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Thank you, brother, for keeping me company.

— BoBoiBoy thanking him

The Adult Passenger is a minor character in BoBoiBoy.


The Adult Passenger briefly appeared in Season 1, Episode 1, where he apparently accompanied the young BoBoiBoy while traveling in the Yong Pin Aerotrain to Rintis Island.

He also made a small cameo when Gopal was walking in slow motion.


Although he isn't seen onscreen enough to develop a personality, he is seen as a kind-hearted person, as he was willing to accompany BoBoiBoy, a young child, on the train.


Cameo in the season 1 finale


  • Although BoBoiBoy refers to him as 'Brother', he is not his sibling.
    • In Malay, it is polite and customary to refer to older guys as 'abang' which can mean 'brother' in a literal sense, but it used similarly to how one would refer to strangers as 'mister' or 'miss'.
  • He shares the same voice actor with Mr. Biscuit and Ejo Jo.
  • He bears a striking appearance to Azroy, a character in the fictional in-world telenovela, Sack of Red Roses, the only difference being that only he wears a purple shirt while Azroy wears a red one.
    • It's possible that the Adult Passenger is the actor for Azroy in the in-world telenovela, but it hasn't been confirmed. Interesting enough, when he makes a small cameo around Gopal, he is seen wearing a red shirt just like Azroy.
  • He is credited as the "Adult Passenger" in Episode 1 along with Child Passenger.