sequence ends.]
Captain Cyborg Now, BoBoiBoy, when I arrive, I will hunt you down and take those Power Spheras for my own! Just you wait, feeble boy. I will make you regret denying what is rightfully mine! Full speed ahead!
[Trans. ext. Kokotiam.]
(BoBoiBoy looks at his watch as he helps Ochobot at the cafe.)
BoBoiBoy (Sighs.) What’s wrong with my Power Watch, Ochobot?
Ochobot Hmm…I’m not sure either. Ever since Planet Gurunda, your watch has been acting up.
Gopal Just give him a new Power Watch. Problem solved!
Ochobot Easy for you to say.
BoBoiBoy You have to find a way to fix my watch, Ochobot, or else I can’t contribute during missions!
Yaya Oh, don’t worry, we’re in your team!
Ying She’s right! Having tough girls like us, every mission will be as easy as pie!
BoBoiBoy and Gopal Yeah, right.
Gopal Whatever. Okay, if you think you’re so tough, try and grab BellBot off Cattus.
(He points to a resting Cattus, who perks up at the mention of his name.)
Ying Hey, are you nuts? Cattus would run amok!
BoBoiBoy and Gopal Not so tough now!
(They hear a jingling bell and find Cattus rubbing BoBoiBoy’s leg to get his attention.)
BoBoiBoy Er, Cattus? What’s up? (Pets Cattus.)
(Cattus meows as his stomach grumbles.)
Yaya Looks like he’s hungry.
Gopal What? Hungry? No problemo! Yummy cat food Transformation! (Transforms various objects on the counter into cat food.)
BoBoiBoy [hushed] Hey, Tok Aba is not gonna like that!
Gopal [hushed] Shh! He hasn’t noticed yet.
(Tok Aba is cleaning tables far enough from the cafe to be oblivious.)
Gopal Okay, go ahead. Eat up!
(Gopal sets the food down in front of Cattus, but the cat takes a few sniffs of the food and recoils.)
BoBoiBoy Huh? He doesn’t like it?
Gopal Fine! You ungrateful cat! (Eats the cat food.)
BoBoiBoy What?! You’re eating cat food?!
Gopal Starving!
Ying (Groans in disgust.)
Yaya BellBot, what does Cattus usually eat?
BellBot Hm…I think…he usually eats… Beats me. I have no idea.
Ying Huh? You don’t know? But you’re always with him!
BellBot Well, yeah. But the thing is, I’m usually facing the other way. (Turns around.)
BoBoiBoy For real?
Yaya Maybe Cattus wants fresh fish? He’s a cat, after all.
BoBoiBoy Hmm, you’re right. Let’s go to the jetty and get him some fish!
Ying and Yaya Let’s go!
Ochobot You guys go ahead. I’m staying here to help Tok Aba.
Gopal What a spoiled cat! Get your own food! Go on!
(Cattus growls and lunges at Gopal. Gopal is heard screaming in pain offscreen.)
[Trans. ext. Rintis Island jetty.]
(A fishing hook baited with a worm is thrown into the water. The surrounding fish seem tempted, but they move on.)
Mr Mat (Sighs.) Why ain’t the fish interested in my bait?
Papa Zola Hey! Never blame the bait when the fault lies in the hook! (He gets a bite.) Hey! Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa! A-ha, just in time! Behold, the great Fishing Hook of Justice! (Yells.)
(He yanks the fish from the water and his fishing hook is revealed to be the space pirate captain’s broken hook. The hook has grabbed the fish rather than baiting it.)
Mr Mat Hmph! You’re using an alien fish hook and that’s cheatin’!
Papa Zola (Chuckles.) You’re just jealous! Selfie!
(He whips out a camera and takes a selfie with a disgruntled Mr. Mat and his catch. Papa Zola deposits his fish in a nearly overflowing basket and casts his line out again.)
BoBoiBoy [O.S.] Mr Papa!
Papa Zola Huh?! Where have I heard that voice—? Huh?! Students of Justice?! Wow, you kids sure have grown up quite a bit, eh? (Ruffles BoBoiBoy’s cap.)
(A weary Gopal walks up a beat later covered in scratches, bandages and multi-coloured plasters.)
Papa Zola Huh? Is that what the kids are wearing nowadays?
BoBoiBoy It’s just our cat. He attacked Gopal because he was so hungry.
Papa Zola Oh, you poor…little kitty! Hungry?
(Cattus nods.)
Gopal (Groans.)
Yaya Sir, can we have some of that fresh fish?
Papa Zola Oh, you want some fish, eh? Oh, well, okay. You can get your own fish! Here, take this!
(He gives his fishing rod to Cattus, which is huge in his tiny paws. Cattus meows, confused.)
Gopal Wait, what? A cat doesn’t know how to fish!
Papa Zola That is where you’re wrong! If I just give him free fresh fish, I will only feed him for a day. But if I teach him how to fish for himself, I will have fed him for a lifetime!
(Cattus sights the basket of fish while Papa Zola is lecturing Gopal and runs towards it.)
Papa Zola Huh?! Wait, wait! Someone stop that cat!
Ying Huh?
(Cattus leaps at the basket, toppling it over and sending all of Papa Zola’s fish back into the sea.)
Papa Zola (Exclaims.) All my fish of Justice!
Mr Mat (Laughs.) Serves you right!
(Cattus gleefully chomps down on the basket’s wood rather than the fish.)
BoBoiBoy Wait, he’s eating the basket?!
Gopal See, what did I tell you? That’s one crazy cat!
Yaya I think Cattus eats wood, and it looks like rattan wood!
Papa Zola (Sobs.) All my hard work went down the drain! (Cattus jumps on his stomach.) Eh?
(Cattus purrs and rubs his head against Papa Zola.)
Ying Ah! It likes you, Mr Papa!
Papa Zola (Sighs.) Very well, then. I may have lost my fish, but I got a new pet cat instead! Introducing my brand new Cat of Justice! (Holds Cattus up majestically.)
Ying and Yaya Huh?
BoBoiBoy Wait a minute, you can’t just take our cat and make him your own!
Gopal Dude, just let him take it.
Papa Zola Oh, who’s the cute Cat of Justice? (Dangles his fish hook for Cattus to play with.) Yes, you are! Oh, what a cutie! Go on, boy, attack that scary-looking hook!
BoBoiBoy Huh? Where did you get that hook?
Papa Zola Oh, you know, I found it near your grandpa’s shop. Where else?
Gopal (Gasps.) Isn’t…isn’t that the space pirate’s hook?!
Papa Zola Huh? What are you talking about? This is my property!
(There’s a sudden rush of wind, and the pirates’ spaceship docks next to the jetty.)
Papa Zola Huh?!
BoBoiBoy’s gang (All gasp.)
BoBoiBoy Huh?! That…That’s the pirate’s spaceship!
Mr Mat (Screams and flees.) I’m done here!
(The captain emerges from the ship.)
Captain Cyborg That is my hook you have there! You dare steal my property, for I am, Captain Cyborg!
Papa Zola (Stammers.) My deepest apologies, Captain Cyborg. My students took it! (Hands the hook to Gopal.)
Gopal What?! Me?! It was you—!
Papa Zola (Runs and hides.) Uh-uh! Bye-bye! Woo-hoo! Nice knowing you!
[Cut to int. Koko Ci’s ship.]
(The ship’s screen alerts them to Captain Cyborg’s presence on Earth.)
MotoBot Commander, the space pirates’ ship has been detected!
Koko Ci Huh?! WHAT?! (Exits the ship.) Ochobot!
Ochobot Huh?
Koko Ci The space pirates have come back!
Ochobot Huh?!
Koko Ci We need to find somewhere to hide!
Tok Aba Follow me! I know a good place to hide!
(Koko Ci and MotoBot follow Tok Aba.)
[Cut to ext. Rintis Island jetty.]
BoBoiBoy What do you want now, huh?
Captain Cyborg (Grunts.) I just want what is rightfully mine! Hand over the Power Sphera, MotoBot, and that yellow Power Sphera of yours!
Pirate minions Captain! Our radar has picked up MotoBot and Ochobot from over there! (Points in the Kokotiam’s general direction.)
BoBoiBoy Huh?!
Pirate minions Er, there’s only the Power Sphera, BellBot here.
(Cattus meows nervously and runs to hide with Papa Zola.)
Captain Cyborg Good, good. (Turns to his crew.) Now then, go and capture that BellBot. As for me, I will go after MotoBot and Ochobot myself! (Laughs maniacally.) Go!
(The pirate minions chatter excitedly and leap off the ship. The ship flies away to Tok Aba’s shop.)
BoBoiBoy We…we have to chase and stop the pirate captain!
Gopal Yeah, but those pirate minions are coming!
BoBoiBoy You guys protect BellBot. I’ll go help Ochobot and MotoBot. Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Wind!
(BoBoiBoy Wind yells and blasts into the air to pursue the ship.)
Yaya I’ll go help BoBoiBoy! (Flies after him.)
Gopal Hey! Yaya, BoBoiBoy, don’t leave us! (Gasps.)
(The pirate minions reach the jetty.)
Papa Zola (Yells.)
(One minion fires a net at Papa.)
Papa Zola (Screams in a high-pitch.)
Ying (Activates her Power Watch.) Slo-mo Speed!
(She envelopes her surroundings in a Slo-mo Field and pulls Gopal and Papa Zola out of harm’s way. Once they’re safe, she returns them to normal speed. They collapse on the floor, panting but relieved.)
[Cut to ext. Captain Cyborg’s ship.]
Captain Cyborg This time, nothing will stop me from getting those Power Spheras.
(The ship lurches suddenly when it’s hit from behind, revealed to be the work of BoBoiBoy Wind and Yaya.)
Captain Cyborg What was that?!
BoBoiBoy Wind Wind Sphere!
Yaya Gravity Punch!
(They attack the ship simultaneously and it rocks dangerously from side to side, tossing the pirates.)
Captain Cyborg (Grunts.) Counterattack!
(The crew fire cannons at Yaya and Wind. There are a couple of close calls, but they continue advancing towards the ship.)
Yaya We need to dive and board that spaceship, quick!
(They continue undeterred by the continuous fire. Captain Cyborg walks up to one of the cannons and knocks away the robot manning it.)
Captain Cyborg (Growls.) Step aside! (Aims the cannon at Wind and Yaya and chuckles.) Get a load of this! (Yells and fires.)
(The blast heads straight for Yaya faster than she’s able to dodge it.)
Yaya (Gasps.)
BoBoiBoy Wind Huh? Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Earth!
BoBoiBoy Earth Earth Sphere Barrier!
(A spherical Earth Barrier forms around him and Yaya. The cannon fire strips off its outer layer, and the barrier only completely breaks when it lands on the ship, leaving the kids unharmed.)
Captain Cyborg Huh? (Grunts.)
BoBoiBoy Earth Are you okay, Yaya?
Yaya I-I’m okay. Thanks, BoBoiBoy.
Captain Cyborg Hold yourself, BoBoiBoy—! (Hears a thunder clap.) Huh?!
BoBoiBoy Earth Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Lightning!
(BoBoiBoy Lightning charges out of the dust cloud and lunges at Captain Cyborg with his Lightning Blades.)
BoBoiBoy Lightning Lightning Sword Slash!
[Cut to ext. Rintis Island jetty.]
(Gopal confidently walks up to the pirate minions still frozen in Ying’s Slo-mo Field.)
Ying Hey, what are you doing? Get them already!
Papa Zola Relax! What’s the rush? We’ve got time!
(He’s lounging in a deck chair with a coconut drink.)
Gopal Ha! Do you know what I’m going to do to all of you? I’m gonna turn all of you into my breakfast!
Papa Zola Huh? Breakfast?! Omelette with cheese, pretty please?
Gopal But I feel like having some fried rice.
Ying (Groans.) Hey, hurry up! (Her Power Watch energy is dangerously low.)
Papa Zola Fried rice? Ooh, well, that’s a pretty good idea! Turn him into seafood fried rice! And him, pineapple fried rice! Mmm, yum-yum-yum-yum!
Gopal All righty! Get ready to become fried rice!
(Ying’s power drains completely and her field disappears. The pirate minions surround them.)
Gopal and Papa Zola Huh?!
Pirate minions (Growls.) So, you want to change us into food, huh?
Ying Nice going! All talk and no action! Huh?
(Cattus cowers behind Papa Zola.)
BellBot We have to help them, Cattus!
(He waves a paw dismissively.)
Pirate Minions Get over here! (Yells and lunges.)
Gopal Right! Cattus! (His Power Watch flashes.) Fish Basket Transformation!
(He turns the pirate minions’ heads or bodies into rattan wood baskets filled with fish. Cattus salivates at the sight and ferociously attacks the robots in his beast form.)
Papa Zola Oh, dear, that cat’s not pet material at all!
[Cut to ext. Kokotiam.]
(Tok Aba, the commander and the Power Spheras are crammed into a small cupboard under the cafe’s counter.)
Koko Ci This is the best hiding place you could find?
Tok Aba (Chuckles sheepishly.) Well, it’s the only place I could think of.
Ochobot and MotoBot We’re doomed.
(The pirates’ ship arrives at the park.)
Koko Ci (Gasps.) The space pirates are here!
(Lightning and the captain are still engaged in combat, which has now moved to the ship’s railing. His slashes are relentless, but each swing is blocked by the captain’s hook. Lightning slides backwards along the rail, then dashes the distance forward to knock the captain all the way to the ship’s bow. In the sky, Yaya has collected all the pirate minions in a gravity bubble.)
Yaya Gravity Smash!
(She hurls the bubble with the minions inside it into the deck, knocking the robots unconscious.)
BoBoiBoy Lightning And now, you’ve lost! (Reverts to original form.)
(He and Yaya approach the cornered cyborg. The others have returned from the jetty.)
Gopal and Ying Yeah, we won!
Gopal (Laughs.)
(Cattus is still gnawing on a rattan-robot arm.)
Papa Zola Time for you to pack up and leave, you pirate alien scum!
Koko Ci Phew! Looks like it’s safe to come out.
(They exit the cupboard, but Captain Cyborg sees them.)
Captain Cyborg Huh? All…all the Power Spheras are here?!
BoBoiBoy Huh?!
Captain Cyborg Excellent! (Laughs maniacally.) Time for me to grab all three Power Spheras in one go!
Power Spheras (All gasp.)
Captain Cyborg Ha! Power Sphera HookaBot, to me!
(A Power Sphera with red glowing eyes shoots out of a room inside the ship.)
BoBoiBoy Huh?!
(Captain Cyborg jumps into the air and removes his hook. HookaBot attaches itself to his arm and turns into a golden hook.)
BoBoiBoy What? He has a Power Sphera too?
Captain Cyborg (Scoffs.) Did you really think you could defeat me?! Wrecking Hook!
BoBoiBoy Huh?!
(The hook retracts and the captain swings the Power Sphera. A chain connected to it extends from his arm, turning HookaBot into a flail or a wrecking ball. HookaBot chomps as it’s thrown at BoBoiBoy and Yaya. They dodge in time for HookaBot to crush a hole in the deck. Captain Cyborg yells and swings HookaBot around to hit Yaya.)
Yaya (Gasps.)
BoBoiBoy Watch out, Yaya!
(The strike connects as Yaya holds up her arms to block the impact. She screams as she’s thrown backwards and collides with some equipment, severely weakening her.)
Captain Cyborg (Scoffs.) I will end you now! (Yells and swings HookaBot.)
Yaya Huh?!
BoBoiBoy (Runs between them.) Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Earth—! (His watch glitches.) Oh, no! It’s happening again! Huh?! (Screams.)
(HookaBot has gotten too close for them to dodge. The impact causes an explosion that knocks BoBoiBoy unconscious and sends him overboard. He plummets to the ground.)
Yaya BoBoiBoy! (She flies after him.)
Captain Cyborg (Laughs.) That’s what you get for defying me!
(Yaya doesn’t reach in time. BoBoiBoy falls until he lands in the big tree in the park.)
Everyone (All gasp.)
Yaya (Gasps and stops.)
Captain Cyborg (Grunts and jumps to the ground.) BoBoiBoy has been defeated! Hand over all your Power Spheras now or suffer…the same fate as him!
Koko Ci Forget it!
Papa Zola You dare come to our planet and make some ridiculous demands? Get past us first!
Captain Cyborg (Laughs.) Not a problem! (Approaches them.)
Papa Zola Uh, I mean, uh…you’ll have to get past my students first! (Laughs nervously and pushes Gopal and Ying forward.) Not me!
Gopal and Ying Huh?! What are you doing, sir?!
Captain Cyborg Power Sphera HookaBot, Combat Hook!
(His hook transforms into a long sickle.)
Papa Zola, Gopal and Ying (All gasp.)
Captain Cyborg You will regret standing up to me! (Prepares to swing.)
BoBoiBoy Leaf STOP!
Captain Cyborg Huh?!
Papa Zola and Gopal Huh? BoBoiBoy?!
(Yaya sees a green-clad figure hidden in the leaves.)
Yaya Huh?
Gopal and Ying Huh?! A new BoBoiBoy?!
(We see close-ups of the new Element’s green vest, leather fanny pack, and backwards-left facing cap, all of which display his logo.)
BoBoiBoy Leaf I’m…BoBoiBoy Leaf! (Strikes a pose as leaves fall around him.)
Everyone Wow! Whoa!
Captain Cyborg You haven’t learned your lesson, huh? Let me remind you!
BoBoiBoy Leaf Huh? What lesson? I thought school was out today. Are you my new teacher?
[Record scratches.]
(Captain Cyborg gapes at him. The others stare with varying degrees of exasperation.)
Papa Zola, Gopal and Ying Uh…
Papa Zola Is that kid okay?
Captain Cyborg What are you talking about, huh?!
BoBoiBoy Leaf Er, I’m sorry, sir. I fell just now and bumped my head real good.
(He turns around and lifts his hat to show them the bump on his head gained from his fall from the ship.)
Gopal Ha! So that’s why you’re acting so weird!
Papa Zola (Laughs and claps.) Good job, weird boy, good job!
BoBoiBoy Leaf I think it’s time for you to leave, sir.
Captain Cyborg You think it’s time for me to leave?! I will not leave without those Power Spheras! (Yells and lunges forward.)
(Leaf giggles and suddenly brandishes two handfuls of sharp leaves.)
BoBoiBoy Leaf Leaf Shurikens! (Throws them all at the captain.)
Captain Cyborg (Yells.)
(He stops moving and falls when a shuriken hits him. The rest fly behind him. Cyborg lands on his back in an awkward position, paralysed.)
Captain Cyborg (Grunts.) How…how is this possible?!
BoBoiBoy Leaf Heh, those are paralysing leaves. (Pulls out another.)
Gopal and Papa Zola Oh, paralysing leaves? (Groan and tip backwards.)
(Everyone but the Power Spheras has been hit by the rest of the shurikens and is lying paralysed on the ground.)
BoBoiBoy Leaf Oh, no! Er, you guys got hit too?!
Papa Zola Ow… Next time, look where you’re throwing those leaves.
BoBoiBoy Leaf Uh… Sorry, everyone. (Chuckles sheepishly.)
Captain Cyborg (Slices the shurikens off his body.) Ha! Thank you. You just made my job easier.
Power Spheras (All gasp.)
Captain Cyborg Grabbing Hook! Get over here!
(Cyborg’s hook turns into an electrified claw. He points it at the Power Spheras and launches it. The hook grabs BellBot off the immobilised Cattus and catches the other two as they try to flee.)
Power Spheras Help us!
BoBoiBoy Leaf (Gasps.) Vine Whip! (Yells.)
(A long vine shoots out of Leaf’s fanny pack and wraps one end of itself around a higher branch. Leaf uses it to swing over to Captain Cyborg.)
Captain Cyborg (Laughs maniacally.) I’ve got all three of you!
BoBoiBoy Leaf (Yells.)
(Cyborg ducks as he hears Leaf approaching. Leaf releases the vine and flips in the air. He whips out a leaf throwing knife and throws it at the pirate.)
BoBoiBoy Leaf (Grunts.) Stinging Nettle Leaf Throw!
(The knife embeds itself in his arm, making the captain scream and exclaim in pain as he scratches at it.)
Captain Cyborg That-that itches! It stings! (Grunts.)
(The captain’s distraction makes the hook release its captives. Leaf lands on the ground.)
BoBoiBoy Leaf Everybody run!
Ochobot Hurry!
(The Power Spheras escape. Cyborg rips the knife out and retrieves his hook to transform it again.)
Captain Cyborg HookaBot, Cannon Hook!
(The claw turns into a handheld cannon.)
BoBoiBoy Leaf Huh?!
(The pirate aims it at Leaf and fires.)
BoBoiBoy Leaf (Chuckles and summons individual leaves around him.) Spiralling Leaves!
(The leaves swirl around him as though caught in a whirlwind and deflect the blasts to his surroundings. The shots hit the gazebos, nearby playground, cafe tables and land very close to his paralysed friends.)
Gopal DUDE! Are you actually aiming for us?!
BoBoiBoy Leaf (Chuckles sheepishly.) My bad! (Hears a click beside him.) Huh?!
(The captain is holding Leaf at point-blank range with his cannon.)
Captain Cyborg Ha! Here, take this! (Charges his cannon.)
BoBoiBoy Leaf Woven Leaf Barrier! (Places his hand on the ground.)
(The captain fires, generating a huge explosion that sends dust into the air and blows some of the cafe tables away.)
Ochobot (Groans.)
(When the dust settles, Leaf is revealed to have woven a sturdy barrier out of enlarged blades of grass.)
Captain Cyborg Huh?!
BoBoiBoy Leaf (Peeks through a gap.) Hello there! How do you do?
Captain Cyborg (Grunts.) Im-impossible! I attacked you at point-blank range!
BoBoiBoy Leaf Woven Leaf Trap!
(Leaf’s eyes flash green and green auras form around his hands as he shoots the same blades of grass at the pirate. They toss him into the air and whip him around before converging when Leaf closes his fist to make them wrap tightly around him, pinning his limbs to his body.)
Captain Cyborg (Screams.)
(The blades pull him to the ground, the impact dazing him. His body is revealed to have been tightly cocooned by the blades of grass.)
Captain Cyborg Huh? What is this?!
Papa Zola (Laughs.) He looks like a woven basket! I guess it’s a wrap!
Gopal and Ying Awesome, BoBoiBoy!
Captain Cyborg (Grunts.) Let me go!
BoBoiBoy Leaf (Chuckles.) Give up, mister. You’ve lost. There’s no way you can get out of those tight weavings.
Captain Cyborg Re-release me!
[Trans.ext. Kokotiam, late afternoon.]
(The defeated space pirate crew have been piled up outside the Kokotiam. Their captain writhes in his woven trap. The effects of Leaf’s Stinging Nettle knife seem to be back in full force.)
Captain Cyborg (Grunts.) Help me, please! Help me, please! Have mercy!
Koko Ci You want us to help you? In your dreams!
Captain Cyborg I’m not asking you to release me. Just loosen the weavings please! (Flops around.) My body still stings and itches! I need to scratch it! (Sobs.)
Papa Zola Ha, ha! Serves you right! You had an itch for some Power Spheras, now look at you!
Captain Cyborg (Groans.) This is unbearable! (Sobs.)
BoBoiBoy (Chuckles.) Awesome!
MotoBot Thank you, BoBoiBoy.
BoBoiBoy (Chuckles.) My pleasure.
Gopal Whoa! Your new Elemental power is cool!
Yaya BoBoiBoy, how do you unlock your Leaf Elemental power?
BoBoiBoy Hmm…I’m not sure. First my Power Watch started glitching, but suddenly the Leaf Element unlocked.
(The watch flashes the Element’s new logo.)
Ochobot Hmm…it wasn’t a glitch.
Gopal and Ying Huh?
Ochobot Your Power Watch was actually calibrating. It was trying to adapt and adjust to a new Elemental power.
BoBoiBoy Huh?
Ochobot (Scans the watch and brings up a readout of data on the Leaf Element.) According to the latest data, you gained this new Element from Planet Gurunda from the cactus village.
BoBoiBoy (Chuckles.) Guess our efforts helping the villagers and Cattus actually paid off.
(Cattus meows and rubs against BoBoiBoy’s leg again, his stomach grumbling.)
Ying and Yaya Uh, he’s hungry.
Gopal Huh? Again?! Dude, what is your stomach made of?!
(Cattus seems to take offense to that and growls at Gopal.)
Gopal (Exclaims fearfully.)
(Cattus lunges at Gopal with a yowl.)
Gopal [O.S.] (Screams and exclaims in pain.) That hurts, that HURTS!
[Camera pans up.]
[End credits roll.]