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Rzieee0w0 Rzieee0w0 5 March


um guys about the boboiboy galaxy series...

does anyone know when season 2 (animated) is released?

and does the comic version of the boboiboy season 2 have an english version? cuz i am interested to read season 2 in comics but i don't understand malay

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King Dart GT King Dart GT 3 February

BoBoiBoy Characters in a few words

BoBoiBoy - Noice

Gopal - I am hungry

Yaya Yah - Baker

Ying - As quick as a Chiron

Fang - I want some horror

Tok Aba - Let's have a good cup of tea

Ochobot - Pretty futuristic

Adu Du - You squareshaped blockhead

Probe - Super Saiyan Probe

Computer - Hey Google

Papa Zola - A papa of superheroes

Bago Go - Scammer

Mukalakus - Mukalakus Power up

Mr Kumar - NO THIS IS PATRICK!!!!!

Cocoa Jumbo - A family of Coffee

PETAI - Piece of turd

Ejo Jo - Never judge


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GyroModeYoroiMode12532 GyroModeYoroiMode12532 2 February

I'm back.

Hello! It is me, Gyro! I have returned this 2022, and i will try to keep track of everything again!

I am going back to editing this fandom once again, because i want to (obviously, lol)

looking forward into doing stuff again



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MagicAqila208 MagicAqila208 24 December 2021


      • 1.1.1 1)Amato and Mechabot appear
      • 1.1.2 2)New Power-ups for BBB's friends
      • 1.1.3 3)ELEMENT OF DARKNESS

We all got the annoucement from Monsta that BoBoiBoy is receiving a third movie in 2022 as in early 2021,they are currently in production.But since its not yet 2022,i decided to think about what i think should happen in Movie 3.You all can share your thoughts and ideas down below because that helps as well.

I hope that BBB's parents make an appearance because we only saw Tok Aba in the entire franchise,plus Amato(BBB's father)only appears in the Post-credits of Movie 2 along with the prologue and epilogue alongside Mechabot,his Power Sphera with a mention in th…

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ThunderDragon2 ThunderDragon2 11 May 2021

Files that are used, but are marked as unused

About files that are used on pages, but are marked as unused.
Some files that are used are listed in Special:UnusedFiles, causing them to be deleted. It is seen that they are indeed used only after they are restored.
Certain files are not updated even after restoration. Such files, when seen in the image lightbox, show that they are not posted on any page, even in Special:WhatLinksHere.

How to solve this issue
Remove an image from the gallery and the issue will be resolved for all the images in the gallery. Re-adding the image doesn't cause the issue again.

How to differentiate in an image lightbox
(Left side = Used file marked as unused; Right side = Used file marked correctly):

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GyroModeYoroiMode12532 GyroModeYoroiMode12532 1 April 2021

Gyro Resigning.

Hello guys! Gyro here. I am here to make an message, as i forgot to do so. (malaysian part is translated in google translate)

I'm resigning from the wiki. I contributed so much, and i am unable to keep up. I am super busy with my school modules, and such, as i am going to resign, just like what the Page said. I wish you all, the contributors to this Wiki, and BoBoiBoy, great love, even if we are not friends.

-Gyro, 4/1/2021 (Thursday, april 1, 2021) --MALAYSIAN / RAKYAT MALAYSIA-- Apa khabar semua! Gyro di sini. Saya di sini untuk membuat pesanan, kerana saya lupa melakukannya.

Saya mengundurkan diri dari wiki. Saya banyak menyumbang, dan saya tidak dapat mengikuti. Saya sangat sibuk dengan modul sekolah saya, dan seperti itu, kerana saya aka…

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Khansa165 Khansa165 17 March 2021

Hi friends, how are you

Hi friends, how are you?

You guys don't stay home?

With me too ☺

We pray the same yes, may the covid-19 outbreak pass quickly. So we can go to school again, play with friends again. It's fun, isn't it?

We have to wait patiently for 2022..

And may the medical nurses be good now, we should be grateful for god's favor. We also have to take care of ourselves. so as not to be affected by this covid-19.. Even if we stay [1]home, we can still go to school, you know! and can play with your sister at [2]home. we can have fun, even at [3]home, if communication via phone / mobile phone.

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Khansa165 Khansa165 16 March 2021

Hi, I am new user

Hi, I'am new user's here.

and I'am a fans of BoBoiBoy!

my favorite characters is YAYA

Nice to met you! 😊

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Anime Cool Bros Anime Cool Bros 13 March 2021

Happy BoBoiBoy 10th Anniversary + Birthday!

Yay! BoBoiBoy is finally 10th Anniversary! I'm very happy and excited,fir BoBoiBoy Beyond 10!

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WonderKat!MEOW!of15 WonderKat!MEOW!of15 8 February 2021

Monster Fang TF

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WonderKat!MEOW!23 WonderKat!MEOW!23 31 December 2020

Fang as a Merboy

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Anime Cool Bros Anime Cool Bros 24 October 2020

It's showing Error

When I went to any Wiki's disscussion, it's showing error. I am using every device but its showing error. Someone please help me out!

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Anime Cool Bros Anime Cool Bros 10 October 2020

BoBoiBoy Galaxy! 15 Seasons!!!

As Monsta said that BoBoiBoy Galaxy will have max 300 episodes. So I did some math and found that it could have 10-15 Seasons with 20 episodes (as it was 24 in Season 1). So I think it will have that many Seasons.

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Anime Cool Bros Anime Cool Bros 9 September 2020

Monsta just blowed up our minds!

Monsta has revealed so much new contents that blew our minds! New Show - Destinasi Terbaik, Upcoming BoBoiBoy Movie - BoBoiBoy Movie 3 (The 3rd Feature Film) in 2022, New Mechamato Film in 2021, BoBoiBoy Galaxy Special Comic in 2021! Can't wait for this Rain of Content! Comment below your expectations!

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Anime Cool Bros Anime Cool Bros 31 July 2020

Jaguh Lang! He can be one strong ally in BoBoiBoy Team

Jaguh Lang - The Cidas Valley Bird is huge and strong, Instead of Qually, they can replace him with Jaguh Lang

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Anime Cool Bros Anime Cool Bros 27 July 2020

Biggest Mistake made by BoBoiBoy in his whole life!

As we see in BoBoiBoy Movie 2, BoBoiBoy used Penta Split and summoned Quake, Thorn, Cyclone, Thunderstorm and Solar. Why did he summoned Solar !!?? Solar Died because of BoBoiBoy's Mistake, he could have summoned BoBoiBoy Blaze or BoBoiBoy Ice. But he didn't, He let Solar die instead of making him train with Tok Kasa. Imagine the Movie with BoBoiBoy Solar alive, he could have saved the Team from Kang Kongs, he could have also gotten stronger by training, he could have battled Retak'ka carefully and nicely after learning his Power Absorbation. So see, BoBoiBoy let his Trump Card Solar die from Retak'ka, we also saw BoBoiBoy Supra as the strongest Fusion as it contained Solar, So if Solar trained and got stronger, Supra would have been stron…

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Anime Cool Bros Anime Cool Bros 27 July 2020

New Issue 3 is Coming this Week

Issue #3 Perbicaraan Terhebat!  is Coming This Week Guys

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Anime Cool Bros Anime Cool Bros 22 July 2020

A Really Weird Thought in my Mind!!

We see BoBoiBoy Gaining Powers from Ochobot, The Power comes from Retak'ka, The Powers come to Retak'ka from the Other Elemental Weilders. But Wait!!!! The Solar Power comes from the Power Sphere Sinarbot, does that mean the Real Elemental Weilder of Solar Seiled his Powers in Sinarbot so that he can later Regain it, But Unfortunately Retak'ka took it and then BoBoiBoy. As Time passes the Mystery of Solar becomes more Suspenseful as the Mystery seems to be uncovered in Issue #3.The Unknown Bird Seems to be connected with this Solar Power because as you notice carefully, Solar and the Bird seems to have lot Similar things, Like The Bird is Very Powerful to take down People but we have seen the 2nd Tier Elements matching up  to their friends…

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Sarah xyz Sarah xyz 21 July 2020

The things that can we think about BoBoiBoy and amato's life.

As we all know that BoBoiBoy's father also had a Power Sphera friend Mechabot, and currently he works in a Space Station rescuing Power Spheras and intouch with Maskmana. There are some confusing things that I think about his life with BoBoiBoy.

First thing is that does BoBoiBoy knows that his father works in a Space Station. As revealed in season 3 episode 23 BoBoiBoy said that his father is an ambassador. Apparently may be he doesn't know about his father passion. If he knows, he knew the Power Spheras existence before he first met OchoBot. In season 1 episode 1 when he first met OchoBot he seems not to know anything about Power Spheras (he was ought to know because if he has seen MechaBot with his father he don't have to shock when he se…

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Anime Cool Bros Anime Cool Bros 21 July 2020

Can BoBoiBoy Solar's Level 3 be even Powerful than we Imagine

BoBoiBoy Solar is the most Powerful BoBoiBoy Form if we don't count the Fusions.We see Retak'ka Transforming Gamma but the title Gamma and it's logo present an Evil Feeling, I mean to Say that BoBoiBoy is good so I guess his Power Level 3 can Transform into something bigger and greater and Powerful! I Guess He can Tap into the Power of World, Dimension, Galaxy, Universe and Power beyond it. This is just my Opinion. What's yours?!

But well Bye Everyone

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Anime Cool Bros Anime Cool Bros 20 July 2020

Who is the Upcoming Fusion?

As we saw in the Trailer, BoBoiBoy is getting a New Fusion Form in Season 2. So, who might have fused together to form a New Fusion

My Facts :

  • BoBoiBoy Solar + Thorn = BoBoiBoy Photosynthetic
  • BoBoiBoy Crystal + Gamma = BoBoiBoy Acid
  • BoBoiBoy Darkwood + Gamma = BoBoiBoy Lightree
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Anime Cool Bros Anime Cool Bros 15 July 2020

My Opinion of BoBoiBoy Galaxy Season 2's Antagonist

Who can be the Main Antagonist of Season 2!? Adu Du will for surely not. But My Opinion is that the Unknown Powerful Bird who will Appear in Issue #3 is the Main Villain of the Season. Cause We have also seen Ying landing a Powerful Super Attack on him in the Trailer .

Yaya also seems to be landing Powerful moves and all . I guess the New Fusion of BoBoiBoy Thorn and Solar is gonna fight him in the Finale.

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N.SYU N.SYU 30 October 2019

Grammar correction and such

I'm looking for any pages I can correct.

These are the ones I've corrected so far:

  • Ejo Jo
  • Mama Zila
  • Kubulus
  • Planet Ata Ta Tiga
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N.SYU N.SYU 29 October 2019

Ejo Jo in Boboiboy Galaxy S2?

I honestly hope that he'll make an appearance in the second season.

He actually plays an important role here: He contributed alot in Adu Du's character development. If he were not to bully him, Adu Du might actually be a good person. And the whole Earth conquering mission might not happen in the first place. Boboiboy wouldn't get his powers, Papa Zola won't exist, .etc

In depth focus on the Kubulus race and Planet Ata Ta Tiga will do awesome too. For example, maybe the gang got a mission there. So there are further and detailed explaination about them. In my opinion out of all races in the series, Kubulus is the most interesting so far. It's like there are more for us to discover. Ejo Jo alone made everything seem interesting. (Dropping thei…

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Kheshween Kheshween 14 September 2018


Hi BoBoiBoy fans! Wan't to chat with BoBoiBoy Wiki users and admins? Then you should visit the Discord Server of BoBoiBoy Wiki! You can put some widget on the main page and join the server for fun! Remember to read the Discord Rules and Policies before joining!  Join here:  We hope to see you there! Have fun chatting! 

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Ivan the Brony Kaiju Ivan the Brony Kaiju 13 September 2018

Discord Server

Hi BoBoiBoy fans! Wan't to chat with BoBoiBoy Wiki users and admins? Then you should visit the Discord Server of BoBoiBoy Wiki! You can put some widget on the main page and join the server for fun! Remember to read the Discord Rules and Policies before joining!

Join here:

We hope to see you there! Have fun chatting! :D

SF12 (t - b - c) 07:40, September 13, 2018 (UTC)

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DetectiveLevi DetectiveLevi 22 June 2018

Glitchy Wiki

As an editor of BoBoiBoy wiki there are some glitches I never expected to be such as in the category

what I did what wrong at the page BoBoiboy Solar with the categories admins please remove it

-Tofu Drifter

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Ailman Aisy Ailman Aisy 1 March 2018


To admins on this wiki, I am very pleased for your immediate action on the wikia user named Kheshwenda5. The user has added some already existing pages as well as pages that are no longer needed on this wiki. Thank you.

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TrueGuy TrueGuy 24 December 2017

Need BoBoiBoy Fanon

Do you think BoBoiBoy Wiki needs BoBoiBoy Fanon Wiki?

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KoKo the Black Cat KoKo the Black Cat 30 May 2017

Yaya's Biscuits

My friend said that Monsta had revealed Fang ate Yaya's biscuits because her biscuits also had carrots.

Is this true?

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KogitsuneRanbuIzayoi KogitsuneRanbuIzayoi 29 May 2017

BoBoiBoy in English (ntv7 version)

This channel has all the videos of ntv7's version of BoBoiBoy:

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FannyFan02 FannyFan02 12 May 2017


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AzuraJae AzuraJae 18 April 2017

Minor Inactivity (April 18th - April 26th)

Hello, everyone! Not sure if anyone would read this, but just to let everyone know what's going on.

Summative Week just started, basically, it's Exam Project week and I have to put full focus into my studies at the moment. I can't afford to fail, so I will using my utmost effort to get a passing grade. So from April 18th (today) to April 26th (about a week from now, at the time I'm writing this post). I might be putting a few edits here and there, but I might just be too busy.

I will continue to contribute more to the wiki after my summative is over, as it is a study break (I get a week off)!

That's all for now, 

Tootaloo, my friends.

- Jae (azurajae)

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JulianGabrielABelda JulianGabrielABelda 14 April 2017


BoBoiBoy Pinklao

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BeldaJulian BeldaJulian 28 March 2017

Boboiboy on ITV

A youtuber named Boboiboy Pinklao keeps on publishing videos that Boboiboy is on ITV. But he only.. well. Editing episodes with ITV opening and ending idents and his ITV Angila Boboiboy video He put ITV Angila ident with commercial i don't like it anyways i sometimes get terrified of the ITVs he adds thats why i call people to watch it instead of me

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Iwan Udin Iwan Udin 20 March 2017

Which cartoons are could joins to team up with Boboiboy?

1. Powerpuff Girls

  • Blossom
  • Bubbles
  • Buttercup

2. Powerpuff Girls Z

  • Momoko Akatsutsumi
  • Miyako Gotokuji
  • Kaoru Matsubara

3. Sailor Moon

  • Usagi Tsukino
  • Ami Mizuno
  • Rei Hino
  • Makoto Kino
  • Miyako Aino
  • Chibiusa
  • Setsuna Meiou
  • Haruka Tenou
  • Michiru Kaiou
  • Hotaru Tomoe

4. Cardcaptor Sakura

  • Sakura Kinomoto
  • Tomoyo Daidouji
  • Meiling Li
  • Chiharu Mihara
  • Rika Sasaki
  • Naoko Yanagisawa

5. Totally Spies

  • Sam
  • Clover
  • Alex
  • Britney
  • Dominique
  • Mandy
  • Caitlin
  • Mindy
  • Gabriella
  • Stella
  • Carmen
  • Crimson
  • Pam
  • Alice

6. Winx Club

  • Bloom
  • Stella
  • Flora
  • Tecna
  • Musa
  • Aisha
  • Roxy
  • Daphne

P.S.: Boboiboy still doesn't contains bathing suits scenes, but I hope it will be aired on Cartoon Network in entire of Europe only (including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, & Turkey) along with Aikatsu & Powerpuff Girls Z.

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Kheshween Kheshween 19 March 2017


hello,i am kheshwenda.Kheshween (talk) 08:25, March 19, 2017 (UTC)kheshwenda

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KoKo the Black Cat KoKo the Black Cat 4 November 2016


Today is his birthday...

And i have"made" a birthday cake for him!

What about you guys?!

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KoKo the Black Cat KoKo the Black Cat 25 September 2016

Can anyone tell me...

Where is this scene come from?!

                                                     Hmm.....Anyone?Who knows                                                          this scene?


Eh,I've never seen this scene....                                                               


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KoKo the Black Cat KoKo the Black Cat 21 August 2016

Will Fang reveal some secret about his life ?

Before Fang comes to Earth,I wonder where Fang came from,how was his life with his brother,what did happend to them?

Have anyone wondered about that?

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Wenjing17 Wenjing17 21 August 2016

Review for BoBoiBoy: The Movie (Disney Channel Version)

Okay, first of all... I am disappointed that Until Forever (the English version of Masih di Sini) did not make it in the movie... just the instrumental version. But I do wish that monsta will upload it on YouTube.

Though, at least the voice actors are improving, especially for BoBoiBoy's Voice Actor. Well, it seems Azman Zulkiply still voices Bora Ra and he is doing great. No doubt for Fang, since he is still voiced by Wong Wai Kay.

Most of the parts are great, though there are some being taken out. But hey, at least they still have the picture credits. Overall, the movie English Dub is still great.

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ProminentStar ProminentStar 18 July 2016

Haha, is this even considered as a legit Trivia or just nonsense?

Okay, Uhm, so I've somewhat noticed something about the whole Elemental Split power of BoBoiBoy's.. And I wanna know, do others think that what's written below is good or sensible enough to go down on the page, Elemental Split, or is it something that isn't legit enough to be written on the page?

It is possible that, each 'generation' of the Elemental Split powers have different features of their own that differentiates them from the others.

  • If we classify the Generations like so:
    • 1st Generation - BoBoiBoy Earth/ BoBoiBoy Earthquake, BoBoiBoy Lightning/ BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm and BoBoiBoy Wind/ BoBoiBoy Cyclone
    • 2nd Generation - BoBoiBoy Fire/ BoBoiBoy Blaze and BoBoiBoy Water/ BoBoiBoy Ice
    • 3rd Generation - BoBoiBoy Solar and BoBoiBoy Thorn
  • In ter…
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Adu Du Adu Du 4 July 2016


Can I make gallery page for boboiboy episode photos?

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Rahmad45 Rahmad45 27 March 2016

if boboiboy has a manga will you buy it or read

if boboiboy has a manga will you buy it or read?

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AudreyBianca AudreyBianca 26 February 2016

3 years, I guess.

FFFFUU well, this is embarrassing. ((I'm dyiiiing why did I do this again))

So... Anyway, it's been 3 years already since I last open this Wikia (I guess, unless I forgot my visitations here). And for the past three years, I've forgotten to use this so don't mind me if I do something embarrassing. Yesterday, I was searching for the Wikia of Owari no Seraph, since my friend told me that it has a Wikia page, and thought that maybe I should visit the other Wikia's I've been using during 2012-2013. I actually forgot this account's username and its password and I'm quite relief to say that I somehow remembered it. 

Since it's been quite a while, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Audrey Bianca, I was an editor on this Boboiboy Wikia for quite a lo…

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JazzyMie22 JazzyMie22 25 January 2016


Hey guys! I'm sorry, if I became a bad admin. TT^TT

Actually, it's been a really really long time since I last got here, due to school. Also, I may not be able to edit more than usual or before because, I'm not updated in any BBB episodes anymore. :(

Or as I can say, I stopped watching it since I was in grade 6 (now I'm gr. 8). The last episode I watched is the last battle bettween Ejo Jo and BBB (See, I'm so left behind, I even forget what epsiode is it! TT^TT). 

But, as an admin, I'll try my best to catch up on EVERYTHING I missed for 2 yrs to be exact. 

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Ariffuddinsapudin Ariffuddinsapudin 27 December 2015

Grammatical Errors in this Wiki

Assalamualaikum to Muslims and hello.

What can I see in this Wiki, there are many grammatical errors.  I couldn't afford to correct all of them, but sometimes when I realized them, I will correct them.

But what can I see as the biggest problem is the tense use.  Many articles I found they used sometimes past tense and sometimes present tense in the same article.  Maybe these would help you.

  • All episode plots or story retelling of past episode should be in PAST TENSE.
  • All general info such as name, birthdate or whatever else, it should be in PRESENT TENSE.

I hope that the other contibutors can fix their grammar.  Ya, no one is perfect, even I do the grammatical errors too, we couldn't avoid it.  But we can't ignore the basic of the grammar.  And…

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Kakata27 Kakata27 25 December 2015

Why you so interested to go to this blog page?

I just want to earn "Something to Say" badge. Maybe i have an idea so i will write it in this blog next time.

Alfin MiqradzD (talk) 09:51, December 25, 2015 (UTC)

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Ariffuddinsapudin Ariffuddinsapudin 25 December 2015

Reality of BoBoiBoy in Malaysia

Assalamualaikum to Muslims and hello.

In this blog, I want to share how was the reality in Malaysia about BoBoiBoy.  In my experience, many people here considered watching is just a childish act.  I just wondered why there are some Malaysian that have such a narrow and unfair view on BoBoiBoy.   Sometimes, in certain places, when people know you are a BoBoiBoy, they will laugh and said this is for kids.

With this experience, no wonder fans from Indonesia is bigger in amount than Malaysian.  What can I see in Indonesian fans, they are hoping they can make such a great animation like BoBoiBoy.  Really sad.  I only can say ungrateful Malaysian.

But, the BoBoiBoy fans in Malaysia are still larger than Filipino and other countries.  I hope they ca…

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FrostiesPrincess FrostiesPrincess 2 December 2015

Delete some things on this Wiki.

I'm so sorry if you don't like that I deleted some pages and categories in this Wiki.

I just found some of them aren't really important, ex: the quotes page, the category about years, like: 2013, 2014, etc. And, I also found some categories with wrong name, ex: "Gallery", the right one is "Galleries".

Hope anyone don't feel upset about this :D

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