BoBoiBoy Galaxy - S01E06
Official Title
Fang Penyelamat

English Translation
Fang The Rescuer

Air Date
December 30, 2016 (TV3 and YouTube)
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Fang the Rescuer (“Fang Penyelamat”) is the 6th episode of the first season of BoBoiBoy Galaxy, and the 6th episode overall in the series.


BoBoiBoy's team departs on the TAPOPS Spaceship to travel to their headquarters, but a stowaway causes some problems. The travel might not be so safe after all.


The episode starts off with Koko Ci making an announcement on a stage saying that the TAPOPS spaceship has finally been repaired. He thanks to Tok Aba for taking care of him and MotoBot while on earth, saying that TAPOPS would be eternally indebted. Koko Ci then rallies the new TAPOPS members, and prepares to go to space through a portal made by Ochobot. Tok Aba gives BoBoiBoy his blessing and the two bid farewell, while, Papa Zola is tearing up from saying goodbye to Cattus.

The team departs and Koko Ci shows them around the ship. He first introduces the Power Sphere charging room and invites all the Power Spheres to relax. While Ochobot, BellBot, and Cattus relax, Koko Ci shows the new members of TAPOPS their new rooms. Ying and Yaya's room proves to be luxurious and spacious, but since BoBoiBoy and Gopal are cadets, their room resembles a supply closet more than a bedroom. Although Gopal is distraught over such a measly room, BoBoiBoy is just thankful to have a room to sleep and rest in.

As they're settling down, the ship suddenly quakes and Ying tells others to hurry to the control room, only to reveal that Papa Zola had stowed away on the ship, wanting to come along. However, they suddenly crash into an abandoned ship, which wakes up MotoBot. It is revealed that Papa Zola had altered Koko Ci‘s predetermined course in favor of a much quicker route, which ended up piloting them through a dangerous forbidden zone. The forbidden zone is shown to be a nesting and hunting grounds of dangerous space mosquitoes, who suck the energy of ships that wander into their territory.

The mosquitoes start to suck the ship dry of energy but with MotoBot’s help, BoBoiBoy and his friends are sent out to take care of them. Meanwhile, Koko Ci goes to the Engine Room, trying to activate the solar panels to regain some of the energy lost to send out an SOS signal. Although they make quick work of the first round of mosquitoes, more show up in their place and BoBoiBoy is forced to engage them in combat once again.

Help soon arrives in the form of a ship revealed to be piloted by Fang, having heard the distress call while doing a solo flight training. After destroying the remaining mosquitoes with his shadow manipulation, Fang greets his old friends, who can't stop laughing at Fang's helmet, which greatly resembles a mushroom. Despite the others' mocking comments, he insists that the design on his helmet is "the latest trend!" MotoBot and Koko Ci mistake them for "catching up on old times". 

More mosquitoes arrive and BoBoiBoy invites Fang to partner up like old times. BoBoiBoy performs an Elemental Split and Fang summons his Shadow Falcon and the two begin to battle the incoming bugs. Seeing more bugs incoming, BoBoiBoy reverts and he transforms into his new elemental form Leaf, who makes a passing comment on Fang's appearance, much to Fang’s rage. BoBoiBoy summons pitcher plants, who begin to gobble up the bugs. Following in his suit, Fang summons his own Shadow Venus Fly Trap and the two's plants manage to devour the bugs. They finish off the bugs and they congratulate each other on their victory.

However, their victory is cut short when a much larger mosquito appears. Leaf being a scatterbrained that he is, attempts to make his plants devour the bug, much to Fang's dismay, but it's too big and it easily tosses BoBoiBoy aside. It goes in for the final blow, but the TAPOPS spaceship catches the mosquito with it's solar panels, much like a fly swatter, revealing Papa Zola being the one in control. He manages to destroy the last large mosquito and the coast finally seems clear.

Later, Papa Zola is promoted to a TAPOPS captain and joins them on their galaxy adventure. They also thank Fang for his much-appreciated assistance for towing their ship towards their destination; however, when Papa Zola starts making fun of Fang's helmet, the irritated shadow manipulator starts rocking the ship around and causing it to collide with asteroids. The people onboard the TAPOPS spaceship plead for Fang to stop while Papa Zola remarks that he's starting to feel dizzy.


Differences in the Comic Version

  • to be added


  • The episode's original title was “Fang Assists the Team” (“Fang Pelengkap Pasukan”). It was shortened after Season 1 ended.
  • While BoBoiBoy Leaf is chasing the space mosquitoes with his plants, he says 'Catch 'em! Catch'em all!' which is a possibly a reference to Pokemon's catchphrase 'Gotta catch' em all!'
    • Additionally, the new types of Power Spheres in BoBoiBoy Galaxy is partially influenced by the diversity of Pokemon in the Pokemon franchise.



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