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Back to Action![1] (Kembali Beraksi!) is the first issue of BoBoiBoy Galaxy Season 2.


After the destruction of TAPOPS Station from Retak'ka's attack, BoBoiBoy and his friends return to Earth to await their next mission

Unexpectedly, an old foe returned with new evil tricks up his sleeves.[2]


The issue opens in the Cube Fortress where Adu Du is creating something mechanical. He finishes his work and instructs Probe to get ready. In a moment of nostalgia (and fourth-wall breaking) Probe begins singing the chorus of "Bersedia" before Adu Du silences him with his signature mug throwing.

Meanwhile, BoBoiBoy's gang is revealed to also be on Earth, attending Pulau Rintis Academy. Ying and Yaya are giving an explanation at the front of the class with Mr. Papa, though none of the boys (except Iwan) appear to be listening. Gopal, who is secretly eating his lunch behind a book notices Papa Zola looking at BoBoiBoy. He warns BoBoiBoy, who is currently staring out the window. Papa Zola shouts on BoBoiBoy and forces him to stand up, then he asks BoBoiBoy to answer the question. Confused BoBoiBoy replies "What question teacher?".

As soon as class ends, BoBoiBoy's gang receives a ringing signal in their watch, signaling that a new assignment awaits. Gopal tried to escape but was stopped by Fang with the Shadow Hand, so he had to follow them. BoBoiBoy's gang stopped at Tok Aba's Kokotiam which was also attended by Hang Kasa, Cendawa people, and also Adu Du and Probe. Ochobot who also works in the shop suspects Adu Du and Probe but they appear innocent by presenting Tok Kasa with an electric guitar in the form of Adu Du's face as a sign of appreciation to their former teacher. So Tok Kasa went with the Cendawa people to go test the guitar elsewhere.

As soon as Tok Kasa left, BoBoiBoy's gang stopped at the Kokotiam. While BoBoiBoy shakes hands with Tok Aba, and Fang greets Adu Du and Probe, Ying orders "Koko-Kojato", to Gopal's surprise as he never recognizes the menu item. Adu Du and Probe try to order the same thing, but Tok Aba treats them with a free drink while signaling to Ochobot. Ochobot installs a secret switch to lower BoBoiBoy's gang into an underground slide, to Gopal's surprise.

Apparently "Koko-Kojato" is a secret code to enter an underground secret base built by TAPOPS, namely "TAPOPS-U" ( TAPOPS Underground ). It is already known to BoBoiBoy and friends except Gopal. There, they were greeted by Commander Koko Ci who appeared in the screen, reprimanding Gopal for skipping the previous meeting. Also present with Koko Ci was Admiral Tarung who asked Gopal how much he was in Kakimon. Gopal answered stage 11, while confirming Koko Ci's complaint about his disciplinary problem. However, Tarung forgave Gopal.

Koko Ci started the briefing by introducing TAPOPS-U, the TAPOPS base built on Earth to be attended by the BoBoiBoy's gang while waiting for the TAPOPS Space Station to be rebuilt. Gopal asked why it was necessary to build a base on Earth when it was easier to build in space, then Koko Ci explained that since BoBoiBoy joined TAPOPS, enemy attacks on TAPOPS Space Station have increased by 500 percent, even the disguise as laundry have been exposed. Tarung announces disguise for TAPOPS-U as a "Holy Space Ship Cleaning Center" to be managed by Kaizo along with former crew members of Captain Vargoba.

The briefing continued with Koko Ci introducing a new version of the Power Watch to BoBoiBoy which allows him to use the third level elemental power, but with a reminder to practice best because it is not certain that the powers can be used safely. Koko Ci added that the new power watch will help in its mission to save Power Sphere in the "B-108Y" sector, which is BoBoiBoy's surveillance area of its generation, by warning if there is a Power Sphere in danger. Coincidentally at that moment, such a warning sounded on TAPOPS-U for detecting a threat in the nearby area, so BoBoiBoy's gang rushed out and found Adu Du and Probe trying to kidnap Ochobot.

BoBoiBoy begins to act by turning into BoBoiBoy Blaze and launches an attack with Multiple Fire Punches against Adu Du, while Adu Du fends off with an iron pole, complicating BoBoiBoy's efforts. The fight was so intense that Tok Aba wondered why Adu Du was getting better; Adu Du replied that it was a blessing from training under Tok Kasa. Ying and Yaya also entered the fight by attacking with Thousand Speed Kicks and Mighty Punch against the Probe to release Ochobot, but Adu Du quickly stopped them with his pole.

Probe turns to Mecha Probe to retaliate while keeping Ochobot in his chest, but is dropped by Fang. Meanwhile, Adu Du activates the real power of his iron pole, the Electric Rod to stab Ying and Yaya until they fall. BoBoiBoy Blaze is getting angrier, releasing a Fire Ball towards Adu Du. Adu Du tells Probe to run away with Ochobot, then Probe turns into Probey Jet and asks his boss to board.

BoBoiBoy turns into BoBoiBoy Cyclone and tries to catch up with them, followed by Ying and Yaya. Fang and Gopal are left behind because Fang has to pull the big Gopal out of the narrow underground door. In Probey Jet, Adu Du tries to insert a chip into Ochobot's body. BoBoiBoy Cyclone manages to catch up with them, releasing an Cyclone Disk to stop Probey Jet, while Yaya faces Adu Du in the cockpit. Fang fuses with Shadow Eagle to lift Gopal into the air. Gopal aimed at Probey Jet and fired a Food Sniper Shot to turn the jet booster into a biscuit and drop the plane.

Adu Du tries to order Ochobot to use teleportation power, when BoBoiBoy Cyclone imposes a Cyclone Drill to break Probey Jet cockpit, and with the help of Slow-Mo Power by Ying. Unexpectedly, Ochobot teleport to evacuate Adu Du and Probe ... but not far enough to escape them from BoBoiBoy's gang due to damage to Probe's engine. Yaya took advantage by applying a Solid Punch to drop Probe, while BoBoiBoy performed Triple split consisting of BoBoiBoy Thorn, BoBoiBoy Blaze and BoBoiBoy Ice.

Thorn trapped Probey Jet, and Adu Du with Ochobot in his arms was thrown out of the broken cockpit. Ice prevents Adu Du from escaping with Ice Arrows, while Thorn stretches a creeping branch to catch Ochobot. Blaze tries to finish the fight by producing a Maximum Fire Ball to be charged against the enemy, but before time, Adu Du presses the button on the controller to activate the teleportation power. This caused Ochobot to open a teleportal in the sky for the two criminals to escape.

Despite failing to catch Adu Du and Probe, the BoBoiBoy's gang managed to save their old friend Ochobot in safety despite being damaged. Fang questioned where he teleported Adu Du and Probe, but Ochobot admitted he did not know because the coordinates were controlled by Adu Du. Adu Du and Probe actually returned to Cube Fortress. Probe asks why they did not run away from Ochobot, then Adu Du explained with the help of a Computer who had just returned from vacation, that he installed a chip inside Ochobot's body so that they always knew the position of the BoBoiBoy's gang, even every time Ochobot opened a teleportal, another teleportal was opened for them so that they will always follow BoBoiBoy's gang.

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  • A Monstaff member who reviews BBBGS2 Comics, reviewed this first issue in a channel named SM Kolektor.



  2. translated from official blurb

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