BoBoiBoy Galaxy - S01E07
Official Title
Joe Ker tu?

English Translation
That Joe Ker?

Air Date
March 17, 2017 (TV3 and YouTube)
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That Joe Ker?” (“Joe Ker tu?”) is the 7th episode of the first season of BoBoiBoy Galaxy, and the 7th episode overall in the series.


While on the way to the TAPOPS headquarters, BoBoiBoy and the others received a distress signal from the TAPOPS HQ, only to find that things were not always as they seem.


The episode starts off with one of the TAPOPS Couriers receiving a package, which he stores on the shelf in the storage room. After walking away, the package mysteriously unpackages himself, revealing himself to be a new type of Power Sphere. He spits out a strange card, which shines mysteriously.

Meanwhile, BoBoiBoy and, friends are currently relaxing as they make slow progress to the TAPOPS HQ. BoBoiBoy and Gopal complain about the trip taking too long, being bored after Papa Zola bested them at cards, but Koko Ci silences them. Since Ochobot is still resting, they are unable to utilize his teleportation ability, but when an emergency transmission arrives from the TAPOPS HQ, they are forced to ask Ochobot to teleport them.

Leaving Papa Zola, Ying, and, Yaya to guard the ship and stay behind as backup, BoBoiBoy, Fang, Koko Ci, and Gopal enter the headquarters to investigate. As the BoBoiBoy's group investigates the seemingly abandoned base, Papa Zola and the others remaining on ship accidently discovers a strange person in the distress transmission, raising their suspicions. BoBoiBoy's group investigate further, to find numerous cards scattered about of what seemed like TAPOPS employees and members. Later they find a dark and mysterious figure, hopping about in a room, which Gopal accidently reveals as a humanoid alien named Jokertu. Fang isn't intimidated by Jokertu, but while he is laughing at the supposed villain, Jokertu captures Fang in a card. Jokertu then attempts to turn the remaining members of the group into cards.

Realizing that there was no choice but to fight, BoBoiBoy engages Jokertu in combat, first as Lightning, but discovers that Jokertu is also able to trap projectiles in cards as well. Lightning engages Jokertu before switching to Earth in hopes of trapping the clown, but Jokertu is too agile and easily dodges Earth's attacks. While BoBoiBoy attempts to hold his ground against Jokertu, Cici Ko and Gopal contact the ship for backup, knowing that they would be unable to win without their help.

Leaf VS Jokertu (Episode 7)

BoBoiBoy Leaf engaging Jokertu in combat.

Realizing that he isn't able to keep up with Jokertu's quick movements, BoBoiBoy transforms into Leaf to get an advantage. For a moment, Leaf is able to successful dodge and keep Jokertu occupied, but is eventually subdued and nearly knocked out before Gopal intervenes. Seeing that the best option would be to flee, BoBoiBoy transforms into Wind to help them escape, trapping the cards in a whirlwind. Even though they almost escape, Jokertu catches up to them and is about to trap them in cards.

Suddenly, Ying and Yaya appear to save them; however, despite their best efforts to combat Jokertu, Ying is turned into a card. Koko Ci warns the others to escape, but unfortunately, BoBoiBoy, Gopal, and Yaya are also transformed into cards. Seeing that the entire team has been incapacitated, Koko Ci runs into Papa Zola and asks him to make a distraction while he tries to figure out a way to turn BoBoiBoy and the others back. Papa Zola approaches Jokertu, calling him a 'circus clown' and he challenges Jokertu to a card duel.

Card Elemental Split

Cardified BoBoiBoy preforming Elemental Split.

Jokertu uses his 'The Dragon's Fury' deck while Papa Zola utilizes 'The Disciples of Justice Deck', which conists of the cardified versions of BoBoiBoy and his friends. Jokertu first summons a Bone Dragon, which Papa Zola successfully counters with Gopal, turning the dragon into food. Papa Zola then retaliates by summoning Ying and Yaya and successfully defeats the Bone Dragon. Furious over the lost of his first summon, Jokertu summons Twin Copper Dragons, which defeat Ying and Yaya. Seeing this, Papa Zola summons Fang, who successfully distracts Jokertu while he summons his strongest card: BoBoiBoy. Transforming BoBoiBoy to Lightning, he easily defeats the Twin Copper Dragons, but Jokertu retaliates by combining the to cards into a 'Two Headed Dragon'. Papa Zola scoffs remarking that BoBoiBoy has 'three heads' and he has BoBoiBoy preform an elemental split, which easily defeats the Two-Headed Dragon. Meanwhile, Koko Ci meets up with Cardbot.

After winning, Papa Zola demands that Jokertu reverts BoBoiBoy and his friends back to normal, but Jokertu refuses, asking Cardbot for another card, but it revealed that Cardbot had switched sides. Koko Ci, traps Jokertu in a card which Papa Zola does a body slam on.

Cardbot later returns BoBoiBoy and friends back to normal, with them only having vague memories of being a card. They are surprised to learn that Jokertu had been defeated by Papa Zola. Fang questions the whereabouts of Jokertu, revealing that Papa Zola was still lying down on him. The episode ends with BoBoiBoy laughing and saying his 'Awesome!' catchphrase.


Differences in the Comic Version

  • to be added


  • The artwork of 'BoBoiBoy', 'Gopal' and '2nd Fang' card in this episode is taken from the opening song.
BoBoiBoy and Friends as Cards

BoBoiBoy and his friends as cards.

  • It is revealed that the longest time Fang has been in orbit was 1 month, 10 days, and 10 hours. During this time they ran out of supplies and had to consume blankets and pillows for sustenance.
    • This reminds us that Fang is not actually human, but alien, since he is able to eat things that humans cannot.
  • In this episode, BoBoiBoy and his friends were turned into cards and their rarity and power were measured by the cards they were captured in. The power and rarity of the cards are as follows:



  • In the scene where Koko Ci is running away from Jokertu, his glasses disappeared.
  • BoBoiBoy rarity is ★★★★★. But on the BoBoiBoy Card's the rarity is ★★★★
  • When Papa Zola prepared to fight Jokertu, the artwork of 'Fang' card was changed.
  • When Papa Zola transforms 'BoBoiBoy' into 'BoBoiBoy Lightning', it's written as 'BoBoiBoy Petir'. But, when Papa Zola uses 'BoBoiBoy Elemental Split', it becomes 'BoBoiBoy Thunder' instead 'BoBoiBoy Lightning'.
  • After BoBoiBoy and his friends are released from their cards, Fang's leg passes through his jacket.



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