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Ata Ta Tiga is the planet where Adu Du came from. It orbits the sun every 600 years as an alien year.


In Season 1, Episode 10, Computer mentioned the planet. Ata Ta Tiga looks similar to Earth, only cube shaped. The air is extremely polluted because of the amount of factories built which made some plants including Cocoa on the planet extinct 30,000 years ago. It's not safe for humans to be on Ata Ta Tiga because of the toxic air, but aliens like the Kubulus survived because they don't have a nose which prevents them from inhaling toxic coming from the factories. Because of the extinction of Cocoa, The Emperor had assigned Adu Du to obtain the Cocoa energy from Earth.

The Kubulus were once attacked by an evil alien race called the Trianglian (mentioned by Ejo Jo in Season 2, Episode 10), but with the creation of Klamkabot, they successfully defended themselves against the attack and saved their planet. Then, many generations of Power Spheres were created. Ironically, the Kubulus race eventually became an evil alien race and began to conquer many planets across the galaxy. Klamkabot however, did not consent with the misuse of Power Spheres and sent the remaining Power Spheres away from the planet with his teleportation power.

With Klamkabot gone and the remaining Power Spheres now scattered across the galaxy, The Emperor commanded that all Power Spheres are to be hunted down and captured at all costs necessary.



  • Ata Ta Tiga are known for having the highest technology to ever exist in the galaxy.
  • The different parts of Ata Ta Tiga are categorized in different sectors, with sector 42 being the lowest sector. The only known sectors so far are:
    • Sector 7
    • Sector 12
    • Sector 16
    • Sector 18
    • Sector 24
    • Sector 42
    • Sector 63