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Story of BoBoiBoy in the Original Series.


Season 1[]

During summer vacation, BoBoiBoy visits his grandfather, Tok Aba in Rintis Island. There, he meets his soon to be friends and teammates: Yaya, Ying, and Gopal. Meanwhile, an evil alien named Adu Du is bent on taking over Earth and needs cocoa beans to power his machine. He sends his assistant robot, Probe, to procure some of the energy sources. Probe steals cocoa from Tok Aba's Cocoa shop and takes it back to the spaceship. Realizing that someone had stolen the cocoa, BoBoiBoy tails Probe and manages to take it back, only for a mysterious round robot to follow him out, mistaking him to be his master.

The round robot is revealed to be a Power Sphere named Ochobot, capable of granting superpowers to people through Power Watches/Power Bands. He gives BoBoiBoy the ability to manipulate elements and later gifts unique powers to BoBoiBoy's friends. Dismayed at the turn of events, Adu Du attempts to reclaim Ochobot again.

The majority of the season involves BoBoiBoy and his friends dealing with and learning about their new superpowers, gaining new allies such as Papa Zola. BoBoiBoy even manages to evolve his elemental forms, enhancing their abilities. At the end of the season, after the defeat of Adu Du, BoBoiBoy returns to his home in the city, bidding farewell to his friends and promising to visit whenever he can.

Season 2[]

Six months after the events of Season 1, BoBoiBoy moves to the island, having been sent there by his parent to continue his studies and take care of his grandfather. He attends Rintis Island Primary school alongside his old friends, who are glad to have him back. However, at his school, a mysterious boy named Fang, seems to have a power band of his own. Their personalities clash, with Fang being understandingly jealous of BoBoiBoy's popularity, and the two kindle a fierce rival.

After finding out BoBoiBoy has returned, Adu Du devises new plans to defeat him. He recruits Fang as his ally, but even so, all his plans fail. When BoBoiBoy's team is hit with a Y Emotion Pistol, Fang is forced to team up with them to retrieve the antidote. After the incident, Fang decides to join BoBoiBoy's team.

Later, Adu Du attacks while BoBoiBoy's class is having their exams, at the same time a new alien named Ejo Jo arrives on Earth. A battle between all parties ensues and Ejo Jo forces BoBoiBoy and his friends to give up their powers and Ochobot. BoBoiBoy's gang fight valiantly, but everyone except BoBoiBoy, Fang, Ochobot and Adu Du get captured, forcing them to flee to Adu Du's hidden lair.

After devising a plan, BoBoiBoy distracts P.E.T.A.I. while Fang uses the time to summon the powerful Shadow Dragon. The plan succeeds, but Fang faints from exhaustion. Just when things were starting to look up, Ejo Jo dons a suit allowing him to harness the powers of all the stolen Power Bands and engages BoBoiBoy in a heated battle.

Season 3[]

Picking up directly from the last season, BoBoiBoy has trouble dealing with Ejo Jo, who starts using the untapped potential of his friends. Just as he is about to be defeated, Adu Du (in his Mukalakus robot) interjects to help BoBoiBoy, in revenge for the destruction of Probe. Tok Aba and Ochobot are able to free BoBoiBoy's friends but Ejo Jo steals Fang's Power Band and traps them in a Shadow Cocoon. With Tok Aba, Papa Zola, and Iwan's help, they were freed and took on Ejo Jo once more and successfully drive him off.

BoBoiBoy later assisted Adu Du to fix Probe, effectively bringing him to the side of good. He became known to the citizens of Rintis Island as a superhero. He later fought Cocoa Jumbo, an abandoned experiment created by Adu Du to steal Cocoa. However the new fame and responsibilities caused stress to build up and BoBoiBoy began having nightmares, inadvertently turning into BoBoiBoy Fire when he's asleep and causing mass chaos.

When Ibu Bu, Adu Du's mother, appeared on Earth, she blamed BoBoiBoy for influence Adu Du and attacked BoBoiBoy and the others. After she faked being severely injured by BoBoiBoy Quake, Adu Du left BoBoiBoy's team and had assumed to have become evil once more, leaving BoBoiBoy guilty. However, Adu Du shows up at school once more, seemingly unaffected, but Adu Du ordered other villainous comrades to attack him, forcing him out to defend the school and use all his powers, to which Adu Du was able to collect his DNA of his three original elements.

Eventually, BoBoiBoy's involvement in the random fires had been revealed, showing that he had turned into Fire in his sleep because of how stressed he was. Adu Du took this as an opportunity to introduce BoBoiBot as the new superhero. Due to BoBoiBot's villainous intentions, it attacked Gopal and BoBoiBoy transformed into Fire under pressure to try to fight back, but it's revealed that BoBoiBot was more proficient that BoBoiBoy ever was. Humiliated, BoBoiBoy had been brushed aside, as the town, even his own friends, took BoBoiBot as their new hero. Eventually, Adu Du and BoBoiBoy revealed their true nature and forced the citizens to pay for their efforts. BoBoiBoy is then confronted by Probe, who had come on his own, to let him know about his Water powers and thus activating it. After some solid training, BoBoiBoy stands up and turned into BoBoiBoy Water to defeat BoBoiBot.

Sometime later, BoBoiBoy reluctantly took part in a campaign promoting the safekeeping of the environment but was then attacked by a new opponent, the Armored Monster while cleaning the streets by the school campus, the monster being hired to take out BoBoiBoy. They assumed Adu Du hired him but the monster denied. Despite this, Adu Du and Probe came to assist during the battle but fled when BoBoiBoy and his friends defeated the Shield Monster and took him prisoner.

As the school's Earth Day celebration came, BoBoiBoy isolated himself from the others, sad his parents could not come while Ochobot and Tok Aba were busy at Tok Aba Kokotiam. His friends (minus Fang) took him around the booths to cheer him up, but Adu Du and Probe managed to bust out the Shield Monster and distracted them using the Earth replica made out of recycled items that the children themselves made. After the commotion, BoBoiBoy received a postcard from his parents before everyone resumed cleaning the mess Adu Du caused, cheering him up significantly.

The next day, BoBoiBoy receives an urgent message saying there is trouble in the junkyard. He and his friends meet there and discover that Adu Du sent them the message. Adu Du and Probe warn the heroes that Ejo Jo is returning to Earth seeking revenge on BoBoiBoy.

BoBoiBoy and his friends prepare for combat, but Ejo Jo is unexpectedly taken out by a new player- Captain Kaizo. Kaizo and his associate and Lieutenant, Lahap. It is then revealed that Fang is a member of Kaizo's team, and an alien, to the surprise of BoBoiBoy's gang. Kaizo demand BoBoiBoy's Power Watch, along with his friends, as he deemed them unworthy. This causes a fight between the two factions, and Fang and BoBoiBoy face off. Eventually, the two decide not to fight, due to their friendship.

Kaizo and Lahap get involved, dispatching the Gang in an epic fight, and relieve them of their Power Watches, and Fang. Kaizo's team then leaves the planet.

Adu Du and Probe offer the children a ride to go after Fang and their watches, and they follow their new rivals, nearly failing to get to their ship. It is there, Fang betrays Kaizo, and returns his friend's Power Watches. Kaizo attacks him, but BoBoiBoy comes to his defense, and the two tag-team the more experienced fighter leading to Kaizo deeming the Gang worthy of their Power Watches. Kaizo also invites BoBoiBoy to join his team, but the boy refuses, as he feels Kaizo's methods are far too violent. Kaizo accepts this, and give the Gang a ride back to Earth.

The Gang were saddened by Fang remaining in space, until he returns, having realized his friends needed him more than his brother- Kaizo. This enrages Yaya, Ying, and Gopal, and as they chase Fang, BoBoiBoy declares that he will protect the galaxy in a monologue.