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Adu Du’s gun is the first weapon he used while on Earth.


Season 1, Episode 2

He first appeared at the park on Earth, demanding Ochobot from BoBoiBoy’s friends. Unfortunately, they think he is the actor from the “TV show” they saw earlier, which makes Gopal ask for his autograph. Furious, Adu Du obliterates Gopal’s notebook with his four-barrelled gun, before shooting at Ying and Yaya. The shot is blocked by BoBoiBoy’s Earth Barrier.

Season 1, Episode 8

Adu Du threatened to shoot the Sleep Monster with this gun in order to make him believe that he was the leader.

Season 2

Unlike in Season 1, the Gun looks different in this season.


Adu Du's gun in Season 2

Adu Du prepares to shoot BoBoiBoy and Gopal inside the Haunted House, but Fang throws them all out before he can attack.

This four-shooter gun is also seen in the title card of Mister Boss and Probe.

Mister Boss and Probe


  • Laser
  • Circle Bullets