Adu Du's Servant Robots (Robot Hamba) are one of Adu Du's robots after Probe and Mukalakus.


They were made to follow orders by Adu Du. They have green antenas on their head, can shoot lasers from their red eyes, and can act as cameras.


In Episode 2, they were ordered by Adu Du to locate where are BoBoiBoy and Ochobot and later they tried to steal some of Tok Aba's Cocoa but they were stopped by BoBoiBoy and his friends. Adu Du got angry because they are only remaining 7 and didn't get any Cocoa. In Episode 5, they tried again to steal Tok Aba's Cocoa but Gopal transformed them into Chickadees and tried to sell them but Tok Aba doens't want it because it's unhealthy, they doesn't know that there is one left but didn't showed up anymore until when BoBoiBoy Wind is looking for milk for Yaya's Biscuits. He is seen in the Milk Stand as a camera.

Season 2

Like in the previous season, they also acted as a camera where BoBoiBoy and his friends were in a uncontrollable emotion. and as cameramen in MKHIPI.