BoBoiBoy Galaxy - S01E09
Official Title
Pukauan Katakululu

English Translation
Katakululu's Hypnosis

Air Date
May 26, 2017 (TV3 and YouTube)
June 3, 2017 (MNCTV)
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Katakululu's Hypnotic” (“Pukauan Katakululu”) is the 9th episode of the first season of BoBoiBoy Galaxy, and the 9th episode overall in the series.


BoBoiBoy, Gopal and Fang are still in Planet Dargha'ya, trying to find the mysterious recipient and completing the mission. However, their mission is in peril when Adu Du seems to go insane.


The episode begins exactly where the previous episode left off with Adu Du and Probe fleeing the Tree Demons. They encounter a pair of glowing red eyes that hypnotize Adu Du.

Elsewhere, BoBoiBoy and Gopal set up camp for the night—having been forbidden from returning to the station by Koko Ci until they deliver the laundry bundles, otherwise, TAPOPS will receive no reinforcements—while Fang plans out the route to the delivery spot, which is one day’s walk away. The three of them remain in the dark as to who the recipient is.

While they sleep, Adu Du and Probe are in another part of the forest and now sport tribal outfits, weapons, body paint and in Adu Du’s case, glowing red eyes. He adds “lulululu” at the end of his sentence as a figure in the shadows watches him.

The next morning the boys are woken up by a rustling sound. Panicking, Gopal throws a rock at where the sound is coming from only to have it bounce back and start bawling, alerting nearby rock mounds that turn out to be aliens, all with glowing red eyes. BoBoiBoy transforms into Earth and forms a barrier around them that the Rock Monsters attack. When Gopal‘s Food Transformation blasts don’t work on them as they are living creatures, the three of them make a break for it and the Rock Monsters stop chasing them when they enter a clearing. However, Adu Du and Probe appear and behave oddly, the former calling himself Olu Lulu and adding “lulululu” to the end of his sentences. He accuses them of intruding his territory and attacks with numbing blow darts, hitting both Gopal‘s arms and Fang’s leg.

In the ensuing fight Adu Du exhibits his newly acquired fighting capabilities before capturing them and their laundry bundles when they fall into some mud that renders them immobile. They are tied to a stick carried by Mecha Probe, who privately informs them that he is still himself and it is only Adu Du who went crazy on account of being hypnotized by a frog. Probe remained unaffected since he is a robot, which is what he attempted to explain to BoBoiBoy earlier until he attacked him.

The group reaches another clearing where Adu Du calls into the forest in the “lulululu” fashion. A frog emerges and responds with an identical croak that Adu Du refers to as “[his] master, Katakululu.” It hops over to Gopal and hypnotizes him, sending his consciousness to a sort of limbo between their minds where he can understand Katakululu’s croaks. The frog interrogates him as to why they are there and Gopal tells it about their mission, leading Katakululu to believe it knows who their recipient is. Probe takes advantage of the frog’s distraction to free BoBoiBoy and Fang.

Outraged at his betrayal, Adu Du attacks him, only for Fang to stop him. Katakululu commands Gopal to protect it from BoBoiBoy. BoBoiBoy splits into Earth, Wind, and Leaf to defend against Gopal’s frog-food blasts. He transforms one of Leaf’s vines into a snake, scaring him and causing Leaf and Wind to waste their energy throwing it back and forth between each other. Earth traps his friend in an Earth Grasp and advances towards Katakululu. With Adu Du being subdued by Fang and Probe, Katakululu summons the Rock Monsters—whom he has also hypnotised—to corner BoBoiBoy and Fang and he attempts to hypnotise them.

They’re interrupted when the figure from the previous night—revealed to be sporting a TAPOPS insignia on his clothes—lands between Katakululu and the boys. He proves to be immune to the frog’s hypnosis and stares into its eyes long enough that it blinks and hypnotizes itself, relinquishing its hold on its hypnotised minions. Adu Du recognises the newcomer in a terrified manner as Admiral Tarung and flees the scene on Probe. He explains to Probe that Tarung is a retired TAPOPS admiral known for his ruthlessness and prowess, despite him seeming mild-mannered earlier.

Tarung confirms that he is their recipient by reading the S.O.S. message Koko Ci sent him on the laundry receipt—since only TAPOPS members can decipher those messages—and insists they leave for the station immediately. Onboard Fang’s ship, Tarung explains that he sends his laundry to TAPOPS because the encrypted laundry receipt messages are his only communication to the outside world, having ceased all other means since retiring. He was on Planet Dargha’ya as it’s his hobby to track and research exotic animal species in order to better protect and preserve them, like Katakululu, which he has taken with him and blindfolded as a precaution. The episode ends when they reach the station, much to BoBoiBoy’s and Gopal’s delight.

Differences with the Comic

  • After Adu Du is being hypnotized and starts wearing tribal outfit, Probe does not wear any tribal outfits.
  • When Tarung is spying on Adu Du, who has been hypnotized, he is wearing a hat.
  • BoBoiBoy Leaf does not laugh crazily after a dead snake falls onto him.



  • In the TV version, the title sequence for BoBoiBoy Galaxy has a few changes.
    • Captain Kaizo and Lahap have been replaced by Papa Zola, Cattus and Tarung, the new character in this episode.
    • Scenes from Episode 5, Episode 6 and this episode have been used.
      • This new opening is used throughout the next few episodes and it is included in the YouTube version until Episode 10.
  • This episode marks the second time in Galaxy that BoBoiBoy uses the Elemental Split to summon three forms that is not his original three forms (Earth, Lightning, and Wind). BoBoiBoy Leaf replaces Lightning in this episode.
  • Gopal is able to transform the plants into rotten and dead animals despite being unable to transform living beings as shown when he tried to transform a Rock Monster into food earlier in this episode.
    • It could be because the plants are already dead and rotting so they no longer classify as living beings.
  • This is the only Season 1 episode where the YouTube title is different to what's in the thumbnail.


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