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This is the English transcript for Season 3, Episode 19 of BoBoiBoy. The dialogue on this page is sourced from the official English dub that airs on Disney Channel.

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Speaker Dialogue
[Montage of scenes from the previous episode begins.]
Gopal Help, BoBoiBoy! BoBoiBot is evil now!
BoBoiBoy Huh? What did he do?
Gopal He's forcing us to pay for his superhero services!
Yaya [through BoBoiBoy's Power Band] Whoever doesn't want to pay will be punished by him.
[Cut to Probe outside BoBoiBoy's bedroom window.]
Probe I came here to give you some information on how to defeat BoBoiBot.
[Cut to where Adu Du set up his forced donation box.]
BoBoiBoy Please stop this evil thing that you are doing!
Adu Du Ay, BoBoiBoy, why don't you come here and try to stop me, huh?
BoBoiBoy You are really asking for it! (Transforms into BoBoiBoy Water.) BoBoiBoy's new power: Water!
["BoBoiBoy's Water Surprise" title card.]
Townspeople (All exclaim in awe.)
(BoBoiBoy Water himself remains perched on his Water Sphere.)
BoBoiBoy Water (Looks up.) Hm!
BoBoiBot Huh?
Adu Du Wa- Water BoBoiBoy?!
BoBoiBoy Water (Chuckles)
Ah Beng's son Wow, BoBoiBoy has new powers!
Mr. Burger Beat this good-for-nothing [...?...], BoBoiBoy!
BoBoiBoy Water Save me the trouble and just surrender.
Adu Du (Cackles evilly) You want me to surrender? Do you think that I am afraid of your new powers?
BoBoiBot But sir, that's the Water power.
BoBoiBoy Water It's time for you to return all the money that you have taken!
(BoBoiBoy Water leaps off his Water Sphere and fires a huge jet of water into the ground. The ground begins to shake.)
Townspeople (All exclaim fearfully)
Adu Du What is happening?!
BoBoiBot Eh? Huh? (Scans the ground and locks in on one spot.)
BoBoiBoy Water Water Geyser!
(The jet of water BoBoiBoy Water fired before suddenly shoots out of the ground underneath Adu Du while BoBoiBot is thrown to the side. Adu Du and the money are carried up into the air.)
Adu Du (Screams as he falls back to the ground.)
(BoBoiBot moves to catch him. BoBoiBoy Water makes another Water Sphere and lies back on it.)
BoBoiBoy Water Ha! Are you worried now?
(The townspeople pick up their money.)
Ah Beng's son Wow, thank you BoBoiBoy!
Adu Du (Coughs and jumps out of BoBoiBot's arms.) But how... how did you manage to get this new power?!
BoBoiBoy Water (Chuckles and takes a sip of an Ice Chocolate.)
["2 Weeks Ago..." title card. Flashback from two weeks ago]
(BoBoiBoy, Ochobot and Probe are sitting in BoBoiBoy's room.)
BoBoiBoy Hmm, can I trust you on this? You're always loyal to Adu Du.
Probe Hey, of course I'm loyal to Mr. Boss, but never ever to that BoBoiBot.
[Another flashback to a previous episode.]
Adu Du Very good, BoBoiBot!
Probe Huh?
Adu Du You are definitely my best robot so far!
[Flashback ends.]
Probe (Sniffs and cries after reminiscing then runs into BoBoiBoy's arms.)
BoBoiBoy Hey, what's going on?
Probe (Sobs) Mr. Boss said that BoBoiBot is ... (pants) ... definitely ... (pants) ... his best and most impressive robot! (Bursts into tears again.)
Ochobot Oh no, what a drama.
Probe (Blows his nose.) And then that is why I must help you, BoBoiBoy. If you can defeat BoBoiBot, I will once again become Mr. Boss' favourite robot! (Sniffs and sobs)
BoBoiBoy Hmm, so that's the story then? Alright, I'll help you, Probe!
Probe (Sniffs then hugs BoBoiBoy.) Thank you very much, BoBoiBoy. You are a very kindhearted enemy.
BoBoiBoy Okay, please tell me then, how in the world do I defeat BoBoiBot?
Probe (Chuckles) Hm, it is very easy. You have to take BoBoiBot's number one weakness!
Ochobot What is his weakness?
Probe BoBoiBot's main weakness is ... water! (Points outside to the rain.)
BoBoiBoy Water?
Probe Yes, you have to attack him using water.
BoBoiBoy But how do I do that?
Ochobot You will have to use water as your source of power.
[Cut to the next day in front of Tok Aba's cafe.]
(Papa Zola walks past the cafe carrying his groceries.)
Papa Zola [...?...] normal eggs, two sacks of [...?...] sugar, curry leaves papaya leaves, three [...?...] of Tok Aba's cocoa—eh? (Sees BoBoiBoy's friends and Ochobot scanning BoBoiBoy outside the cafe.) What's happening? (Goes over to them.) Hey, trying to take identification card photo?
Yaya No we're not, sir. Ochobot is trying to scan BoBoiBoy to see if he has water power.
Papa Zola Water power? Ah, what excellent timing! (Sits down at the cafe.) Get me a glass of water, I just came back from the market.
Ying But sir, it's not the right time.
Fang So how about now, Ochobot? Is it true that BoBoiBoy has water power?
Gopal Hey, I'm sure he does. If he has the power of fire, of course he has water too. Ha, next time, use your brain.
Fang (Becomes surrounded by shadows.) What did you say?!
Gopal Uh, (stutters) I didn't say anything! (Hears Ochobot beeping.) Eh?
Ochobot Ha, it's confirmed! BoBoiBoy still has other powers that are hidden!
BoBoiBoy If that's the case, I have to find a way to bring out this new power.
Tok Aba But then, you have to be careful, BoBoiBoy, the Water element can be dangerous.
Papa Zola I think you are totally right, Mr. Aba. There is an old saying: "Beware calm waters, for hidden within may be lions."
Fang Huh? Since when do lions live underwater?
Papa Zola There is! What about sea lions?
(Fang and Tok Aba stare at Papa Zola.)
Papa Zola (Chuckles sheepishly)
Yaya Hey—
BoBoiBoy Huh?
Yaya —when you turn into Water BoBoiBoy, do not forget yourself.
Ying Huh, that's right control your power, BoBoiBoy!
Gopal Yes, remember, I'm your best friend! Buy me a drink later, okay?
Papa Zola They are right. Make sure you don't flood the entire school, okay? You might destroy all your exam papers. Would you like to take your math paper again? Huh? Do you? (Pops up beside Fang and Gopal.) Do you, do you, do you?!
Fang and Gopal What?! Please don't flood the school, BoBoiBoy!
Fang If you don't control your water, you're gonna get it from me! (Shoves BoBoiBoy.)
Gopal Remember BoBoiBoy, do not lose control of your power! (Picks up BoBoiBoy and shakes him back and forth.) Remember, okay?! Remember!
BoBoiBoy (Groans) I know, I know! I get it alright! (Threatens to transform into BoBoiBoy Fire.)
Fang, Yaya, and Ying Huh?!
(Papa Zola starts massaging BoBoiBoy, which relaxes him enough to stop the transformation.)
Papa Zola Relax, BoBoiBoy. Don't lose your patience over this.
BoBoiBoy (Sits down and sighs.) I'm just trying to remain calm, sir. It's just that I have never used this power before.
(Papa Zola removes BoBoiBoy's shoes and starts massaging his feet.)
Papa Zola (Laughs) Oh, do not worry, just remember who you are and don't turn into that violent Fire BoBoiBoy.
BoBoiBoy (Sighs) Feels so nice...
(Ochobot scans BoBoiBoy while Papa Zola is massaging him.)
Ochobot Huh? What is this? His Water power is stronger!
Everyone (except BoBoiBoy and Ochobot) What?!
Papa Zola Where? Where [...?...], where? And what's going on?!
(Ochobot scans BoBoiBoy again.)
Ochobot Huh? It's decreasing?!
BoBoiBoy Are you sure that was Water power just now?
Ochobot Definitely! For a while it was becoming stronger but then when Teacher Papa did not massage- eh?!
Ying and Yaya Huh? (Both look at Papa Zola.)
Papa Zola Hmm? What are you looking at; would you like to have extra homework?
Ying and Yaya What? Extra homework? (Giggling) That would be good, yay!
Fang (Sighs) Why do I even have friends like this.
Gopal Hey, it's not that we want to have more homework but BoBoiBoy's Water power increases whenever you massage him.
Papa Zola Huh what?! Is that really the truth?!
Gopal It's true sir! Remember Fire BoBoiBoy came out because of pressure. I'm sure Water BoBoiBoy comes out because of calmness.
Tok Aba Well there is logic to what Gopal is saying.
BoBoiBoy That's a really awesome theory, Gopal! (Gives Gopal a high five)
Papa Zola Well if your theory on this, on this matter is correct Gopal, please do allow me to give you a special, Calming Massage from the Truth!!! (Violently massages BoBoiBoy.) Take this! Is it nice?! Is it?!
BoBoiBoy (Grunts in pain)
(Papa Zola starts massaging BoBoiBoy gently.)
BoBoiBoy (sighs)
Tok Aba Ah, and also, try Grandad's special Cocoa Drink, and let the calmness [?...?..]
(Tok Aba hands BoBoiBoy a Special Ice Chocolate.)
(A deck chair, umbrella, candles, incense jars, flowers and towels appear. BoBoiBoy is lying on the deck chair with a towel wrapped around his head and continues drinking the Ice Chocolate while Papa Zola continues massaging him.)
Gopal Ooh! That's so good!
Papa Zola The final Super Massage Movement!!! Hiyaaaa!! (Gently massages BoBoiBoy's temples)
BoBoiBoy (Sighs) My head feels so good... Everything is so calm..
(A small ball of water materializes out of thin air near Gopal.)
Gopal (Sees the water ball forming) Eh? (Taps the water ball and watches it float away) Oh?
Ying and Yaya (Sees the water balls forming in front of them) Huh? (Sees many of them) Ohhh!
Ochobot (Sees the many balls around him) Eh? (Starts scanning BoBoiBoy)
(BoBoiBoy starts glowing. The water balls float towards him.)
Ochobot Huh! It's working!
Everyone (except BoBoiBoy and Ochobot) (Shielding their eyes from the bright light coming from BoBoiBoy)
(BoBoiBoy Water appears from the light drinking the Cocoa Drink. Compared to BoBoiBoy, he is chubby.)
Everyone (except BoBoiBoy) Huh?!
BoBoiBoy Water Hehehe, hi~ (Waves his hand)
Yaya Why does BoBoiBoy look so different?
Papa Zola Hey what kind of magic is this? Just now BoBoiBoy, and now BoBoiYot!
Ochobot (Scanning BoBoiBoy Water) Hmm, it looks like Water BoBoiBoy likes to relax and enjoy his drinks. (Pokes BoBoiBoy's stomach)
BoBoiBoy Water Hey hey! Stop touching my stomach!
Ying Ohh! I think I know! He must hate exercising, right?
BoBoiBoy Water Exercising? (Rolls on his back) Is that a type of vegetable?
Gopal (Sighs) This is bad.
Fang Oh no! How are we supposed to fight Adu Du and BoBoiBot?
BoBoiBoy Water (Sits up) Hehehe, stop worrying about that BoBoiBot. Let me show you my power. (Takes a big sip of his Drink) The Water Ball! Hiyah.. (Makes a big water ball above his head) oh ho. Oh! (Falls over and the water falls on him) Ow!
Fang (Sighs) He's our only hope, and now he's hopeless
Gopal Hey.. come on. Let's just surrender to Adu Du.
Ying Hey! Don't be silly! Water BoBoiBoy is still our hope, understand?
Gopal Our hope?? He's more like hopeless! Ha, ha! Look at this, look at this, ha ha! (Pinches BoBoiBoy's cheek and pokes his stomach) How is he supposed to do anything with this body?
BoBoiBoy Water Oh please. You're not that fit yourself.
Gopal Hey! Even though I'm fat, I'm still active. Hah, look at this!
(Gopal jumps on the bars of a nearby jungle gym. He grabs them and performs small tricks, reaching the top and coming down with a jump. He bows down after his performance and clapping can be heard.)
Fang, Ying and Yaya Wow!
Papa Zola That boy is my student, you know?
Tok Aba He's a close friend of my grandson!
BoBoiBoy Water Oh please! I can do it too alright! Look here.
(BoBoiBoy Water struggles to climb the lowest bar of the jungle gym)
BoBoiBoy Water (Grunting) Just a bit more! A bit more!
Tok Aba (Sighs) You have to lose some weight and get active and fit, BoBoiBoy.
BoBoiBoy Water Lose some weight? Hehe, what in the world for Grandad? I think I look quite okay! (Drinks the Cocoa Drink)
Tok Aba This looks okay to you? You really need help... (Faints)
Papa Zola (Catches Tok Aba) Oh, Mr. Aba! Please allow me, to, (whispering in Tok Aba's ear)
Tok Aba Oh! Haha! Please be my guest! Hehehehe. (Nodding)
BoBoiBoy Water Huh? Why is Grandad laughing?