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BoBoiBoy Combo Movement

The Combo Movement!

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm, Cyclone, and Quake, Season 2, Episode 13

The BoBoiBoy Combo Movement (Gerakan Kombo BoBoiBoy) is a special attack of the three BoBoiBoys, BoBoiBoy Lightning, Wind, and Earth when a battle against giant enemies like the Sleep Monster. It was upgraded in Season 1, Episode 13 to defeat Adu Du and Mukalakus.


This Combo Movement was first used in defeating the Multi-Monster in Season 1, Episode 3.

It is also used to defeat the Sleep Monster in Season 1, Episode 9.

This Combo Movement was also used in defeating Mukalakus in the Season 1, Episode 13 with the evolved version.

This Combo Movement was also used in beating Adu Du and Fang's team in the football game in Season 2, Episode 4 with the Wind Toss, the Earth Kick and the Thunder Kick by BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm.

This movement was used again in Season 2, Episode 9 to defeat Adu Du and Probe.

This Combo Movement was also used in defeating PETAI in Season 2, Episode 13 with the evolved version, Mega Cyclone Drill and Mega Thunder Blade.